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Webber® Pronouns CD-ROM

Interactive Fun Decks® CD-ROM

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. and Thomas Webber - Grades PreK-5

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Practicing pronouns is practically a party when you use the Webber Pronouns Interactive Fun Decks CD-ROM! Students may choose to play from one to four of our popular pronoun Fun Decks at a time, play with sound on or off, choose the number of cards in a game, and save games to finish at a later time. The program tracks student progress by saving data on the computer's hard drive. Use the data to create reports for parents or view student records by clicking one button. How easy is that?
Fun Decks include:
Pronouns Interactive CD-ROM
Provides four different play options allowing students to play with ten cards from one deck, an entire deck (in order or randomly), or two or more decks at a time. Tracks data for an unlimited number of students. Gives automatic feedback for correct/incorrect responses.
Pronouns Interactive CD-ROM is compatible with SMART Board.
NOTE: NOT Compatible with OS 10.7 (Lion)
FDCD200 -  Webber® Pronouns CD-ROM $19.95 
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