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Webber® Basic Story Comprehension

Interactive Fun Decks® CD-ROM with Virtual Secret Decoder

Grades K-6

Main Product Demo System Requirements Related Handy Handouts Common Core State Standards
Discover the secret to better comprehension skills! The Webber Basic Story Comprehension Interactive Fun Decks CD-ROM features a virtual secret decoder that reveals hidden answers and high-interest stories that keep students asking for more. Teach your children how to summarize the main idea, predict what will happen next, recall key details, and choose an appropriate title for a story.
The four popular Super Duper Fun Decks on this CD-ROM include:
Students can replay, rewind, fast-forward, and pause the audio for each story. They receive immediate, positive feedback with each answer, right or wrong. The Name That Story Fun Deck game on this CD-ROM also features additional questions not included in the original Fun Deck.
Customize play options to:
  • Choose how many cards or decks to play at a time.
  • Change the difficulty level of the Main Idea and Name That Story decks.
  • Turn sound on or off.
The program runs completely from the CD-ROM. It saves data and individual student progress for an unlimited number of players on the computer's hard drive. Use this data to create student reports for parents and for record keeping.
Webber Basic Story Comprehension is compatible with SMART Board.
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