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Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-3

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Great product!
by Brianna G,  Mississauga, ON, Canada
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
This activity is great to target goals related to sequencing, "first, next, then", story retell, pronouns, and verbs.

Sequencing cards.
by Gina M.,  Ann Arbor, MI
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
These cards are great for my younger students. I can give them three cards to sequence and verbally retell the story. I can also give more advanced students multiple steps of cards to arrange into multiple stories. The kids really benefit from placing the cards into a visual template.

sequencing fun deck
by Debra L Murray,  Belfair, WA
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I am pleased to use this product for wonderful visuals to be sequenced and to use expressive language to describe the steps and actions that have taken place in the visuals.

Sequencing Fun Deck
by Jenna P.,  Commack, NY
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
This product is great! It is a great way to work on sequencing. The pictures are perfect for children and there are a bunch of different sequencing pictures.

Efficient and Fun
by Diane M.,  Winchester, VA
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
These cards support my effort to improve storytelling skills with my low language students. My students enjoy the pictures and the stories they can make with the sequences. They are perfect for a 25-30 minute session.

by Jessica C,  Louisville, Ky
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I love the sequencing fun deck! Had used it in practicums and so glad to have bought my own now that in peds. I can use it for so many skills, from general sequencing to retelling stories and cuing for story order to sentence formulation to articulation. It's a great, quick on the go deck with easily identifiable and common topics/activities.

Very clear pictures
by M,  Kelowna
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I love these sequencing cards compared to the ones I have bought in the past because they are all very clear.

great product
by Rochel E.,  Woodmere, NY
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I am happy with the sequencing deck. Thank you!

Sequencing Fun Deck
by Terese F,  Cuba, IL
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Love the sequencing pictures. I'm using it with my 4yr old Early Childhood students for not only sequencing but for describing and expressive language skills. Love products that are used in multiple ways.

Sequencing Fun Deck
by Leah F,  Brooklyn, NY
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I love the illustrations. They're simple and easily identifiable to even your youngest children in therapy. The short storyline is about things that even little children encounter in their day to day lives so they can easily talk about what they see and develop their expressive language skills. This deck is a must have for SLP and special educators! I recommend it highly!!

Great for ESL students1
by Terri G.,  Mooresvile, MO
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
This year I have ESL students from k to 4th grade. Every age group loves working with the sequencing cards! They not only address sequencing- what happens first, next, last, but also give the students the opportunity to speak and express themselves. I also use them as a writing experience. I highly recommend these colorful cards!

Great product!!!!
by Stellina A.,  Athens, GR
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Really helpful!!! Also very nice colors! Children love them!

Pretty good
by Kristin P.,  Houston, TX.
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I like this fun deck because it allows for more than just sequencing. I use mine for identifying complex sentences. If I lay out all three cards and ask one of my kiddos something along the lines of, "which one of these shows a picture of a pumpkin before it was carved" it changes up the usual routine of "which one happened first?"

by Sherry J.,   Lake Havasu City,Arizona
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
This product has helped my child understand first, middle, last and first, second, third, and what comes next.

Sequencing fun
by TN,  New York
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Excellent cards for teaching temporal concepts such as first/last, middle/next/then.

by Kim M.,  Lebanon, ME
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I just used these to work on first, then, last and story retell. The pictures are clear and paired with a motivating game they worked well.

Me gusto!
by Angela Diaz,  Puerto Rico
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Excelente paa sacar copia y q los niƱos organicen.

Like it!!!
by Sreelatha G,  Richmond, VA
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Great for verb tenses too. But not all cards are for tense sequencing.

Diverse uses
by Kelly G.,  Howell, MI
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I am thrilled with these cards. They are used for a variety of goals. I use them for verb tenses, narrative language, making predictions, story starters, vocab building (verbs).

good product
by Carrie,  Sycamore, Illinois
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Sequencing tasks with these cards can be used to target a variety of goals.

Love them!
by Lisa F,  Prescott Valley, AZ
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I love the sequencing decks. Not only do I use the for sequencing but also for fluency and making simple sentences. I love these cards. They make my job a lot easier.

by Jessica B,  gibsonville, NC
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
These cards were used on a client of mine and it has found to be extremely beneficial. I will definitely be getting my use out of them.

by Jodi,  Mt Airy GA
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
Good product to start introducing child to sequencing skills.

Fun sequencing for early learners
by Dyanne K,  Redwood City, CA
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I am using this item with pre-k and kinder kids. They enjoy the pictures and don't feel like it is too hard with only three items to sequence. I have so many sequencing tools, but I wanted to get one that was even more simple to show kids that they could succeed with three and then move on to four or more parts of a sequence.

Can be used for other goals!
by Shelley J.,  McKinney, TX
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
I love using this deck to address sequencing as well as verb tense, using adjectives to describe pictures and understanding pronouns! Great multi-functional product!

great pictures
by Donna G.,  San Antonio, TX
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
This deck is easy to use with great pictures.

Nice Product
by Nicole,  New York
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
This product is nice but it has limited usefulness as my students memorized them very quickly. I also would have a liked a variety of 3, 4 and 5 step sequencing cards.

Sequencing Fun
by Sarah B.,  Windsor, ON
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
The pictures in this deck are wonderful for young students. The colors are vivid and the pictures are engaging, which help maintain focus during tasks.

Fun Deck
by Eroica S,  Stockton, CA
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
My child really loved this! It is a fun game and educational at the same time. I would recommend to anyone who has difficulty putting things in order/sequencing.

Students love them
by SLP - School,  NY
#FDS07 – Sequencing Fun Deck®
My students love these cards! The pictures are great.

FDS07 -  Sequencing Fun Deck® $12.95 
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