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What's in Ned's Head?™

Language Game

Grades PreK and Up

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by Jen S.,  Indianapolis
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Functional, yet super fun!

Fabulous for Artic and Language
by Danielle N.,  Seattle, WA
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
I bought this game several weeks ago and it has been an absolute hit with students of many ages. I have used it with preschool through 3rd grade and can tailor it to meet so many different therapy goals. It's wonderful for increasing utterance length, prepositions, vocabulary, articulation, categories...I feel like the possibilities are limitless. Just switch out the items to meet your student's specific needs and Ned's Head provides the fun!

by Heidi C,  Australia
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
This is such a great game with so many uses in the clinic.

Nice game to have
by Melissa P,  Canada, Montreal
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
Children love this game that we can also adapt with other objects or sound cards. Enjoy it!

Such a fun product!
by Patty S.,  Miami, FL
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
My patients love this product! I find myself using this product with small children and older children. I love the items that come with game, but I have also added my own items depending on the goals I am targeting. I highly recommend this product to SLPs working with children.

A face only a kid would love!
by Susan Calvert,  Baltimore, Ohio
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
I had a problem with my first Ned and Super Duper replaced it at no charge. The kids love Ned and its a great motivator. Perfect for working on attributes and description.

A greater motivator than prizes
by Eve B.,  Indonesia
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
Some of my students were rewarded for homework completion every month by playing Ned's Head. I added other objects, and used Ned's Head for vocabulary, articulation, and expressive language activities.

Silly Fun
by Maysoon B.,  Russellville, AR
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
Playing "What's in Ned's Head?" is a silly and fun way to train any speech and language skill. You can use the items that are included with the game or put in other items/cards to target the skills you are working on. It's great for articulation, language, and fluency. What not have fun with your speech students and teach them something at the same time?

Learning Made Fun...PRICELESS!
by MAE,  Williams County, Ohio
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
Wonderful Educational Tool! My sceptic little man really enjoys the endless "play" with Ned. It's priceless when you your child has so much fun learning. He has autism, so staying focus is everything in effort to get a concept instilled. This thing can be used in so many ways, for so many things.....just play, drawing for task, drawing for rewards, match games, story telling retelling, math draw, sensory, and so much more. Yes you may have to use your already attain pec's, photo cards and/or items of need to promote the desired outcome. But you'll be amazed, with a little creativeness, the possibilities with this item.

"What IS in Ned's Head?"
by Christy S.,  Arkadelphia, AR
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
Wow! Poor Ned has all kinds of ridiculous things inside his big head! My students have a favorite speech "game" and it is definetly What's in Ned's Head. This tool is versatile and durable. I have had Ned for 6 years and he is still holding up well! Thanks for all the great products you offer!

Ned's Head
by SLP - School,  Shawnee, KS
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
I absolutely love this product! I bought it almost 3 years ago and use it at least 6 or 7 times a week with different groups of kids. There are so many things you can use it for from articulation drill to story telling and everything in between. The kids love it and do not realize they are working when playing it! I think this is a necessary game every SLP needs in their toolbox!

Fun for Language and Speech
by Lisa K.,  Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
Great game to teach associations and many other vocabulary concepts. You can put any object in the head to describe. Elementary school kids find this game to be fun and rewarding.

Neds Head Review
by Parent,  Ontario Canada
#FG2460 – What's in Ned's Head?™
The box is correct when it says it was voted the best toy! So much you can do with this crazy looking guy. Guessing, textures, reward systems. Not to mention you can hide other things inside of his head and make up new games. He is a nice change from other learneing games. Everyone should have Neds Head for a fun time with there children.

FG2460 -  What's in Ned's Head?™ $39.95 
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