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Webber® Fun Sand Timers

1, 3, and 5 Minutes

Grades PreK and Up

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Cute and useful
by Shari M,  Enderlin, ND
#FT50 – Webber Fun Sand Timer
I own all three of the Webber Fun Sand Timers and the students love them. They are a good visual cue and durable enough for use with young children. Great purchase!

Webber Fun Sand Timer
by F. R.,  Brooklyn,NY
#FT50 – Webber Fun Sand Timer
Great product! I use it with my students and daughter to teach them time management- how to pace themselves in order to accomplish a task in a limited amount of time.

Sand Timer
by K. Brennan,  Fort Smith, AR
#FT50 – Webber Fun Sand Timer
The sand timer is great for those kids who have a hard time attending to tasks. They love to see how much time they have left. Every once in a while the sand gets stuck and and you have to tap the top so that it starts falling agian.

sand timer
by Valeda S,  Ontario
#FT50 – Webber Fun Sand Timer
this product has been very helpful in specific situations where we need a visual reminder of time. We own several of these and they are used regularly

Sand Timer
by Susan T,  Denver,Co
#FT50 – Webber Fun Sand Timer
This timer is very effective. The color is visually engaging and the larger size is helpful.

FT10 -  Webber® Fun Sand Timer-1-Minute $19.95 
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FT30 -  Webber® Fun Sand Timer-3-Minute $19.96 
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FT50 -  Webber® Fun Sand Timer-5-Minute $19.99 
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