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Funzee™ Pronoun Throwdown

by Becky L. Spivey
Design by Chuck Hart - Grades K and Up - Ages 5 and Up

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Funzee Pronoun Throwdown helps students learn to identify and use subject, object, and possessive pronouns while playing a fun, fast-paced card game. Players throw down color-coded Pronoun Cards to complete the sentence on 100 different illustrated scenes. Funzee Wild and Reverse Cards and other simple game variations allow the teacher to adjust the length and difficulty of the game to accommodate the needs of multiple students.
Deal seven cards to each player, flip a Picture-Sentence Card, and when it’s your turn, play the Pronoun Cards from your hand that complete the sentence correctly. To win the game, be the first player to get rid of your Pronoun Cards! In two game variations, be the first to spot Funzee in the scene! Spotting Funzee changes the game!
Use the multiple Pronoun Cards alone to create other games like Go Fish, Concentration, and Memory Match. Use the illustrated Picture-Sentence Cards to tell stories, answer WH questions, and create or write more sentences using the different pronouns, etc. Great practice for ESL students too! The possibilities are endless.
Funzee Pronoun Throwdown includes:
  • 100 (3" x 5") colorfully illustrated Picture-Sentence Cards
  • 130 Color-coded Pronoun Playing cards
    • 35 Subject Pronoun Cards – he, she, it, we, they, you, and I
    • 35 Object Pronoun Cards– her, him, me, them, us, it, and you
    • 60 Possessive Pronoun Cards – my, mine, his, her, hers, its, our, ours, their, theirs, your, and yours
  • 5 Funzee Wild Cards
  • 5 Funzee Reverse Cards
  • Answer Key
  • 12 Instruction Cards with game variations
  • Extension Activities
  • Boxed
FZP85 -  Funzee Pronoun Throwdown $29.95 
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