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Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information

(Sequencing, Concrete Details, Subtle Clues, Social Language)

by Jean Gilliam DeGaetano
Illustrated by Kevin M. Newman - Grades 3-7

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Your tool for improving auditory processing skills in older students is here! Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information will strengthen your students' comprehension, memory of specific information, understanding of subtle messages, and describing skills. 88 pages. Perfect-bound.
Reproducible activities include:
  • Listening attentively to short stories.
  • Remembering logical order of events.
  • Retaining main information.
  • Retaining specific details.
  • Remembering subtle points of the story.
  • Remembering time concepts in the story.
  • Remembering two and three part stories.
  • Retelling main ideas in sequential order.
G859 -  Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information $33.95 
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