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Animal 4D+ Alphabet Cards from A-Z

Augmented Reality Flashcards

Grades PreK and Up Ages 4 and Up

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Prepare to be AMAZED again and again and again! You’ll never have the same experience twice!
Delivering immersive and creative learning experiences has never been so much fun! Crafted with lots of passion and a little touch of magic, Animal 4D+ Alphabet Cards bring 26 alphabetical animals to life, from Ant to Zebra!
After receiving your animal cards, download the FREE App from the App Store or Google Play by searching the keyword Animal4D+ and let the fun begin! Once you open the app, you must fill in a serial number on the instruction card presented in the app. One serial number can apply to only three devices. After filling in the serial number, meet each animal by facing the animal card with the camera on your device, and it will automatically scan the animal’s image. You can even feed the monkey!
Animal 4D+ Augmented Reality Cards
  • 27 pieces (26 Animal Cards + 1 Instructions Card)
  • Cards are 4½" x 2¾"
  • Durable, laminated thick art paper
  • FREE App Download
GAT23 -  Animal 4D+ Alphabet Cards from A-Z $15.00 
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