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Ask and Answer® Curious Kids Game Boards

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K-3

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Go to game for Questions
by Christine E,  Danielson, CT
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
I love the game boards for this game. They include great questions and repetitive practice for my kiddos with hearing loss. I also like the additional questions provided in the booklet to expand further. The kids are getting the hang of it and are expanding it further to create their own questions and really have a conversation on the topic that is addressed on each square. Easy to tote around, not too much to carry and lots of content in a small bag!

Good Price for a Good Game
by Ana B.,  Chicago, I
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
My son has difficulty in retrieving words. This a fun game to play with and helped him Wh- questions.

Curious Kids Game Boards
by Tabatha Marden,  Peoria, Arizona
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
I work as a SLT in schools and I have several students with WH goals. THis game makes learning fun. I like this activity because I can use it on Language goals as well.

Ask and Answer Game Board
by Rachel B.,  New York City
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
I bought this game and absolutely love it! It's great how the board games are separated by "Wh" questions- you can really hone the student's skills one "wh" question at a time. The questions are also on a more difficult level than simple "wh" questions, which is great for older students as well. In addition to learning how to answer "wh" questions with this game, you can also strengthen a student's vocabulary- especially on the "who" board. Most of my student's did not know what a "cashier" or ""photographer" were. I'm a huge fan of this game- can be played with students from K-3rd grade. Highly recommend!

Great Game!
by Rachel,  Indiana
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
I am a school-based SLP, so I' always looking for large group games to target a variety of language goals. This has been a great investment. There are several different kinds of cats the players can chose; so I was able to incorporate describing into the game. There are several board games addressed all the "Wh" questions. The boards are colorful and the students repeatedly ask to play the "Cat" game.

Kids love it!
by Andrea W.,  Syracuse, NY
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
The kids love this activity which is also great for picture naming, identification, vocab, pragmatics, etc.

Wonderful Games
by Jackie L,  Lumberton NC
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
This is wonderful game to play with your clients to introduce them questions and answers. My clients really have enjoyed this game.

Curious Kids Game Boards
by Debra B,  Salem, Or
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
I have not had a chance to use yet but they look like the students would enjoy the colors and the activity

Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
by Fatima S.,  Riverside, Ca.
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
Es una forma de aprender de una manera divertida para los ninos. Jugando, jugando mi nino esta aprendiendo a: contar, pensar y dar su respuesta, y tambien a leer. Los ninos disfrutan de esto. Es un juego portable y divertido para los ninos. Si recomiendo este juego.

Love it!
by Laura K.,  Belle Vernon, PA
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
This game is fun, light weight and easy to use. The kids love using the cats for the game pieces. I like how you can pick to specifically address one type of "Wh" question or have a combination.

Great Product
by Brenda,  Idaho Falls, ID
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
My clients love this game and it moves quickly enough for them to remain interested. Great job Super Duper!

Curious Kids Game Boards
by Suzanne P.,  Woodcliff Lake, NJ
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
I am very pleased with this set of game boards. They are a great tool when targeting interrogatives- use and comprehension. The game boards are engaging and my clients find the pictures to be humorous. They actually get excited when they are on the visual schedule for the session. This excitement enhances the therapeutic environment allowing play skills to become targets, i.e, turn-taking, self regulation and metalinguistic skills as well. I would highly recommend them.

great for my kindergarten and lst grade students
by JoAnn F.,  Princeton,IN
#GB12 – Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer®
These game boards add some extra fun to our speech class. The students always come in and say what are we doing today. It's great to show them the game boards and they are excited to have their own board.

Curious Kids Game
by Rachel M.,  Cheyenne, WY
#KATS10 – Extra Curious Cats Tokens
The game concept is good. I understand why the game uses cats at the game pieces (curious cats), but it would be fun to have a variety of animals as game pieces. Also the dice don't roll well because they are made of foam, I would much rather have regular dice. Also it would be good if the level of difficulty in the -wh questions was varied more...seems a little too simple.

Fun Question Game!
by SLP - School,  Arlington, MA
#KATS10 – Extra Curious Cats Tokens
I love using these game boards with my kids! The visual support is perfect, especially for younger kids, and the chance to move across the colorful gameboard is very rewarding for them.

GB12 -  Curious Kids Game Boards - Ask and Answer® $24.95 
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