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Webber® Functional Communication

Expressive and Receptive Language Games Using PCS Symbols

by Rebecca Eisenberg and Cheris Frailey - Grades PreK-12

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by Nikki,  Florida
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
This is a great tool for my self contained middle school students, the pictures are clear and relatable.

This is awesome
by Debora Mazie,  West Columbia, TX
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
I absolutely love this product. I am able to use it with artic and language kids. We play bingo, or with my really low PPCD students, I will tell them to point to the _________. We can talk about plurals or what goes with this. We can use it for how are a ___________ and a ________ alike? How are they different?

A big hit!
by Jennifer Kay-Williams,  Athens, GA
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
This was just what I was looking for to address communication with my lkife skills/ MOID students. Many options for game play, and easy for my lower level kids to understand and play. I love the large game pieces!

by Rachel,  California
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
The player pieces are huge, as is the game box. The game is also very heavy. This is *not* a game for carrying around. It's too heavy to carry in your arms, and too big to fit in a the type of cart therapists typically use. The game is as described. They just didn't talk about size.

Functional Communication
by Karen McN.,  Surrey B.C. Canada
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
My student and the rest of her class are extremely pleased to be able to play and communicate with each other. It is such a pleasure to watch as my student, who is non verbal, feel at ease with her classmates as she is now being accepted for who she is. Thank you so much for your dedication to all children with your wonderful products.

by JILLPM79,  Nyack
#BAT03 – Replacement Batteries
Spinners, Five Vibe
and Stopwatch (2-pack)
The battery is worth replacing instead of buying a new spinner. L0ve the spinner!

Great Product!
by Kim,  Arizona
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
I really like the Webber Functional Communication Boards. It really cuts down on planning time as much of the work is already done for you. It help to have different levels of questions, so I can use the product with my high and low kids. I don't use the spinner much in therapy as I think the kids would be distracted by it, but really enjoy using the boards to play lotto!

by Antonella C.,  Canada
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
Thematic and interesting... keeps kids attention.

Communication Kit for a fresh graduate
by Tracy D.,  Fort Mitchell, KY
#GB146 – Webber ® Functional Communication Games
I just graduated from graduate school and will be starting my CFY at the end of July. I have reviewed all the materials and even made up some games of my own! This kit includes a lot of materials that I will need in order to help my future clients communicate effectively and achieve independence. I am extremely pleased with the kit and can't wait to use it!

GB146 -  Webber® Functional Communication Games $69.95 
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BAT03 -  Replacement Batteries (Style LR44) (2-pack) for Spinners, Five Vibe, and Stopwatch $5.98 
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