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Granny's Candies®

The Delicious Game of Word Meanings

by Sarah Michaels and Amy Parks - Grades K-6

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Granny’s Candies is the Best Tool
by Val H,  Monument, CO
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this product! I bought #1 when it first came out and have added all of the language rich series since. I use a fun flashy spinner and timer with the cards and the kids request it offen to work on their language goals. My middle school, upper elementary and my stuttering students enjoy the challenge. Thank for a great product Granny!

Great Game
by L. M.,  Kennewick, WA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My patients really love this game and are motivated by the candies. They love to beat me.

Love Granny’s Games
by Rachel O,  DeLand, Fl
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I have borrowed this game so often from another therapist that I had to finally order one for my personal use. Love the game and the handy worksheets!

Granny's Candies
by Tammy W,  Apopka, Florida
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this game because it targets all of your language students in a big group, it works on word meanings, WH questions, and if a student is working on EET such as function of objects and similarities and differences. It is a great product!

Granny’s Candies
by Sabrina T.,  Canton, GA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Granny’s Candies is such a great tool to target multiple goals in one session. It has so many language elements, and I especially love that there are additional cards that can be added to the game. My students love playing it. It’s very motivating. I definitely recommend this game.

Game to target many goals.
by Gina M.,  Ann Arbor, MI
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This game is great for groups of students with different language goals. My elementary students beg to play this game. It is a fairly simple game (collecting the bubble gum) but the students truly enjoy it. It is easy for them to play and understand.

by Carissa C,  Staten Island, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
When playing this game my students do not feel like they are undergoing therapy! They really enjoy it! Besides for the question cards I used the "candies" to target "more" and "less" Its overall a great game

by Vicki J,  Duluth, MN
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students have enjoyed playing this! They are actually coming in on time.

Great Grab-n-Go Game!
by DeeDee K.,  Shawano, WI
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a handy game to round out practice with semantic skills. The premise is simple, yet even 5th graders seem to enjoy it.

Grannies Candies- many uses
by Stacie M.,  Peoria, AZ
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great way to work on different aspects of language. It's a competitive game, so the kids really like playing it. It was a must have for me!

Who doesn't like candy?
by ASD Mom,  Vancouver, BC
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Both of my boys with ASD (ages 7 & 11) enjoy playing this game. The oldest thinks it's a bit easy (but fun), so I'm glad I purchased the other booster sets. Their therapist seems to like this game too & has reported that it's been a great tool for building Vocab skills, Grammar & a variety of other LA skills, while also working on social skills (including being a good sport). My boys are quite competitive, so they thoroughly enjoy competing for the candies. This game is proving to be a great addition to our educational resources for both therapy & home-schooling. I love that they're working on LA skills (which is a weakness for them both) without feeling like it's work.

Granny's Candies
by Robin C.,  Bourbonnais, IL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students enjoy the colorful pieces and I like that they are made of a quiet foam material. There are a variety of language skill cards that makes this easy to use for a small group of kids with different language goals.

Love this Product!
by Katie D.,  Cleveland, OH
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My kids always love playing Granny's Candies, and I love the large number of language targets than can be addressed with this game.

Great product
by Bridget G.,  Bowling Green, KY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My kiddos love earning candy to put in the candy jars while increasing their language skills.

Fun and Interactive
by Marie S.,  Salinas, CA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students really enjoyed this therapy material. They liked classifying the candies into different categories. They didn't even know that they were learning concepts, for them they were just playing. We had a lot of fun.

Granny's Candies
by Jessica F.,  Dallas, TX
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students enjoy this game and I like how it can be used to review multiple concepts and skills.

Granny's Candies Rocks!
by Patti BB,  Brooklyn, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I work in a middle school and always hesitated to buy this product thinking it was for younger grades. I was so wrong. My students, colleagues and I love this product!! First of all, the vocabulary and concepts are pretty high level and just what my special education and English Language Learners need. And those foam circle candies are so cute and attractive that we all love handling them (even the 8th grade boys!). My only complaint is that Super Duper doesn't sell an extra game board and packs of foam circle candies. My colleague and I "fight" for this product every day since we got it. An extra board and candies would solve that problem nicely. Especially since we have the add on sets too. Don't hesitate to get this for older students!

Granny's candies
by Lindy N,  Baltimore
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a wonderful game. The students love the idea of it, and the stimuli are fabulous to address a broad range of semantic skills. You can also modify the game easily to accommodate different student goals.

Tiny Stimulus Cards
by Sommer G.,  Brooklyn, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This game is fun, can be played with many students at one time and targets many different areas of semantics. I like it b/c with one game, I can target many goals. A big bonus for this item is that each category has many stimulus items. I don't like that the cards are so little.

Perfect resource
by Oya T.,  Jacksonville, FL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This product is perfect for most elementary students, from PK to 5th grade. Very easy to set up, learn, and play all at the same time. Great for many different goals in language therapy.

Great Resource
by Beth,  Edgewood, KY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love Granny's Candies and the additional game cards that can be bought separately. I have them all. They are a great resource to have for a quick go-to during therapy to target a large variety of language skills.

Hungry for more!
by Karen,  NC
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great game to address categories, explaining, describing, and more! It can be tailored to many age groups/levels and kids are highly motivated to win the most "candy." I'm hoping to get the expansion packs to add more questions to the already huge repertoire. You can also use the question cards with other games, so it's very versatile!

A hit with my students!
by Lisa,  Portland, OR
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
They love this game and the candy theme. Fun way to target language goals.

Super flexible / All-in-one game
by Kellee B.,  Indiana
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My kids love this game because it has fake candy. I love this game because it includes so many ways to expand language! Describing, compare, contrast, etc. Its perfect for our language kiddos who are working on giving more details and making language more colorful.

Love It!
by D.B.,  Ohio
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Kids love playing this game and are learning in the process. Excellent to combine fun with learning.

by Zakiya B,  Lancaster, TX
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Great product.

Great classroom resource
by Kelly S.,  New Jersey
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I first used Grannnie's Candies when I was in graduate school- my supervising SLP had a copy in her classroom. I recently decided to invest in my own copy and I'm so happy I did. I find that I can use this game with a variety of different learning-levels and styles and I can adjust the questions as needed. Though it's a simple concept, my students really enjoy the game. I haven't used any of the worksheets that come with the game yet, but it's a nice additional resource.

Very good product
by Kelli J.,  Salem, OR
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this game. There are so many categories, especially with the expansion packs, that it can be used for virtually any language goal.

Granny's Candies
by Nicki B.,  Salt Lake City, UT
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love how many ways I can tailor this game to each child's session goals. I am able to work on many things all at once, and the kids love getting those candies!

Love it
by Amy,  North Carolina
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great game! My students love it and the expansion packs make it a must have for any speech room.

Great activity
by Gabrielle C.,  Buffalo, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students love this game and ask to play it all the time. Targets a variety of skills. Love it.

Granny's Candies
by Wendy B,  Danville, Illinois
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
The kids love Granny's Candies. The game board and "candy" pieces are colorful...and good enough to eat! Many.. pull off the shelf activities in one box.

Granny's Candies
by Kristin C.,  Yonkers, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this game! It helps children expand their vocabulary and they have a great time playing!

Favorite Speech Game
by Nicole S,  New York
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This game is great for practicing a multitude of semantic skills including describing target vocabulary by function and category, comparing and contrasting, and providing actions words. This game can also be utilized to address pragmatic skills including turn-taking, maintaining topic, and engaging in communicative exchanges with peers. The game board and candy pieces can also be used as a reinforcer for any other goal/s the students may have.

Fun game!
by Kate S.,  Plano, TX
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This game is really fun for the kids, with the "candy" jars. There cards offer many different types of questions. They are a little too small to manipulate easily, but great variety. I love the expansion card sets too!

Helpful tool for language development
by Eileen M.,  New York, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Granny's Candies was recommended to me by a speech and language therapist I really respect. She suggested I use it with a 6 year old boy who has significant expressive language delays. Just started using it, but so far it is engaging and well focused, meeting my (and the boy's!) needs.

Highly Recommended!
by J. M.,  Massachusetts
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I use this game with students across grade levels and they love it. It is definitely one of my go to therapy materials.

Great therapy tool!
by Kristine K.,  East Aurora, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great therapy game. I've used it with just language kids and with articulation kids mixed in. Even my high schoolers have enjoyed it. I purchased the add-on sets too and are very pleased with them also. I have found the books that come with the games really beneficial as I have been using the worksheets as my speech homework sheets.

by DK,  Maryland
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a versatile product. Though I was really looking for slightly older- I think the other editions of Granny's Candies would've been better for my purposes. But kids love candy and love this game too!

by Andrea W.,  Syracuse, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Great motivating activity that all children enjoy!

granny's candies
by Paula R,  Columbia, MD.
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Granny's candies is a great game for students who need reinforcement of vocabulary and comparing and contrasting. I use this game over and over with my language impaired students because they enjoy the game so much. It offers motivation with stimulating questions re: synonyms and antonyms and comparing and contrasting with added fun using the "candies" and filling up the candy "jars."

Great addition to my fluency facilitating tools
by Rozie M,  Brooklyn, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
As a fluency specialist, I am always looking for games that elicit speech. I am able to target language and fluency goals in a fun and engaging format.

Multi-use Activities
by Nicole B.,  Puyallup, WA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love that this game has many uses and add-on options (to work on grammar, etc.) My students love the "candy" tokens they collect. There are TONS of skill cards included.

Good game...bad cards
by Jennifer D,  Jonesboro, AR
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love the game but the cards are terrible. I hate how small they are. They won't stay in a stack and spread all over the table. When I go to pick them up it takes forever. I'd rather have bigger cards.

Perfect Timing
by Joyce S.,  Manchester, NH
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I had hoped to order Granny's Candies for next year but due to reductions, I had to remove it from my budget. I was thrilled when it appeared as a 50% off item online in December. It arrived at a perfect time; the week before Christmas break. My students needed something to keep their attention and still address their IEP goals. Granny's Candies fit the bill. They loved it and the variety of questions allowed me to use it with many different groups and ages. Even the 4th graders thought it was COOL.

Granny is a hit
by Bernadette,  Myrtle Beach, SC
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love the product and so do my clients. It's easilly adapted to many age groups. Good quality and great concept.

Tons of Questions
by Madi A,  Wesley Chapel, FL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
We absolutely love this game. It comes with tons and tons of questions in lots of different categories. The kids love the color tokens (candies) and I love the book with the sugestions and printables..makes my job so much easier. The questions are great for all levels and can be easily adapted. You get a lot of bang for your buck...worth every dime.

Granny's candies
by Shiree Nguyen,  Seattle WAshington
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
The best part about this game is the additional cards you can purchase targeting other areas of language which is so important when therapy is delivered in a group. However, I wish the game had candy dishes w/ lids to make set up easier and the game board more special.

Great game
by Mona C.,  Tampa, Fl
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
You can come up with a use for this game with almost any elementary age client. The skills you can target go on and on.

great resource
by jamie u.,  honolulu, hi
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
the task cards that come with this game are great. but my kids actually love this game so much, that we can easily use it without the cards as the reinforcement activity for other targets, like articulation.

Motivating for students
by Mary R.,  Kingston, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
While this is a recent purchase for me and I haven't used it much yet, it seems pretty motivating even for older (i.e. 5th grade) students. I like that there are numerous variations for game play.

Love it!
by Dianne G.,  Long Island, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
One of the best games that students will never grow tired of!

Granny's candies is great!
by Christian,  Chattanooga, TN
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I am so glad that I bought this game and the add-ons that are associated with it. My students (K-6th) love it. I really like the verbs and figurative language review. I would recommend the game to all those that are wanting something new to play with their kids. I love that I could use it as a speech game too! Just say some words and pick up the number of candies that you roll. If you have older kids, I would recommend getting the add-ons for sure! The figurative language add on it great.

Fun vocabulary game
by A. SLP,  CA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Fun way to address vocabulary targets. For students who need visual supports I used the target words from the game and made my own picture supports.

sweet fun
by J W Casson,  Atlanta, GA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I am able get students involved and excited to play this game over continuous therapy sessions. Because I'm able to address different language skills, articulation, and fluency while playing, I can use this game with multiple groups. I enjoy manipulating the rules to really get my students thinking!

Granny"s Candies
by Michelle,  Green Bay, WI
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I had this game at my last school and had to order it for my current school. Kids love it as much as I do! Can't wait to get the add on sets.

Can be used for so many things!
by Susan C.,  Weymouth, MA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great game that is useful in so many ways. You can use the question cards that are included. But you can also use the game with artic cards, or other questions. And it's so easy to use this game with a group of kids with different goals. It's also very simple to learn, so there's no confusion, even for younger kids.

Granny's Candies
by deann Chafin,  Douglasville, Ga
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this game! It's fun for all ages and is easy to play. The cards cover many aspects of language to go along with IEPs. I plan to get the add-on cards soon.

Granny's Candies
by Nicole P.,  Valley Stream, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I use this game to target "WH" questions with children with Autism. I find it is a useful tool to achieve success of targeted goals and earning "candies" is a good reward system for the client.

Great item!
by Andrea W.,  Syracuse, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Granny's candies is an awesome, motivating game that can be modified to engage so many different abled students.

Candy Game
by Jay,  Santa Barbara, CA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I work with younger children, I found this game to be difficult for children with langauge delays that are age 5. I wish there were some easier cards.

Granny Candies
by Cathy W.,  Naperville, IL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I am so glad I ordered this game. It is great for word games for my 3-4-5 graders and it is a great game for my PS-2, also, used with artic cards or category cards. I use the game itself for all grades. Definitely a well-worth-it game!

by Jess,  Ohio
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
So many fun ideas to develop the skill set with this game. Can be combine with other game ideas as well.. Just Great

Granny's Candies
by Bonni B.,  MA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
An easy and efficient way to address several areas at on time. Great for my Friday afternoon "fun" sessions. Children learn without realizing it!

Granny's candies
by Alexandra B.,  Staten Island, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Excellent game. It contains many questions and categories that hold the children's interest and can be used over over.

by Antonella C.,  Canada
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Kids really LOVE and dig this game. Really tests them in a fun way... Afterall, who doesn't love candies!?!?!?

Wow !
by Karine P,  St-Jérôme, QC, CA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
A super game. Very easy to learn the basic of the language and the grammar.

Granny's Candies
by Shauna,  Winnipeg, MB
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I have found lots of ideas for this and sometimes just use the cards. Kids love the "candies".

I love this game!!!
by Pamela D.,  Bellmore, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this game, and so do my students. It is easy to work on several of their goals simultaneously with this game. Also, the questions range in difficulty, so it is great to use with younger as well as with older students!

Great Purchase
by Terri C.,  Long Island, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love this product! I work in a special needs preschool and I find this game to be so versatile. I have printed out pictures to go with the similar/different categories to aid my preschoolers. This game is a lot of fun for the children and an excellent tool to address many goals at once.

Grannies Candies
by Katina Sales,  Covington, GA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I wanted to express how much I love Grannies Candies and my students. It allows me to work on more than one objective with them. You wouldn't think the students were working on language objectives because they have so much fun it. Thank you Super Duper for a great product!!!!

Great Flexible Game
by Christina N.,  Atlanta, GA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I bought this game because of the variety of language concepts that it targeted. However, when I opened it up and tried it out with some students, I was blown away by the possibilities of ways to adapt the game to fit your treatment goals. I have been very happy with this game so far. The one tiny complaint that I would have is that the questions have a WIDE range of difficulty so they need to be read previous to administering to make sure they are age appropriate. Thanks for making a great product!

by Melissa,  NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
The cards are effective and teach the corresponding skills but its kind of boring and my son was getting frustrated because there were no easy ones for him so- there was no sence of play just failure- so we are putting this game down for a bit untill his skills increase enough to where he can at least get some right =/

Easy and Fun
by Kynda P.,  Fairfield, IL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I purchased this game to address basic language concepts with elementary-aged children on my caseload. There is an excellent mix of concepts and varying degrees of difficulty within the target concept. I simply select the target concept on which I'm wanting to focus in therapy and before the child comes in, sort through and choose cards that won't be too difficult for them. Sometimes, I select easy target concepts and pair them with a harder concept so the child will experience success in some areas while being challenged in others. This is a great game and quite motivating. It is easy to adapt as well (If the child answers the question correctly, they get to choose a candy. If they miss the question, they give the therapist on of their candies - the kids REALLY want to keep their candies so they work extra hard not to miss any questions).

Tasty Game!
by Stephanie W.,  NJ
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great game for the older kids as well as the young ones. There are a variety of language categories and the kids love naming the flavors of the candy! The board can also be used for artic games!

Simple game - great content
by Michelle N.,  Carol Stream, IL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This game is great when working on a number of different language skills with a group. It easily allows differentiating and while the game is simple my students grades 2-5 have really enjoyed!

Granny's Candies
by Julie S.,  Houston, TX
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Granny's Candies is a great language game because it has so many categories of questions and the kids love putting the "candy" on the pictures of the jars. The categories include: What belongs in this group? Which one doesn't belong? Give a describing word. How are they alike? What do these have in common? What is this used for? How are they different? and Give an action word. It's very fun and you can use it with any language impaired kid!

Game and book!
by jessica,  ct
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Great game to use with elementary students- they enjoy working on their vocabulary skills whilte playing such a fun game. Also use the book for questions to use with older students.

Love it!
by Kris,  Quincy, IL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
You can use this game in therapy and target 3 separate goals with 3 seperate kids simultaneously! LOVE IT! One of the best purchases I've made so far as a practicing SLP.

by Sue Kost
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Your products are great! I would like to see more sets of cards for the Granny's Candies. I would love to see more sets of cards for the Hopping Frogs game.

by Amita Koul
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by Amy Triggs
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love the fun, coulourful games that make therapy more enjoyable for the students and myself!

by Brenda king
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love the games and hands on activities. The children love them.

by jill Yamashita
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I like the barrier games and my students really like " go for the dough" and "granny's candies".

by Allison Lange
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I enjoy the games and fun decks the most.

by Racheal Montgomery
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Bobbie Drake
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
As a mother of a fourth-grader who has Asperger's, I particularly enjoy all of the games and social skills activities that you have available. All of your products appear to be so fun and enjoyable for the kids, that they probably don't even realize that they are picking up some very important life skills while they are playing them. That's important, because, after all, why shouldn't social skills games be just as entertaining as any childrens game? You guys obviously 'get' kids ---thanks!!!

by Karen McManus
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
Super Duper has GREAT games and ideas that we use frequently in our school therapy sessions.

by Lynn Herndon
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
service is great! we just ordered the Funalogy game. Our children love the games & anytime we use the secret decoder.

Grannie's Candies
by Amy D.,  North Augusta, SC
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I really like the flexibility of the kit. If I have a group that is mixed articulation and language, I can still use the board, tokens and dice, but use the language cards and add in the vocabulary cards as needed.

Great Product
by Alex D.,  San Antonio, TX
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students ask for Granny's Candies every time! There are cards to target many areas of langauge so that it is adaptable to meet many different IEP goals and objectives. In addition, the foam "candies" are reinforcing for students. At the end of our treatment time we can count, compare stacks, etc. to determine a winner. Another great product from Super Duper!

by Christy Shuffield
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love the Super Duper games! My students don't even realize they are learning! I have been ordering your products for years and I think Super Duper is just that-SUPER DUPER! Thanks for being an SLP's best friend!

by Nora Sedlock
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I think all your games and tools are great. I use them on a daily basis. I love the artic cards, the magnet matching kit, and everything else you guys offer. Thanks for all the hard work!

Fun and Helpful
by SLP - School,  Arlington, MA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
This is a great game. The cards are colorful and interesting, but focused on the targets. The gumball machine is a great way to keep kids motivated. I have a few kids who ask for this game regularly!

by Amy Blevins
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I have really appreciated having the books in the granny's candies series. I often use those in my evaluations when I need to use professional judgment with a student. I will get baseline percentages using those books for similes, analogies, metaphors etc. It's another quick tool to use! Thanks Amy

by Samantha Corselli
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love Granny's Candies. The products are so helpful during lesson planning and my students love the game!

by Lori Robey
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love your new add-ons for products like Grammar Gumballs and Granny's Candies. They help make these fun-to-learn products even more usable and diverse.

by Debbie Scott
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My students LOVE Granny's Candies, and I have found that it can be adapted to many needs and age levels.

by Alix Buchanan
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
The products I enjoy most are Chipper Chat, Grammar Gumballs, and Granny's Candies.

by Ellen Frissell
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I utilize and enjoy your games (Granny's Candies, Chipper Chat, Basic Concepts) because they are so motivating (everyone strives to improve), and they help develop pragmatics skills.

by Maria L. Cuyegkeng
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I enjoy your products. I love my Granny's Candies game. I teach special education for kids with mild mental retardation, and they really enjoy this game. It also helps my kids with autism develop social skills. I recommended you to our speech teacher.

by Jayme Fowler, Braselton, GA
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love the Fun Decks, Granny's Candies games, and Artic Tickle Stories. They are all so versatile, and the kids love them!

by Emmy Nikolakakis, Dearborn Heights, MI
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I enjoy every single product that I've ordered through Super Duper! This includes the Carry All Cart that goes along with me to 4 schools, the reward stickers, and, of course, games such as Granny's Candies and WH Question Blastoff. Students enjoy coming to speech and language class because of the great materials they are excited to work with. They even request homework! Students love the Artic Stories and Auditory Processing Super Pack...materials which help them make progress toward their IEP objectives at home!

by Cathy Ledvina, New Berlin, Wisconsin
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I love Granny's Candies! It's so versatile and I can use it with so many of my students. I love Super Duper Publications. I just spent almost $500 of my total budget on Super Duper products and I can't wait to start using them!

by Marcy Aronson, Melville, NY
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
I've enjoyed all of the products I've received from SD. Say and Dos, Artic/Lang Ideas, games (Granny's Candies, Go For The Dough, "WH" Qestion Blast Off, Look Who's Listening). The games are fun and exciting, but simple enough for the kids to play. They they really "zero in" on their specific needs. The games are great for children who function at different levels.

by Lisa Kaplan-Parker, Monroe Township, NJ
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
The Granny' Candies and Go for the Dough are a big hit with my students. The are great because they can be used in a variety of ways. Students love when they land on Grandma and get all the money!!!

by Jill Garwood, Stonington, IL
#GB154 – Granny's Candies®
My favorite Super Duper product is Granny’s Candies because it can be used to target many different areas. My students love rolling the dice and seeing how many candies they can accumulate. It motivates them to work harder.

GB154 -  Granny's Candies® $59.94 
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