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Granny's Candies® Set 2

Vocabulary and Figurative Language Cards and Activity Book

by Sarah Michaels - Grades 2-6

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Your students already love Granny's Candies, so indulge their sweet tooth again with Card Set 2 Vocabulary and Figurative Language. Use this add-on set with the original Granny's Candies board game.
Set 2 includes 672 semantic skills cards (3" x 1") (84 for each skill area):
  • Name a word similar to this one. (Synonyms)
  • Name a word opposite of this one. (Opposites)
  • Give two meanings for this word. (Homonyms)
  • What do these words mean? (Homophones)
  • What do these words mean? (Heteronyms)
  • What does this phrase mean? (Idioms)
  • What does this phrase mean? (Similes)
  • What does this sentence mean? (Metaphors)
Set 2 also includes a reproducible Activity Book with lessons, activities, and games. Your students are in for a yummy treat!
*NOTE! Set 2 does not include game board, candy tokens, and die.
GB155 -  Granny's Candies® Set
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