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Granny's Candies® Set 2

Vocabulary and Figurative Language Cards and Activity Book

by Sarah Michaels - Grades 2-6

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Grannies Candies
by SLWW,  Texas
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
This has a lot of cards! I am using it with my students with dyslexia. I used the cards with a blank game board that I had. The 8th grader & I both learned some things from these cards! They come in a sturdy box, & are easy to use.

GC Set-2
by Stacie M.,  Peoria, AZ
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I bought the original Grannies Candies along with the other sets so that I would have different targets of language that I could draw from. The kids love playing it, so it's a great tool to have!

Great game!!
by Cathy M,  Peoria, AZ
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
This item can be used so many different ways. It can also be used without the game board. I love this multi-purpose game! The kids of all ages love it as well.

Perfect Stimuli Cards for Therapy Sessions
by Ali V.,  Athens, OH
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
These cards are perfect because they can be incorporated into any therapy game or activity. There are so many different decks included and they can be used for a wide-range of individuals on my caseload. Purchased when I had 25% off and I am so happy I did!

Good Product
by Amy S.,  Tupelo, MS
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
Great addition to the original "Granny's Candies" game. It easily targets various skills in one game.

Great material!
by Stephanie C.,  Normal, IL
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
It is so nice to have an additional way to work on vocabulary and figurative language. My students always get so excited when they see I am pulling out my Granny's Candies box for therapy!

by Gabriele C.,  Buffalo, NY
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
This is a great add-on to the original Granny's Candies. The figurative language cards are wonderful for my students with ASD.

Great addition!
by Monica B.,  Allentown, PA
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I am always looking for new materials to use with my students when working on vocabulary skills, and these decks are perfect! I also like that I can use the similes, metaphors, and idioms decks with my students with Asperger's Syndrome who need extra practice with figurative language. These cards can be used on their own or with the Granny's Candies game, which my students love!

Great therapy tool
by Mona C,  Tampa, Fl
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
This game is good for specific language weakness, narrative development and fluency clients.

Students Love this
by Phyllis G,  Chicago, IL
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
My students are thrilled when they are able to participate in this activity. They participate willingly. I have noticed that students listen to answers provided by their speech-mates. They are then willing to expound on the answers.

Grannies Candies
by B T.,  Edison, NJ
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I love this game. I have the original and am now enjoying this add on. I have found that lots of my students have little to no understanding of figurative language. This gives them the practice they need.

Granny's Candies
by Shelly M,  Marietta, GA
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I'm so excited to purchase Granny's Candies for my private practice. My students loved it when I was an SLP in the schools. I like the skills we can work on with the cards, and there are a number of cards for each category.

Granny's Candies Set 2
by Bonnie B.,  Palmer, MA
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
Great upward extension for the origional game. Great for the SLP on the go between buildings and across age spans. A fast, fun, and easy way to hit all those semantic goals!

Good Resource
by Lauren,  KY
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
Great to use with the original Grannies Candies. Has new cards and worksheets to use when targeting language activities!

No pictures
by Carole,  Wilmington, NC
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
It was disappointing that the cards had no pictures-my students are very visual and needed them to comprehend.

Granny's Candies is a student favorite!
by Donna M.,  Holbrook, NY
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
There is something about Granny's Candies that seems to appeal to a wide variety of students. This add-on set for vocabulary and figurative language is a great tool for all busy therapists. The great workbook and accompanying CD-Rom is great for follow up activites or homework assignments. This is a great addition to any therapist's tool box.

Great addition
by Johanna F.,  Marianna, FL
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
This is an excellent addition to Granny's Candies. It provides a quick resource for figurative language therapy.

Terrific Add-on Set
by Kynda P.,  Fairfield, IL
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I purchased this add-on set to the Granny's Candies game in order to focus on more difficult concepts with the older children on my caseload. The set has a good mix of concepts: synonyms, opposites, homonyms, homophones, heteronyms, idioms, similes and metaphors. The set has 84 cards for each concept and the cards with in each concept appear to vary in difficulty as well. I am very pleased with the set. The only thing I would change would be to make the box a little bigger. While everything fits nicely when newly packaged, it is not so easy to pack back up when finished playing so that the box will close completely.

by Sue Kost
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
Your products are great! I would like to see more sets of cards for the Granny's Candies. I would love to see more sets of cards for the Hopping Frogs game.

by jill Yamashita
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I like the barrier games and my students really like " go for the dough" and "granny's candies".

by Racheal M.
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Amy Blevins
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I have really appreciated having the books in the granny's candies series. I often use those in my evaluations when I need to use professional judgment with a student. I will get baseline percentages using those books for similes, analogies, metaphors etc. It's another quick tool to use! Thanks Amy

by Samantha Corselli
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I love Granny's Candies. The products are so helpful during lesson planning and my students love the game!

by Lori Robey
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I love your new add-ons for products like Grammar Gumballs and Granny's Candies. They help make these fun-to-learn products even more usable and diverse.

by Debbie Scott
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
My students LOVE Granny's Candies, and I have found that it can be adapted to many needs and age levels.

by Alix Buchanan
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
The products I enjoy most are Chipper Chat, Grammar Gumballs, and Granny's Candies.

by Ellen Frissell
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I utilize and enjoy your games (Granny's Candies, Chipper Chat, Basic Concepts) because they are so motivating (everyone strives to improve), and they help develop pragmatics skills.

by Jayme Fowler, Braselton, GA
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I love the Fun Decks, Granny's Candies games, and Artic Tickle Stories. They are all so versatile, and the kids love them!

by Cathy Ledvina, New Berlin, Wisconsin
#GB155 - Granny's Candies® Set
I love Granny's Candies! It's so versatile and I can use it with so many of my students. I love Super Duper Publications. I just spent almost $500 of my total budget on Super Duper products and I can't wait to start using them!

GB155 -  Granny's Candies® Set $39.95 
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