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Granny's Candies® Set 3

Verbs - Add-on Set

by Created by Sarah Michaels - Grades 2-6

Main Product Samples Instructions PDF Related Handy Handouts Common Core State Standards
Here's another very sweet Granny's Candies! Your students will master every verb form imaginable with Granny's Candies Verbs. Use this add-on set with the original Granny's Candies board game.
Set 3 includes 672 word-meaning cards (3" x 1") in these areas:
  • Regular Past Tense
  • Irregular Past Tense
  • Is-Are
  • Was-Were
  • Has-Have
  • Do-Does
  • Verb + ing
  • Main Verbs and Helping Verbs
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Active-Passive Voice
  • Past, Present, and Future Tense
  • Contractions
Set 3 includes a reproducible Activity Book with lessons, activities, and games. What a sweet deal!
*NOTE! Set 3 does not include game board, candy tokens, and die.
GB156 -  Granny's Candies® Set 3 $39.96 
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