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MagneTalk® Match-up Around The World

Language Magnetic Barrier Activities

by Jeanne Goodwin - Grades PreK-5

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Around the World magnetic barrier game takes students to far off lands while working on these important language skills—basic concepts (large/small, top/bottom, many/few, same/different, tall/short, crooked/straight, wide/narrow, dark/light, long/short, and left/right), vocabulary, listening, following directions, categorizing, rhyming, and storytelling.
MagneTalk Match-up Around The World:
  • 10 game boards (two of each scene - cold lands, pond, outback, rainforest, and desert)
  • 108 magnets
  • Activity book
  • Dry erase marker
GB180 -  MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand $34.95 
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MER22 -  Webber MagneTalk Erasers (2-Pack) $4.95 
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