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MagneTalk® Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures

Reading and Story-Based Magnetic Barrier Activities

by Audrey Prince - Grades 2-5

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Our story-based magnetic barrier game, Fantasy Story Adventures, combines the enchantment of imaginary times and places with real-life literacy and reading skill building.
The story-based fun sheets include reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency, story retell, following directions, vocabulary, sequencing, and cloze activities.
MagneTalk Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures:
  • 10 game boards (2 of each scene - Candy City, Pirates on Mermaid Island, Jungle Animals, Princesses & Knights, and Dinosaur Times)
  • 100 magnets
  • Activity book
  • Dry erase marker
GB185 -  MagneTalk® Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures $99.85 
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GB186 -  MagneTalk® Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures (does NOT include Barrier Game Board stand) $59.90 
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GB180 -  MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand $34.95 
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MER22 -  Webber® MagneTalk™ Erasers $4.95 
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