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What Do You Say...What Do You Do...®
In the Community?

A Social Skills Game

by Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy - Grades K-8

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Prepare your students for life outside the home and classroom! What Do You Say...What Do You Do... In the Community? is an interactive, open-ended game that builds social and decision-making skills appropriate for a variety of situations.
Students move around the colorful community game board and answer social-skills questions. With each correct answer, they collect a token and try to fill a token strip. The first to fill the token strip, or collect the most tokens, wins!
Students will visit places on the game board common to all communities: doctor's office, police station, library, fire station, hospital, courthouse, city hall, park, grocery store, restaurants, and more. The Social Situation Cards target several different settings. The open-ended questions encourage students to problem-solve and are excellent for role-play.
What Do You Do...What Do You Say... In the Community?
  • 6 Categories of Social Situations: Medical, Outside, Places to Eat, Stores, Business/Government, All Around
  • 390 Community Situation Cards (3 3/8" x 1 3/4")
  • Illustrated Community Game Board (18" x 18")
  • 144 Laminated Community Tokens
  • 6 Community Characters and 6 Token Strips with Die
GB243 -  What Do You Say...What Do You Do...® In the Community? Reg: $59.75Now: $50.79*
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