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Webber® Story Time Communication Boards


by Rebecca Eisenberg and Lindsay Knobelauch - Grades PreK and Up

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Would be Nice to include the stories
by Amy D,  AZ
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
You know I was really excited to do this with my daughter and the part I was looking forward was reading the "stories"... It would have be GREAT to actually include the stories you are discussing in the workbook--not everyone using this is a TEACHER... Parents need to be able to use this too without having to purchase 20 story books.

Love this product
by Adrienne N.,  Lake Mary, FL
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I have used this with my students with ASD and so far it's going great! It has them engaged and responding to questions about the stories. I can't wait to get more books to use during our sessions.

great for vocab and comprehension
by Cindy K.,  VA
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I bought this for my 6-year-old non-verbal preschooler with Down syndrome and autism, to encourage active listening and build vocabulary and comprehension skills. I asked our private speech therapist to use it for a portion of each session (she follows the instructions provided) so that I can learn appropriate pacing and even extension activities (such as making sure our son notes new vocab in other books and settings). I previously had no easy way of working on comprehension with him. Our older son (1st grader with Down syndrome) also is benefiting because he struggles with comprehension as well. Because we have two kids, it's nice that there are extra story mats--but most people using this at home would not need these extras. I also like the fact that the stories used (while not included) are children's favorites, several of which we already own. I will be taking this product to upcoming IEP meetings.

Love this Product!
by Liz W.,  Plantation, FL
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
This is an awesome material that I find I can use with all my preschoolers. It's perfect because it uses PECS which are so beneficially for my non-verbal students, but also has questions that are appropriate for my higher level students. And I love that the books used are some classics :) Great job Super Duper!

Love, Love, Love!
by Jess W.,  Atlanta, GA
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
These Story Time Communication Boards were just what I needed for my students! Another great product from the wonderful folks at Super Duper!

by Ann P.,  Nantucket, MA
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
This is a great product! The visuals look nice and are durable for younger and more involved students. The additional game and worksheet components add more possibilities to target several skills at once!

The Most Cost Effective Product
by Brittany V.,  Long Island, NY
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
This is by the far the most cost effective product I have ever purchased. The stories and story boards are versatile for low and high functioning students with many useful activities in the work book included. Strongly recommend this product for Preschool SLP's to target sequencing, vocabulary, sentence formulation, answering wh- questions and matching.

Excited to use
by Megan,  California
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I haven't used the Story Time Communication Boards yet but am excited to use them in the Fall with my limited verbal students. They seem like a great way to incorporate literacy for all students and it saves time to have pre made board that are brightly colored and fairly durable.

Great product
by KT,  NC
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I have a lot of students on my caseload that are working on functional communication skills. I enjoy this activity because it can be adapted to the different levels of functioning. I just hate that the boards aren't sturdy and that it is only for select books :-/

Organized, Educational and FUN!
by Kristen R,  Lake Linden, MI
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
This product is everything you need to assess a child's ability to pay attention to a story, recall information and answer specific questions in a variety of formats. The children that I have used this product with have been able to retell stories with amazing detail using the story boards and not the original book. We have all enjoyed this new addition to our therapy activities.

Great for delayed preschoolers!
by Tera,  Oklahoma City, OK
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I have just started using this program with a delayed preschool class of 4 year olds including those with Autism. It is great because it provides picture support for attention with the literature and answering questions. The materials book provides great "I spy" and question/ answer activities to go with each story. The only thing that I am confused about is that it came with a push button spinner but no ideas for how to incorporate it.

Handy Visual Supports
by Angela P.,  Evanston, IL
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
Webber Story Time Boards are a great addition to my toolkit for students who require picture supports for comprehension and communication. The picture lotto boards can be used in multiple ways: to target comprehension of questions with picture choices, to listen for key details in a story, and to reinforce new vocabulary. The boards are sturdy and bright with large images. The accompanying book is an excellent resource. It's also nice that 20 stories are represented by the Story Time Boards. My only complaint is that a few more advanced stories were not included (for slightly older students or with a slightly higher text to picture ratio). Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase!

Ready to go!
by Cindy K,  Schaumburg, IL
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I just started using this today with the story Good Night Moon and my students loved the communication boards that went along with the story. My students are low in cognition and language and I loved the way the lessons in the manual focused on several language areas so I could focus on each student's needs as well as challenge them a bit. The books are all available in our school library and the lessons and materials are all ready to go. Highly recommend!

great for teaching story comprehension
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I am really happy with this product. I bought this to use with a student who is nonverbal, but I also have students who do great with answering wh-questions, but then struggle when we move onto story comprehension. I really like the storyboards because it helps my students focus on the story elements.

Flexible and Easy to Use
by Ms. K,  Los Angeles, CA
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I use this with my preschool students. The format is very easy to use; and it is a nice template to use when making your own custom boards with different story books. My only suggestion is to add more books and to stick to books with strong narrative sequencing (first, middle, last).

User friendly, handy language and literacy tool
by Michelle F,  San Antonio, TX
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
This is a great ready made product to add to my activities for preschoolers and younger language impaired students. It comes complete with pictures, tokens and a story specific game board. I really like the handy story questions and extension activities in the manual. It's very user friendly. The only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is I think the publishers should include some more famliar, frequently used stories. I would also like to see an extension to this set to include higher level stories. It's a great concept and worth the money I paid out of pocket ( on sale of course). Thanks

Like it!
by Sonia E.,  San Antonio, Texas
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
The story time communication boards game is fun and easy to use. I loved not having to create the boards.

Storytime Communication Board
by Chrystal,  Texas
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
These is such a great resource.

Great addition to therapy
by HOPE Therapies,  Irvine, CA
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
It is great to have materials like this prepared for you as I have spent many hours preparing materials like this.

Story Time Communication Boards
by Jessica,  San Antonio, TX
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I absolutely adore the Story Time Communication Boards product. It comes with materials for 20 different books - my school had about half of them in the school library and the rest I purchased used online for about $1 each. What a great program to target reading comprehension, answering questions, creating sentences, listening, the list goes on. Great Product!

by karen stowell
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I like the products you offer for communication, especially the ones for the autistic population. I don't mind ordering because I like the free shipping.

by Kerri L.
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I love being able to get all of my therapy supplies in one place! You have such a broad range of products that can be used for the entire continuum of my students---everything from articulation to autism.

by Billie Moody
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
Thank you for your Sensory and Autism products! They are amazing. We get a lot of use from your card decks!

by Katrina Bevan
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
Love your products! I have never found more useful tools available in one place for my son with Autism. I just need to win lotto! LOL But in the meantime I hope to purchase one every month to utilise at home and school. Thanks for any awesome resource and products!

by Racheal M.
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Leah Huang
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
You guys have great resources for therapy, CEU's and are easily accessible. The Webber Story Time Communication Boards are wonderful.

by Judy Yacker
#GB267 - Webber® Story Time Communication Boards
It would be great if you had a service where we could send you the curricular themes/books being used, and we could get specific product recs and/or custom products. The "Story Time Communication Boards look great, e.g., but we aren't using many of those books.

GB267 -  Webber® Story Time Communication Boards $49.95 
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