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Laminated Analogies Games

Grades 1-6

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Funalogies includes two exciting analogies game boards—Funalogies Four-in-One and Funalogies Slide. With each game, students learn analogies by answering analogies on the Funalogies playing cards. Each card has pictures on it so that readers and non-readers can play. Funalogies contains 240 Funalogies playing cards divided into four subsections by color:
  • 1–60 (yellow) - characteristic, part/whole, whole/part.
  • 61–120 (red) - categories, sequencing, and grammar.
  • 121–180 (blue) - opposites, synonyms, and associations.
  • 181–240 (green) - opposites, action-object.
Play Funalogies Slide with one or more of these 60-card decks. Funalogies Four-in-One must be played with all the Funalogies playing cards. These two types of game boards allow for flexibility in the teaching and learning of analogies. Also includes 30 Chance Cards, die, pawns, instruction/answer sheet and bag.
GB324 -  Funalogies® Laminated Analogies Games $29.95 
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