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Laminated Analogies Games

Grades 1-6

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Fun, it's in the name.
by Shannon R.,  Simi Valley, CA
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
I was not sure how to make analogies fun. Seems like a college sit with your piles and books and highlighters goal to me. This game makes it a little more fun and it is easy to scaffold as well.

by Heather F.,  El Paso, TX
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
There are so many analogies. I really like how they are separated by synonyms, opposites, etc. The visuals are great and my kids love this game!

great game!
by Natalie D.,  Camarillo, CA
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
My kiddos love this game. It is a great language activity and it can be used to target multiple different goals.

by Denise O.,  Memphis, MI
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
I love analogies. Teaching analogies improves so many skills related to language development. Many of my students need visuals to understand how objects and words are related. Funalogies gave me a wealth of analogies with picture cues. I use the cards with the supplied games as well as other motivating games. Thank you again Super Duper!

We like Funalogies
by Deb S.,  St. Petersburg, FL
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
This is a fun way to introduce and practice word relationships. The analogies are fairly easy, but the therapist can adapt the activity to increase the difficulty by asking students to not only complete the analogy, but also explain the type of analogy. Kids love Super Duper cards and games, and I appreciate how the company references the common core standards for each product.

Finally Analogies are Fun
by Lori R.,  Surprise, AZ
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
This great game comes with 4 sets of cards with different categories. Use as a game for the younger set and just use the cards for the older kids. Easy to use.

So much fun!
by Amanda B.,  Conway, AR
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
My kids love playing this! They don't even know that they're learning. Great job Super Duper.

by Jessica S,  Philadelphia, PA
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
This product is great to use! It works well with kids from 2nd to 4th grade!!

Fun Game
by Kelly H.,  Anoka, MN
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
This is a great produce for introducing inferences. The picture cues help children to better understand how the first part of the analogy relates.

Pretty good
by Ali,  US
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
I like that the game has a lot of cards with different categories so you can also incorporate goals other than analogies (synonyms, associations, etc.). I don't like that the board is only laminated. I can tell that it isn't going to last very long; I can already see where the color has worn off from folding it before storing. For $30 it shouldn't be difficult to make an actual game board, considering you can buy Candy Land for $8.

by Shelly M,  Marietta, GA
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
Funalogies is wonderful for speech-language students, as well as, regular education students. When tutoring students for standardized testing, the number of analogies in each grouping helped the students comprehend the associations. The cards can also be used with articulation/fluency students for structured conversation levels. The students explain how the items relate after completing the answer.

by Toni B.,  Normal, IL
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
Love this product! I am able to target syntax, grammar, and even articulation (in addition to the awesome analogies that are included)!

by CSM,  Virginia
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
I am so happy that I ordered the Funalogies Analogies Game. There are tons of practice cards! In addition, the pictures on the cards are so helpful in helping my students figure out the relationship of the analogy.

Good for Carryover
by Angela D.,  Fort Worth, Texas
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
I bought this game initially just for 'more' analogies and boy did I get 'more' - there are so many! My one thing is that I wish the board game was a lot more fun. I like the pieces, but I just use the cards and a different game (something generic) for analogy work.

Amazing Analogies Game
by Ann M. Johnston,  Brighton, CO
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
As usual, the children LOVE the colorful gameboards. The way the game is set up and the cards are divided, it makes analogies an easier concept to learn and grasp onto. Some children who get very frustrated with analogies, can learn from easy ones and move up to harder one. They understand them when they have made it through a set of cards! Another great teaching game!

Great product!
by Shira P.,  New York, NY
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
My students love this game! They ask for it every time they come to therapy! It's a great way to teach them analogies, and gives them a way to build connections between two items. I love seeing how they put them together!

Love Funalogies!
by Kelli S,  Raleigh, NC
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
The setup is SO quick and simple and kids love it because it's a game! They don't realize they're working at the same time. Also, the analogy cards are made for a wide range of abilities; there are more difficult analogies for older kids and simpler ones for the younger kids.

Works great!
by Rivkie,  New York
#GB324 – Funalogies® Game
This product is great value for the money! There are so many cards included in this game, and they are nicely organized according to different categories. The graphics are great. My students love this game!

GB324 -  Funalogies® Laminated Analogies Games $29.95 
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