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Word Joggers® for Categories

by Elaine Burke Krassowski, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up

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Children can't get enough
by Sydney D.,  Boston, MA
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
This is one of my favorite Super Duper games that I have purchased. The game is great and the children depending on their level can play it with their peers. I like to use the cards with just the pictures it on it first to introduce them to the entire group. Then depending on the level that each child is at depends on whether I will use the cards with multiple phrases and pictures or just the basic phrase. It is a great way for children learn categories in a large group and not feel like they are at different levels. The bingo game is easy to use and can even be used for my preschool classes that I work with.

Speech Language Pathologist
by LeDhu S,  Salisbury, NC
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
I have used this product many times since I received it less than a month ago. I love the many different ways you can use the individual cards as well as the bingo type card and the categorical headings cards. I really like how you can set up different sub-categories as well. The booklet that come with the kit was very helpful with great information on different ways to use the product. This is one of the best products I have purchased in recent years.

by GiGi L.,  Sanger, CA
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
I love this game! It helps me target a variety of different goals and it's very engaging. My students love when they get to use this in therapy.

Easy lesson
by Megan,  California
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
This bingo set is a great way to target vocabulary for variety of ages and communicative abilities. I love that there are three different types of cards to elicit the vocab and with 5 of each board they work great for a group!

by Baila C G,  Brooklyn
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
This game is fun and exciting and can be used to work on a wide range of goals. These sorts of toys are always worth to invest in since you know you'll get your use out of it.

Word joggers for categories
by Lindy N,  Baltimore, MD
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
Love this Product! It is so helpful for young elementary students. One of the things that appeals to me most is how versatile the cards are in the different categories. You can use the same set of cards with students with diverse needs by selecting questions according to goals being targeted. Kids love the brightly colored pictures and it has been all round hit. Thank you!

My k and grade 1 students loved this!
by Holly L.?,  Boston
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
Any time I can connect to the common core in a simple and fun way is great. My younger students enjoyed playing bingo and loved the challenge of guessing the item from a description.

Lots of replay value!
by Janel C.,  Phoenix, AZ
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
Word Joggers for Categories takes a spin on classic Bingo and gives you tons and tons of opportunities to learn in a variety of ways. It comes with 6 different themed boards including food, animals, home and others. You start with a game board and the applicable card deck. Then, choose from one of the themed ways to play the game. The cards will give you the option to play a classic bingo style game where a specific image is shown and you look for the match on the board to mark the space. For more of a challenge, their are classifications like “animals with fur” or “foods that belong in the refrigerator” that move beyond a basic game to teach your child to sort and classify different items by a category. I loved the replay value and how the game can grow with your child. It includes enough game boards to play with some friends or in a small group setting in the classroom.

Takes Bingo to a new level
by Christie C.,  Orlando, FL
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
WE love this great game for my 5 year old! Expands his vocabulary skills, sight recognition and categorizing. I can see his little mind at work.

Great game!
by Belinda,  TN
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
My kids love Bingo so I knew this game would be perfect for them. They really enjoy figuring out which pictures to cover based on the category clues. I love that there are so many ways to play the game and that we can adjust it depending on the ages of the children playing.

Bingo but better!
by Carinn H.,  Grand Rapids, MI
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
With a 3 & 6 year old I love finding educational games that they can both play at the same time. I really appreciate all the game variations you can play with the categories. My 6 year-old is especially fond of running a game with the picture cards just for her little sister to play.

Glad I spent my own money for this.
by Teresa B.,  Winston-Salem, NC
#GB346 - Word Joggers® for Categories
School just started back and I am using Word Joggers with my students. I have found it to be an excellent tool to work on receptive and expressive language and articulation skills. My students love it!

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