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Word Joggers® for Categories

by Elaine Burke Krassowski, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up

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The more knowledge students have about words—their attributes, associations, and categories—the quicker they can retrieve and provide information about those words in conversation. Word Joggers for Categories is a fun bingo game with colorful boards and cards that target language processing skills needed for identifying, describing, and categorizing items.
The vocabulary addresses six common categories (Animals, Food, Clothing, Home, School, and Transportation), with 24 items per category. Each category includes five bingo game boards and three sets of cards (Vocabulary Picture Cards, Attribute Cards, and Category Cards) for a total of 30 boards and 396 cards. You can use the bingo boards and cards in various combinations to target multiple objectives and to match students’ needs.
Word Joggers for Categories is intended for students with specific language processing difficulty in PreK through fifth grade and students learning English as a second language. You can easily adapt the materials for small group or individual therapy sessions in resource, classroom, and clinical settings. The instruction book includes multiple game ideas with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • 15 Boards (30 Playing Surfaces)
  • 396 Word Joggers Cards
  • Bingo Chips
  • Spinner (1–2)
  • Instruction Book with Game Ideas
GB346 -  Word Joggers® for Categories $64.95 
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