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Grammar Gumballs® Game

The sweet game for teaching basic grammar skills!
Grammar Gumballs-2 Add-on Activity Book

by Michelle Ostrow and Kris Scheller -
Grades PreK-3

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Grammar Gumballs is a sweet game for teaching and reinforcing basic grammar skills in young children. It targets nine of the early morphemes and grammatical structures identified by Roger Brown (1973). Children with language and learning difficulties often leave these structures out of their speech. Grammar Gumballs includes five levels of difficulty for each illustration. You begin with a simple listening/imitation task and gradually progress to spontaneous production.
Grammar Gumballs includes 180 illustrated cards (20 for each area) and an activity booklet to help you teach the nine grammatical forms. The activity book includes a CD-ROM for printing all activity pages.
  • Present Progressive Verbs
  • Irregular Past Tense Verbs
  • Subjective Pronouns
  • Copula Verbs (Is/Are)
  • Regular Plurals
  • Possessive Nouns
  • Regular Past Tense Verbs
  • Irregular Plurals
  • Possessive Pronoun
To play, fill up the gumball machine game board with gumball tokens. Choose the card set(s) you wish to teach. Have the students draw a card. Then, read them the questions that match the card from the lessons and activities book. As the students answer the questions, they spin the spinner and take that number of gumballs from the machine. At the end of the game, the student with the most gumball tokens is the winner!
Grammar Gumballs®
  • Gumball machine game board (9½" x 14")
  • 100 gumball tokens
  • 64-page book with lessons, activities, and homework sheets
  • CD-ROM for printing activity pages
Expand your students' favorite grammar game with lessons and activities that address nine more grammar skills! Purchase the Grammar Gumballs 2: Add-On Lessons and Activities Book and double the teaching opportunities available in the original game with 900 new prompts. Simply use the game pieces, board, and the colorful illustrations on the cards from the original Grammar Gumballs.
Grammar Gumballs-2 Add-on Activity Book covers nine additional grammatical forms:
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions
  • Copula Verbs (Was/Were)
  • Do/Does
  • First Person Pronoun (I, Me, We, Us)
  • Negation
  • Prepositions
  • Present Perfect Verbs (Has/Have)
GB347 -  Grammar Gumballs® Board Game $59.95 
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Add-On Lessons and Activities Book
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