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Fluency Roll ‘n Talk®

Open-Ended Dice Game

by Jessica Hirliman and Clint Johnson - Grades 3 and Up

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good product
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City, Mo
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This product was helpful with my students working on fluency, articulation and even social skills. I like the conversation based questions and scenerios.

by Danielle G.,  San Diego, CA
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
I use this game with my mixed groups and it works out great! Everyone enjoys participating in this activity.

Great Product!
by Amanda B.,  Little Rock, AR
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This is a great product, that can be used as more than fluency goals. Target language skills, fluency, and articulation skills with this product. The kids love it!!

Fun fluency
by Carly J,  Spokane, Wa
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This is a fun game to add to the variety of fluency therapy ideas. There are a lot of different ways to use this game which keeps the kids very interested.

Fluency Roll N Talk
by Danielle P.,  Mobile, ALabama
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This is a great game! Our speech therapists and the children they have used it with have really enjoyed playing this game. It provides a way to enhance our children's skills in a very fun way!

Super Fun!
by Andrea W.,  Syracuse, NY
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
The students love this activity that can be used to meet multiple goals in one group!

by Gwynee J.,  Riverside, CA
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This producte is versitile. It can be used for many areas including receptive and expressive language, social skill, fluency and much more!

by Diane,  Winchester, VA
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
I purchased this game for my fluency student, but have realized that I can use this with almost all of my students! My students are begging me to bring this game back each week. The materials are interesting and colorful and FUN!

Great Go-To game
by Andrea W.,  Syracuse, NY
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This game is great for many students with speech and language needs. Students love it!

Excellent Material
by Holly G,  Dallas, TX
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
The game board reminds students that they need to demonstrate a specific fluency method, which is a skill easily forgotten after a while.

by Liz,  Boston, MA
#GB376 - Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game
This game is truly unique and it works! The best thing about it is that it's fun to use, so learners want to keep playing again and again. Developed by a speech therapist to really help kids develop their fluency. Thank you for this product!

GB376 -  Fluency Roll ‘n Talk® Game $44.95 
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