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Say & Do® Artic Games

S, R, L and Blends - 18 Laminated Games

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades K-5

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by Abby M.,  Beaverton, OR
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
I am a new SLP and I thought this was a bargain, when it was on special. My students enjoyed it very much! I had students with residual speech errors creating there own silly sentences and they were having a blast!

Great for different levels!
by Lisa,  Toronto, ON
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
The kids I work with love these games and look forward to playing them! They are great for practicing artic at the word level, but can also be used for the phrase/sentence levels easily!

Say & Do Aritic Games
by Deb C.,  Taylors, SC
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
My students and I have enjoyed Super Duper's Say & Do worksheets, but this is the first time I have purchased Say & Do Artic Games. The colorful board games keep my students' interest while targeting S,R,L and blends in words, phrases or sentences.

by David C,  Anderson, IN
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
The games are fun and students find them exciting. The words on each space can be used in word drill or in sentence drill.

Great resource for speech!
by Cynthia L.,  BC, Canada
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
I recently received this resource and have been very pleased with the reaction from my articulation students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. The variety of games covers all speech sounds and /s/ blends. You often cannot find such resources that cover as many speech sounds.

Say & Do Artic Games
by Kristen Martinez,  Somerville, NJ
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
Great interactive game board for these sounds. These sounds are commonly targeted for articulation therapy as well!

Good Games too short
by Nicole S.,  Bakersfield, CA
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
I am glad that I have these games to use for an easy planning day. I choose not to use both die because otherwise my students only get 3 or 4 turns each.

Say & Do Artic Games
by Marti C.,  Republic, MO
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
This is a great game for all ages and all levels the child may be at in the process of the phoneme production. You can use any game mate for isolation, word, phrase, sentence, and conversational levels. My kids love it so far!

Great tool!
by Ashley N.,  Raleigh, NC
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
The kids I work with love these games! It helps make therapy more engaging and fun. It is great for drill practice!

welcome change
by Adam Y.,  Weslaco, TX
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
This has been a welcome change to my clients, who are tired of drilling with cards and worksheets. It is easy and fun to use

Artic Games
by Amy C.,  Chicago, IL
#GB38 – Say & Do® Artic Games
I really like these games so far! I have spent so much time coming up with games, and this is just so easy and convenient. When I am in a time crunch, it's nice to pull this from the shelf and have the whole game put together. This can be used w/ kids of any age.

GB38 -  Say & Do® Artic Games Set I $24.95 
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