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Webber® Wordy Wheels™

Electronic Spinner Fun for Articulation

by Sharon G. Webber and the Super Duper® Staff - Grades PreK-5

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Webber Wordy Wheels contains 42 color-coded activity wheels targeting S, L, Prevocalic R, and Vocalic R (AR, ER, OR, AIR, EAR, IRE) in Initial, Medial and Final positions of words. Students of all levels will enjoy taking turns using the electronic spinner and practicing their target sound(s) in words, phrases, and sentences!
Wordy Wheels Articulation Game
  • 21 double-sided, color-coded, numbered wheels (9" diameter)
  • S, R (Prevocalic and Vocalic), and L sounds
  • S – 12 Wheels … 3 Initial, 3 Medial, 3 Final, and 3 Combo
  • L – 12 Wheels … 3 Initial, 3 Medial, 3 Final, and 3 Combo
  • R – 18 Wheels … 2 Prevocalic, 12 Vocalic, and 4 Combo
  • Electronic spinner
  • 50 Plastic Chips
  • Wordy Wheels Base
  • Boxed
GB385 -  Webber Wordy Wheels™ $44.95 
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