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Twisto Tommy®

6 Tongue-Twisting, Laminated Language and Articulation Games for S, R, L, Blends, SH, TH, CH, G, K, and F

by Nancy Crist, Rose Sheedy & Clint Johnson - Grades PreK-5

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"Join me in my twirling, turning, world of tongue-twisting entertainment," says Twisto Tommy! Hidden caves, magic castles, space-aged tube transporters, beach parties, bike races and twirly-whirlies—that's twisting Twisto Tommy's festive world waiting for you.
Twisto Tommy is special because each twister card has four levels of sound-loaded words that increase in difficulty (word, phrase, longer phrase, and sentence). You decide what level is best for your students. Plus, the twisters are funny and the games are creative (send your twister tokens through the tube transporter, collect hidden tokens in the magic cave, spin around the Twirly Whirly, etc.). For articulation, students practice their target sounds in single or multiple positions. For language, students build their phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and auditory recall skills. Readers and non-readers alike can play!
Twisto Tommy:
  • 6 innovative laminated games boards (11" x 17") – Hidden Cave, Magic Castle, Beach Party, Twirly-Whirly, Mountain Bike Race, and Tube Transporter
  • 180 Twisto Tommy cards (2 ¾" x 2 ¼")
  • 20 cards each for S, R, and L (10 initial, 5 medial, and 5 final position)
  • 10 cards each for S, R, and L Blends (initial position)
  • 15 cards each for CH, SH, TH, G, K, and F (10 initial and 5 final position)
  • 36 cool Twisto Tommy tokens (1 ½" squares in six bright colors)
  • 6 markers
  • Die
  • Instructions and game ideas
  • Convenient tote bag for storage
Don't you think its time to travel to Twisto Tommy's topsy-turvy terrain?
GB410 -  Twisto Tommy® $39.95 
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