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Wordy Wheels® S/L/R Blends Add-on

Grades PreK and Up / Ages 4 and Up

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Encourage students to practice their target sounds at the word, phrase, and sentence levels with Webber Wordy Wheels Add-On Set – S/L/R Blends. Use this Add-On Set* with your Webber Wordy Wheels game to reinforce your students’ individual articulation goals for S/L/R Blends with vibrant photos in a unique and fun game format.
Webber Wordy Wheels Add-On – S/L/R Blends:
  • 48 color-coded 9” wheels (24 double-sided cards)
  • S Blends – 2 wheels each for SK, SM, SN, SP, ST, SW, Complex S Clusters, and Combo
  • L Blends – 2 wheels each for BL, FL, GL, KL, PL, SL, Final L Blends, and Combo
  • R Blends – 2 wheels each for BR, DR, FR, GR, KR, PR, TR, and Combo
  • One blank wheel to create your own practice words
  • Instruction Booklet
*Spinner, Chips, and Base sold separately
GB578 -  Wordy Wheels® S/L/R Blends Add-on   Available June 1, 2021   
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