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Pronoun Party™ Games

8 Laminated Games For Personal, Possessive & Reflexive Pronouns

by Monica Gustafson, Molly DeShong, and Thomas Webber - Grades K-5

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Pronoun Party Games
by Laney L.,  West Monroe, LA
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
This pronoun game incorporates fun and learning all into one! I love that you can focus on a particular set of pronouns depending on the patient's needs. This game is also convenient in terms of size and packaging as it is very easy to carry around with quick assembly/disassembly.

Pronoun Party Games
by Carol S,  Cave Creek, AZ
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I have only started to use this game set but like it already. I like that there is no real guessing on how to model the pronoun use, especially reflexive pronouns, which are hard to teach. The kids like the choice of either using the colored pawns or the cardboard kid cutouts. I now have used it from preschool to 6th grade so it is pretty versatile.

Good product
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City mo
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
My kiddos enjoyed all of the different game boards and the characters.

Pronoun Party
by Teresa N,  Bronx, NY
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
Great tool disguised as a game to teach pronouns!

Love Pronoun Party!
by Amber F.,  Yukon, OK
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I love Pronoun Party! You can use the fun game boards for any speech activity. The pronoun cards hit subjective, objective, reflexive, and possessive pronouns. I used this product during my public school internships and knew that it was a must have for my own speech classroom.

This is my "go-to"
by Danielle M.,  Lakeland, FL
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I don't know what I did before getting this game for pronouns. I love the versatility of the game, and how I can tailor it to work on specific types of pronouns and possessives. And the kids love it, too.

Pronoun Party
by Jeni S.,  Wauwatosa, WI
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
As I continue to provide more classroom support services, I've not played many games this year in my speech-language therapy sessions. I purchased this close to the end of the school year, and my students love it! I'm seeing carryover of pronouns, and many are asking, "Can we play that fun talking game again?" I highly recommend it!

Pronoun Party
by L R,  S. Texas
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
The board game comes with 8 different scenarios that can be used with 3 types of pronouns. The hierarchy of support is provided in the accompanying booklet that offers carrier phrases. The kids enjoy playing the game in groups the most.

Love it!
by Cheryl S.,  Los Angeles, CA
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I am a SLPA working in a elementary school setting. I recently ordered this game set and my students love it! There are 8 different fun choices to play the games on. The kids and I love the variety. I like how it has so many different things to work on. I have lots of materials to address a "he, she, they" goal but sometimes its not easy to find fun materials to address the other pronoun forms. Well worth the purchase!

Great Product!
by Meg P.,  New Haven, CT
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I purchased this game to address the "mine", "my", and "your" pronouns in particular, because it was hard to get these addressed through other therapeutic activities. This game does that and more. I use it to address all pronouns (personal, possessive, etc.) and the kids I work with love it (ages 4-16, variety of diagnosis)! This game is the perfect addition to my therapy supplies and will get a lot of use!

Fun & Multi-purpose games
by Tawni M.,  Seattle, WA
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
Great game board and pawns to cover multiple goals. The way the cards are designed are a little confusing, but they are adaptable. Would be great if came with a disc of practice sheets to send home with clients.

Pronoun Party
by Ashley O.,  Mesa, AZ
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
My students love playing this game. I have a number of Kinders working on pronouns, and this is both a fun and functional way to target their goals. I love all of the different boards- great game!

Best Pronoun Game!!!
by Sreelatha,  Richmond, VA
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
Smart and the best resource for teaching pronouns in a perfect and functional way.

Great game!
by Kaitlyn B.,  Pittsburgh, PA
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
My students love the different boards for this game, and all kids love a little competition, so it's much more motivating than drill work. It's also very versatile; even if only one student is targeting pronouns, I am able to target other skills for other students. Great game.

Pronoun Party Games
by Shiree Nguyen,  Seattle WAshington
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
It's about time that there is some pronoun games! I like the way it really isolates 2 pronouns. I genterally teach preschoolers pronouns and the game is a little to elementary for them.

Great Language Material
by Olivia,  PA
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I bought Pronoun Party to work with my preschool clients with pronoun goals. My preschoolers love choosing which party board they will use and the colorful picture cards help cement the pronoun concept we are working on. This game is very adaptable and can easily make the concept easier or harder depending on the client. Since the boards are blank you can use them for more than just pronoun goals. I have used the blank boards for some of my articulation clients to work on a particular sound. Great product for the price especially when you can get it for the 50% off deal of the week!

Pronoun Party
by Jodi,  Mt. Airy
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
Great game to teach kids pronouns. Game boards are fun. My son really enjoys this game.

Time saver!
by Kimberlee W.,  McKinney, TX
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
When you have a pronoun goal and need an activity to target it fast....this one is it! Everything you need to elicit pronouns in a fun way! Love it!

It's a Party!
by Lori,  Suprise, AZ
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
This pronoun game comes with four sets of cards (completely different even in how they look) to generate different responses. There are several board games to pick from. Your kids will definitely want to play and play. Just yesterday they were upset when the session was up.

by Anna,  new york
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
the best therapy materials have a multi-purpose and this one is def. one of those materials! I used it with my preschoolers that I have in a group. They have completely different goals and i was able to use one thing and target everything I wanted in the session. This game is perfect for more than just pronouns but also for constructing sentences, present progressives, past tense, yes/no questions, wh-questions, taking turns, learning prepositions, and whatever else YOU can come up with!! I highly recommend this product.

Fun & Functional!
by Louise C.,  Raleigh, NC
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
My 6-year old son has the HARDEST time reversing pronouns. When asked a question, "Do you want to eat?", he'll reply "You want to eat." He just repeats the question. This game allows us to practice these skills while having fun at the same time. The different game boards makes it even more fun and entertaining.

quick and easy game for large groups
by MaryBeth F.,  Hamburg, NY
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I have this game in the past, but was transferred to another location and needed it for something fun that would allow me focus on the goals and objectives of my kids. They love it.

Pronoun Party Games
by Andrea M.,  Boulder, CO
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
I have 2 first graders who have been struggling with pronouns since they were toddlers. When I introduced the Pronoun Party Games at the beginning of the school year, their eyes lit up. They love the pictures of the various party scenes and are totally into the game. The carry-over has been remarkable! Finally I have fun and exciting tool that works with children who struggle with pronoun use. Thank you Super Duper!

Great product
by Brenda M.,  Houston, Tx.
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
The kids really enjoy this game. You can use the game boards with artic. activities, too. Great product to buy!

Excellent tool!!!
by Kellie R.,  Sherwood, AR
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
What a great tool! I love this product because it is never boring! I can teach pronouns with it, but I use the game boards and pieces for other uses as well. I have several children that ask to play the game even though they are working on other skills. Thanks, Super Duper, for such a flexible product!!!!

pronoun game
by JW,  MD
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
Nice boards, themes, and pictures. Have used for more basic pronouns--children seem to enjoy playing and the game allows for you to adapt in other ways.

Pronoun Party
by Serafina M,  New Milford, Pa.
#GB599 – Pronoun Party™ Games
Pronoun Party is an excellent resource to teach all the pronouns in a fun and efficent way. The children enjoy choosing the various gameboards or "parties", picking their friends, and playing the game. Pronoun Party allows for spontanous practice of pronouns in a structured setting resulting in greater number of opportinunities to practice targets and easy data collection.

GB599 -  Pronoun Party™ Games $34.95 
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