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Auditory Adventures®

Laminated Open-Ended, Token, Barrier, Bingo, and Lotto Games for Auditory Association, Discrimination, Memory, and Reception

by Kim Gill, Joanne Deninno, Ashley Drennan, and Thomas Webber - Grades PreK-5

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"Here ye, hear ye…This amazing, all-in-one activity kit has everything you need for unrivaled auditory adventures." Just listen…(you won't believe it)!
Auditory Adventures
  • Addresses 21 specific auditory processing skills.
    • Auditory Association - absurdities, action-agent, analogies, auditory closure, if-then, inferences, listening for main ideas, opposites, name the category.
    • Auditory Discrimination - discrimination of initial sounds in words, discrimination of final sounds in words, identification of initial sounds in words, rhyming, sound blending, syllable awareness.
    • Auditory Memory - following directions, listening for details, memory for words, memory for short sentences, memory for long sentences.
    • Auditory Reception - yes/no questions
  • Has 18 awesome laminated games for 1 to 6 players.
    • 8 open-ended games - Check-Ears, Ear Career, Field of Ears, Granny's Gumballs, Holiday Hearing, Sound City, Sound Planets, and Speedy Spider Speedway (11" x 17").
    • 2 specific game boards - Hearing Hayride and Andy's Toy Shop (11" x 17").
    • Auditory Bingo and Listening Lotto game boards, in sets of 6 (8½" x 11").
    • 2 barrier games - Sound Snack Shack and Barrier Barn, in sets of 6 (8½" x 11").
    • 4 open-ended chip/token games - Hear Muffs, Sally's Sound Sail Around, Sonic Sound Slide, and What's the Buzz?, in sets of 6 (8½" x 11").
  • Provides an easy-to-follow, 124-page lesson activity book with instant auditory activities and reproducible homework sheets.
  • Includes six packs of crayons, over 200 tokens, and die.
Auditory Adventures is the most innovative, vibrant collection of hearing and listening stuff around! That's saying a lot!
GB654 -  Auditory Adventures® Reg: $79.95Now: $67.96*
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