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Auditory Adventures®

Laminated Open-Ended, Token, Barrier, Bingo, and Lotto Games for Auditory Association, Discrimination, Memory, and Reception

by Kim Gill, Joanne Deninno, Ashley Drennan, and Thomas Webber - Grades PreK-5

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Fantastic Product
by sarah w,  killingworth
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This is been a very rewarding product with the ability to really work on listening skills with a variety of activities that are engaging and fun for the students. The workbook is such a great resource targeting many skills that can be used with mixed groups of students. My students have been having so much fun and I highly recommend this as a grew tool to have to target listening skills.

Auditory Adventures
by G,  South FL
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This box set provides a variety of different activities that are fantastic for children who are learning to adapt to new hearing aids and for students with auditory processing disorders. It is great addition to your materials library and can be adapted for clients of varying ages.

by Alida W.,  Columbia Falls, MT
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
My students grades k-12, have thoroughly enjoyed the games and have benefitted from the purpose of each...even those 'just way too hip' 7th grade boys with discrimination issues. Thanks a bunch.

Overall great game
by Madison J.,  Jefferson, GA
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
Some of the activities are a little hard to work in to a therapy session. But overall it has great materials for working with those kids who have Auditory Processing Delays.

great game
by Chana W.,  Passaic, NJ
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I think this is a great product. It could use more worksheets.

Great for DHH!
by J. G.,  California
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I am a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist and am very excited to use the many activities in this game with my Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Tons of activities in one kit- can't beat it!

Wish there was a CD!
by RK,  San mateo, CA
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
Its a great product but I wish there was a CD to go with it. Making copies of the excellent workbook pages is very time consuming and laborious :(

by Danielle R.,  Kansas City, MO
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This material is amazing for such a wide variety of students, goals, and sessions! My students love the reinforcement activities included and I love the wide range of therapy and homework activities provided. Great price for all of these goodies!

comes with a lot of options
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This kit is great because it comes with great therapy materials and the gameboards can be used with the kit or by themselves. The workbook has great worksheets, and the games are great for kids to practice following directions.

Auditory Adventures is Awesome
by Danielle B.,  Seattle, WA
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I purchased this item to help my daughter to get more practice with speech along with having fun playing games. It has been such a blessing to see her having so much fun and learning/practicing at the same time! I highly reccomend this product!

by Jennifer L.,  Toa Alta, PR
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
Great product, kids loved.

Kids like it
by Robin S.,  Reno,NV
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I tried this out on my speech groups and they really enjoyed it. The only negative is the wipe off crayons do not work well. White board markers work best.

Worth the $!
by Goldie A.,  Brooklyn, NY
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I purchased Auditory Adventures because many of my students have difficulty with auditory comprehension and memory. I like that there are many choices of gameboards and that the lessons are comprehensive. One thing to note is that even though the lessons can be used to target older students, the games are geared towards younger children and may turn off older students.

Great Product
by Sarah C.,  Allen, TX
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This is a great resource for addressing a number of goals for a wide-range of clients.

Wonderful Product
by Ashley N.,  Tulsa, OK
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
GREAT INVESTMENT! I love this product! There are so many variations to use with the receptive language objectives. The manual is wonderful! This product is high quality, and the storage carrier keeps everything organized.

Great Product
by Kristin O.,  Alexandria, MN
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This product provides a great variety of ideas for auditory comprehension/processing tasks. My students really enjoy the activities.

Therapy Quick-Fix
by Alexis,  Rockford, IL
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This is definitely a material I will grab for times when I have been unable to plan ahead as it can work for various groups. I will also be sure to utilize it when I am planning ahead as well.

by Nicole Murby
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
Love the magnetalk barrier games and auditory adventures pack I just ordered!

by meaghan o'brien
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
There are so many superduper products that I absolutely love. My favorites are Grammar Gumballs, Webber basic concepts, and Auditory Adventures. I am able to adapt these products to meet all of my students needs and my students love them too!

by SLP - School,  Arlington, MA
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I love Auditory Adventures! There is a great range of activities, and they are motivating and useful.

Auditory madness!!
by SLP - School,  Tucson, AZ
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
This is one Kit that will save you hours of material preparation! It's variety of activities allows you to work on receptive language skills that will easily match your IEP goals.

by Monica C
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
We enjoy the Auditory Processing section the most.

by Robyn Tarashuk
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I love Super Duper products! We have several of your products but our favorite is Auditory Adventures. Also, it is so convienient to have everything you need on one website.

by M. Angel-Hartman, Pueblo West, CO
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
In particular I love Look Who's Listening!, Auditory Adventures, Webber Articulation Cards, Artic Big Book, Holiday & Seasonal Game Boards, and too many of the Fun Decks to mention! In the past few years that I've had a budget from my district, nearly everything ordered was from Super Duper! Even with that...I can't resist buying things out of my own pocket because so many of your items are so reasonable!

by Becky Little, Greenville, MI
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I love the Fun Decks, as well as the Webber Basic Concepts kit and Auditory Adventures kit! My students love them, too! I also loved the "Did You Know" information in your recent catalog. I cut them out, laminated them and put them on my door for parents and other staff to read! What great information! Thanks!!!

by Tracy Barna, Spring Hill, FL
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
My favorite Super Duper product is the Auditory Adventures Activities Pack because it provides a nice variety of activities and games for auditory processing and memory.

by Becky Little, Greenville, MI
#GB654 - Auditory Adventures®
I love the Fun Decks, as well as the Webber Basic Concepts kit and Auditory Adventures kit! My students love them, too!

GB654 -  Auditory Adventures® Reg: $79.95Now: $67.96*
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