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"Can Do"® Oral-Motor Game Boards

10 Oral-Motor game boards

by Kim Gill and Joanne DeNinno - Grades PreK-2

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Speech Language Pathologist
by Lee F.,  Chicago, IL.
#GB76 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Game Boards
The Can-Do Oral-Motor Game Boards will be great activities to use for improving articulation skills in the school setting.

Great Supplement
by Mary B,  Michigan
#GB76 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Game Boards
The "Can Do" Oral Motor Game Boards are a fun way to enhance oral motor practice and skills. With my preschoolers, I use it as a supplement when we have finished other activities. In addition to working on oral motor skills, they are learning to follow directions and take turns.

Great game
by Trina A,  Foothill Ramch, Ca
#GB76 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Game Boards
This has been a great oral motor game for my six year old twin boys - one is on the sprectrum and one is not and they both love to play it!

Oral Motor Game Boards
by Charlie J,  Hiouston, TX
#GB76 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Game Boards
I was not a BIG fan of oral motor exercises until this little gem came to me in the mail. My students have enjoyed participating in all 10 games whether they needed or not!!!! This item takes the boredom out of oral motor exercises. It is a truly inspiring game to have on hand. Thanks to whom ever developed the game. It has been a lifesaver for me this year. Thanks again. Truly love it!!!!

Can Do OM Game
by Jessica,  Chicago, IL
#GB76 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Game Boards
I used this game with some of the younger children that need OM warm-ups. They love this game and it is much more fun that running through OM exercises in the beginning of session. You can incorporate goals (like bilabial sounds) during the game as well once you work on that aspect of the game.

GB76 -  "Can Do"® Oral-Motor Game Boards $19.95 
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