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"Wh" Question Blast-Off

Board Game

by Catherine L. Alexander - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 3 & Up

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Wh Question Blast-Off
by Tara L.,  Alberta, Canada
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
Great game for targeting WH-questions with a small group. Students enjoy playing the board game so much that they don’t even realize they’re doing work!

Wh Question Blast-Off
by Sarai,  Florida
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My students love the game. It is very engaging and targets Wh questions in a very practical way!

Great material!
by B. Beck,  Palos Verdes, CA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
Love using this game with my students! Everyone is motivated to work with this game format!

Loved this!
by Will S,  Houston, TX
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I've used this game for years and will never get rid of it!! It is a must for therapists as students always enjoy using it! I love that it has a variety of WH questions with different questions than other Super Duper WH question materials!

Keeps students engaged
by GLW,  Panama City, Florida
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
Language impaired students often have difficulties paying attention when it's another student's turn, thereby missing out on a valuable learning opportunity. "The Rocket Game" as the kids call it, keeps students engaged at all times. The rockets are used as motivators and reinforcers. Each student wants to know if the others answer correctly because that determines how many rockets they get to blast off. I found this activity to have great variability for different age ability levels. It can be used for comprehension, vocabulary, listening and speaking.

Kids Love This Game!
by Tina,  Virginia Beach VA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I love it too. The students are highly motivated to answer the different WH questions included in this game. You can play it several times without repeating the questions because there are so many of each.

Blast Off To Fun and Learning
by Judith L.,  Sacramento, CA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
The game is fast paced, so all the students in the group stayed engaged. The questions switch among "who," "what," "where," "when," and "why" questions, so the students need to focus and think. Moving a rocket to the moon after each response increased the students' fun and attention to the game.

WH Blast Off
by Melanie P,  Layton, UT
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My students LOVE this game. The questions were appropriate for all ages and had a good variety of questions. We will be playing this over and over again in therapy.

good for younger students
by Katie R.,  Boise ID
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I've used this game with K-2nd students working on a variety of "wh" questions. I like the bonus "why" questions which are a little more difficult.

"Wh" Question Blast Off
by Jamey L.,  Alexandria, VA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My clients love this game, especially the "blasting" of their own rockets after they take their turns. I love how it covers all "WH" questions. It is a very motivating game for my clients!

WH question Blast-Off
by S. Nguyen,  Seattle WA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I like the idea of rockets and counting backwards is fun to add. However, it is better suited to students who are approaching mastery with wh questions. It doesn't really lend itself to working on 1 type of question at a time. WH bingo is a better product for teaching.

Wh Question Blast off
by Michelle,  Green Bay, WI
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I like that the cards are separated so you can target just specific question types. My students love the game and I can use it with other cards for artic and language. I had this game at my previous school, but now I need it at my new school!

by Rossana M.,  Miami, FL
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I love this game. The kids really enjoy when playing "wh" question Blast-of is a very good material to stimulate the understanding of questions, I recommend it.

Fun Game for Young Kids
by Stephanie W.,  Atlanta, GA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
Both of my 5 year old twins love this game (one is typically developing, one has autism). The rockets are motivating. There is good variability amongst the wh-questions in terms of level of difficulty for children this age.

Fun Game
by Leslie W.,  Chesapeake, VA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My son loved playing the game. The cards are perfect for him because if he does not know the answer he can look at the picture to get a clue. Will be playing this for awhile.

"WH" ? Board Game
by Regina Coughlin,  Medina, Ohio
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
This game is fun and engaging. We have a home based program and we are working on WH questions as a goal.You can tell alot of thought went into the making of this game. It not over a non professionals head!

great for little kids
by Jamie S.,  Kent, WA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I work with preschoolers, and I love how the questions cards have little pictures to help prompt students. It's nice to have this game because the question cards can be used without the game as well. The kids are really motivated by the little rockets!

happy with purchase
by Anna L.,  Brooklyn, NY
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I work with preschoolers. For the kids, the board game and rockets are very motivating for questions goals. So far I had a positive response for this game from my kids which is great considering targeting WH questions can be very threatening and boring for young children. I like that you can graduate in difficulty with this game easily by fading cues and prompts and the questions are fairly simple and universal and can easily be modified for a child on the spot. You can also reuse the board game for other flash-card activities. So a def. win in your collection!

Blast Off!
by Judy B.,  Montana
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
The kids love the rockets and colorful game board. You can play the game or use the cards by themselves.

Easy and Fun
by Lori W.,  Lake Forest, CA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
The students LOVE this game. The format is easy, and the questions are adaptable to a variety of ages.

Love it!
by Bridget C,  Morganton, NC
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I love that this game has all of the "wh" decks and it is great for incorporating a language game as a motivator as other goals are addressed.

by Anna,  new york
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I used this with my preschool children and the game was highly motivating for them. They loved the idea of sending rocket ships into space and I loved that the game had questions that were easy enough for preschoolers or that could be modified easily and I love that you can easily go from giving models, to visual cues, to no cues/prompts at all without changing the activity and staying in context.

Fun game!
by Jennifer,  La Mirada, CA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My daughter played this game with her Speech therapist and had a blast so now we are buying for home. She can't wait to the game with her brother!

What a BLAST!!
by Elaine M,  Bakersfield, CA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I used this game the first week after I received it. The students LOVE this game, the questions are mixed (depending on what square they land on) and there is even a "WHO" question and the answer is "The Speech Therapist". They thought that was SO funny! A great game that teaches how to answer "WH " questions!

Love it!
by Dena,  Wellsville, NY
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
I borrowed "Wh" Question Blast-Off from a colleague and just had to order one of my own. It is one of the more popular games among my students and keeps them motivated and engaged. It's a wonderful tool to use with students who need to systematically tackle the understanding and differentiation of Wh-questions.

Fun Product
by Karen,  Kentucky
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My students love the " "Wh" Question Blast-Off" game - especially the boys! Game cards have a picture cue to help ensure a correct response. The kiddos love to "blast" the rockets onto the "moon". A game with three students playing can be completed in approximately 20 minutes.

by Kristen S,  Los Angeles, CA
#GB923 – "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game
My students love this game! It is a fun way to work on "wh" questions and language skills. I like that all different trypes of questions are covered, as well as questions of varied difficulty.

GB923 -  "Wh" Question Blast-Off Board Game $49.95 
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