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Webber® HearBuilder® Following Directions Fun Sheets


by Beth Holland, M.A., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK–3

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HearBuilder® Following Directions Fun Sheets contains hands-on color, cut, and paste activities for students to practice following oral directions with basic concepts. This 210-page workbook includes five sections:
  • Basic directions (Cover the guitar.)
  • Sequential directions (First color the dog, then color the jump rope.)
  • Quantitative and spatial directions (Cover the third car.)
  • Temporal directions (Put a train in the box before you put a horse in the box.)
  • Conditional directions (If a plane and a doll are in a box, put the box in the toy store.)
These worksheets are companion activities to reinforce the tasks in the HearBuilder® Following Directions interactive software program. The sections in the workbook directly correspond to the five activities in the HearBuilder® Following Directions software. The hands-on activities in this book encourage students to transfer the skills learned on the computer to tasks completed with an adult.
Each section contains 20 lessons—two lessons for each objective. The first lesson for each objective uses pictures and vocabulary taken from the HearBuilder® Following Directions software. The second lesson for each objective addresses the same skills using general preschool to third-grade vocabulary.
The activities in this book include the following basic concepts:
  • Colors – red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, brown, white
  • Quantities – one, two, all, both, either, except, or, and, don’t, not
  • Sequences – first, second, third, then, next, last, finally, fourth, fifth
  • Shapes – circle, square, triangle, star
  • Size – large, small, long, short
  • Time – before, after
  • Spatial Relationships and Positions – first, second, third, last, between, beside, next to, above, below, inside, in front of, on, in, behind
Each lesson includes a list of materials needed, the lesson objective, teacher directions, and specific instructions.
HBBK55 -  Webber® HearBuilder® Following Directions Fun Sheets $34.95 
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