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Grades PreK and Up

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by Elizabeth
My son was struggling on keeping up in his kindergarten class. His teacher said he needed support in following complex commands, phonological awareness and verbally sequencing. I began looking into tutoring options and different apps. I found HearBuilder and it was exactly what he needed. He loves doing it and is making great progress! There are so many different options that he is never bored!

Worth every penny!
by Jonette D.,  Colorado Springs, CO
My students loved the HearBuilder Following Directions CD, but it was frustrating that the data was only saved on the computer that it was used. It is great to have the ability for students to access the program from their classroom or home. I have seen a vast improvement in their motivation! I would love to see a section added that teaches auditory discrimination of sounds as this is a common area of concern at the early elementary level.

Starting Out Great!
by Lori F.,  Homer, AK
I am itinerant going between 5 school sites. This answered my need with kids at different schools both needing the same programs and to use as an intervention tools to help kids learn to focus on what they are hearing.

HearBuilder Online
by Jody H.,  Curryville, MO
I absolutely love HearBuilder Online. This program is very user friendly. In the past I have used the CD versions, and liked them also. However, my students are so EXCITED to be using the online version. They beg me every session to get on and play and what they don’t realize is that they are improving their auditory processing skills in the process! Thank you so much for improving products such as HearBuilder.

by Denise H.,  North Carolina
Easy to use. Many activities to target many goals. My students enjoy it.

Absolutely fantastic!
by Deana,  WA State
I have rarely purchased a product that had such a wide range of uses, AND would allow all of the data tracking I need for writing IEP’s. This is a fantastic value for the money. I didn’t expect to get ALL of the HearBuilder programs in the $99 subscription. And when I had a little bit of difficulty signing in, the tech. support (Nate) was fabulous. Great communication and support until we got it to work. THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT!

Great Product
by A.G.,  CA
This is easy to use and a great program overall. I use it with many of my students.

Wow! HearBuilder
by Penney P.,  Mount Pleasant, TX
My students and I have fallen in love with HearBuilder. It keeps the students engaged and records their progress at the same time. We have practiced these skills a hundred times, but now I am seeing true progress.

HearBuilder for Deaf Children
by Jenny B.,  Cairns, Australia
I have been using HearBuilder with some of the mainstream Deaf children that I teach as a motivational tool to practise listening and auditory memory skills. All of the students ranging in age from 5- 12 are very motivated by the app and enthusiastically engage with the material.

HearBuilder Specialist Subscription
by Sarah C.,  New Zealand
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! As a Speech-Language Pathologist it allows me to easily target so many different ages, levels, and skills. I can set and remotely monitor student’s progress. Students are keen to use technology and therefore get more practice in!

HearBuilder Online
by Angela Q.,  Wauwatosa, WI
Hear builder online is a lifesaver for high caseloads. You can target individual needs multiple students at a time. It is not only a time saver but also very effective. I have classroom teachers who have adopted this program in their classroom for all students because they say the students’ gains.

Where have you been all my life Hear Builder?
by Allison W.,  Santa Clarita, CA
Finally I purchased HearBuilder! And I am so glad that I did. This program is amazing. It addresses so many important areas, such as phonemic awareness, following directions and sequencing. The built in rewards for the students is a hit (arcade)! All of my students love this program and I love that they have their own log ins and the program tracks their progress. I can refer to this information for IEP purposes. This program has been a life changer for me…I can’t say enough about it. If you don’t have HearBuilder, you are missing one of the best speech therapy tools on the market!

by Bari S.,  Long Island, NY
HearBuilder is amazing! I use this for the majority of my caseload and all my clients enjoy it. I love that it keeps track of each client’s progress.

Best Software
by Stefanie K.,  Encino, CA
This is hands down the best software for helping kids with auditory memory and processing disorders. I love that they can access it and I can check in on them. It allows more in session time to be focused on the children and gives good practice for them at home.

by Linda G.,  Carmel, CA
I like the four different areas that Hear Builder addresses. I especially like the on-line version of this product; that it keeps track of each student’s progress. That is so helpful when it is time to give an IEP update. Each of the four areas is colorful and engaging and helps to keep the student’s attention.

I have definitely seen improvement with my students
by Whitney H.,  New Jersey
I have definitely seen improvement with my students using the hearbuilder online subscription. Currently I have 17 students registered to use it. In one month I have seen improvement specifically with our at risk students, as identified by the intervention and referral services committee. They are showing improvement in the areas of phonological awareness.

I really love it!
by Amanda C.,  Indiana
I really love it! In fact, I was able to save the Hear Builder website to “favorites” on each child’s personal chromebook, so that they can work on it in class during “free” time. It’s hard to comment on success rate in the class, as far as carryover is concerned. I may glean more info about that when it comes time for annual case reviews, very soon. However, I am able to see where a child is having a breakdown, and if or how many times they have to repeat a particular level. That is very useful information. That helps me to target that particular skill in therapy, one-on-one, or in a small group.

My students and I LOVE the program.
by Kristy L.,  New York
My students and I LOVE the program. I am going on my third year using Hearbuilder, and it is for sure the number one thing on my budget yearly. It is such a great, motivating program.

I am thoroughly enjoying this program!
by Elizabeth C.,  Pennsylvania
I am thoroughly enjoying this program! The students are receptive to it and interested in completing the levels and various activities. Most of my students focus on the phonological awareness and following directions areas. They really enjoy it and I feel it has been most beneficial to them. I am excited to see them continue to improve and use the program. They have been given the opportunity to login and play at home as well. The parents seem to like this aspect as well. I find these apps to be very helpful and useful. They are continuing to improve their skills and I have to think these apps have something to do with that.

I have really enjoyed using this app.
by Tina N.,  Arizona
I have really enjoyed using this app. My little guy is engaged and asks to do “levels” daily. His rhyme and elision abilities have increased, and he’s motivated to gain more band members! I’m using the auditory memory games, as well, and am seeing improvements there. I have been very happy with this purchase and the results. It plays like a game, but delivers results that are increasing academic abilities for narrative and reading skills. I’ve recommended the app to SLP friends and hope to see it in place for struggling readers or even as a first tier intervention for kindergarten students.

We have found Hearbuilder is fantastic.
by Rhiannon H.,  Australia
We have found Hearbuilder is fantastic, our students are loving the activities and are engaged. We have various students on it for different reasons and they are all showing progress. We had a representative from hearing Australia recommend it to us and it has been great. Our students work on the program independently and with support and the structure has really helped in supporting their learning.

The kids love it.
by Jacqueline,  Indiana
The kids love it and navigate the program very easily! ??

Great product!
by Pamela T.,  Texas
We currently don’t have a lot of students on it because most of our patients speak Spanish. We would love to have a Spanish version or even collaborate to help create one. It’s the most cost effective program I have found though for our English speaking patients with auditory processing, phonological awareness, and dyslexia difficulties because parents can actually have their kids do it in between therapy sessions with minimal parent training and the goals are set up for the child to always feel successful. Kids love it and actually do it. We have had significant success for auditory processing when pairing it with the Listening Program from ABT. I had one 8 year old who could not read and was in a self contained special ed class. After one semester of using these programs together, he was put into general education for the first time ever and he began to read. I have the professional CDs for use in our clinic, but got the subscription to improve effectiveness by adding to the home exercise program. Most of our patients have Medicaid and are low income so they wouldn’t be able to afford HB on their own. It’s a small investment in our end to improve our outcomes and quality of services which improves word of mouth referrals (good for kids and for business as the new referrals more than pay for it). Again I just really wish their was a Spanish option as 80% of our younger patients speak Spanish here in Texas. I really hope others can benefit and access HB. It’s really important to address these issues early and unfortunately the special ed referral process tends to delay timely and individualized intervention. This is an affordable solution for both schools, clinics, and at home. I have tried to encourage some of the school districts we work with to purchase it as I think it can even benefit children without learning disabilities and I will start my own neurotypical child on HB once he starts learning English next year in PreK (we only speak Spanish at home), but often as you probably know, it’s hard to get schools to listen and spend money. Great product!

The program is working really well.
by Kate M.,  Virginia
The program is working really well – when my students are consistent in using it at home ?? Compliance with parents is the biggest hurdle. I had a 5th grader use the auditory processing program – she had MAJOR deficits in auditory memory and auditory cohesion. She finished the program – following my plan of 10-15 minutes daily – and her scores on the TAPS went from well below average on Memory and Cohesion to well within average with an overall score jump from 34% to 70%. I can really see the difference in her performance with me on other tasks as well.

Yes, I’ve seen lots of progress.
by Lori M.,  North Carolina
Right now I have 4 kids on the subscription, most of whom are using following directions, but one is using sequencing. I’ll be adding more soon. Yes, I’ve seen lots of progress. At my previous schools, I’ve been lucky enough to have the HB CD, but at my new school, no such luck and no funding. I’ve always had great success and progress with HB in the past and thought it was well worth it to get the online subscription. Thank you!

So far I am happy with the results.
by Lisa C.,  California
So far I am happy with the results of the program and most of my students are enjoying it. I appreciate being able to see and print the data.

Absolutely love the service.
by Perry from TestingMom,  Texas
We have worked with HearBuilder for a little over three years and absolutely love the service and support this company has provided in helping us as a company, as well as our thousands of students develop these critical skills!

The students I have using really like it.
by Lori P.,  Ohio
The students I have using really like it. It’s very engaging and keeps their interest. I am seeing progress with their skills.

We are very pleased.
by Michelle F.,  Missouri
The program is working well and we as a district are seeing improvement in reading scores with students that have been using the program. We are very pleased.

Everything is going well and I can see a difference in the students.
by Wendy F.,  Minnesota
Everything is going well and I can see a difference in the students that are actually spending time using the program. Just this week I had a student say, “I get it now! I’m looking for the ones that end the same (on rhyming).” Thank you for making such a great program! I don’t know how I would replicate this through direct instruction and still maintain clean data! I can have several students at a time working on the same task, or different ones depending on the individual needs, and still have each student answering each task, holding them responsible for their learning by increasing their engaged active learning time.

I have used this in my therapy room for 2 years now.
by Dr. Debee T.,  Tamarac Elementary
I have used this in my therapy room for 2 years now and thank heaven it can still be used with the Stay In Place rule which forced us to conduct teletherapy. Grant you, the learning curve is absolutely never ending and this is from an old timer who is very computer savvy as my father was a programmer with IBM in its infancy. Anyway, this is perfect to assign to students online. Not only can you monitor progress, but increase and decrease difficulties of the activities within the program. It is best geared for K-3. It can be used by students who have severe LI disabilities in older grades or who are developmentally disabled or more severe ASD characteristics. Data is provided, time spent on each segment as well. Easy to set up and excellent support from the tech team. I highly suggest you give it a trial for your LI students while we are on teletherapy services. You will more than likely purchase it again once we return to school!

by Monica M.
We LOVE HearBuilder and can't believe we've not used it before. It has been an absolute godsend with having students distance learning. We plan on continuing our subscription even once we return to in-person learning in the fall. Thank you all so much!

Great Program!
by Misako S.,  Japan
This is a well-known program that helps students improve their auditory processing skills. They have so much fun while working on their skills. I like the option to customize the program settings to meet their individual needs.

Fantastic product
by Meryn P,  South Africa, Johannesburg
My son has CAPD and has attended therapy for many years. As a result he does not enjoy to do any activities outside of theraphy. I purchased the programme reluctantly but I was pleasantly surprised that he does the exercises willingly. He enjoys the program and he works on it every day for 20 minutes. The games are interactive, interesting and engaging and I can see him improving daily.

by Dawn A.,  Selden, NY
I am HIGHLY impressed with this subscription. I have used many other products and have a child who is in Speech Therapy and has auditory processing challenges. This product has been amazing! They have thought of so many details that are important and made it very user friendly. I would recommend it to everyone whether they have learning issues or not.

Great Products
by Pennie T,  Sioux City, IA
I had tried to stay away due to the yearly fee. But I decided to give it a try. I really like all the activities included in the subscription. It also provides great progress tracking for each student. Well worth the price considering all the different apps are included.

by Bari S.,  Long Island, NY
HearBuilder is amazing! I use this for the majority of my caseload and all my clients enjoy it. I love that it keeps track of each client's progress.

Hearbuilder Review from CF
by Laurel H.,  Atlanta, GA
This has been a great addition to my therapy materials. As a traveling therapist/CF, this is easy to transport and use quickly for multiple kids on my caseload. I have loved using it the past week!!

Great product
by Melody A.,  Ny, ny
I have been using this product for several years. Used it at a private practice I was working for, and now I use it for my own private practice and my own children. Highly recommended.

Where have you been all my life Hear Builder?
by Allison W.,  Santa Clarita, CA
Finally I purchased Hearbuilder! And I am so glad that I did. This program is amazing. It addresses so many important areas, such as phonemic awarenes, following directions and sequencing. The built in rewards for the students is a hit (arcade)! All of my students love this program and I love that they have their own log ins and the program tracks their progress. I can refer to this information for IEP purposes. This program has been a life changer for me...I can't say enough about it. If you don't have HearBuilder, you are missing one of the best speech therapy tools on the market!

Entertaining and effective!
by Tina N,  Flagstaff, AZ
The Hearbuilder apps are so engaging and take kids step by step through games to practice skills we have taught in sessions. My student loves the auditory memory and phonological awareness apps, and I can easily see progress! The progression of levels is very methodical and allows you to see where a child needs more support.

Hearbuilder Online
by Angela Q.,  Wauwatosa, WI
Hear builder online is a lifesaver for high caseloads. You can target individual needs multiple students at a time. It is not only a time saver but also very effective. I have classroom teachers who have adopted this program in their classroom for all students because they say the students' gains.

HearBuilder is a great tool!
by Pam R,  Logan, Utah
HearBuilder Auditory Memory is a great tool to augment CAPD therapy. The graphics are engaging and age-appropriate. The program records data and automatically moves the student to the next level when the criteria is met. Very satisfied!

HearBuilder Specialist Subscription
by Sarah C.,  New Zealand
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! As a Speech-Language Pathologist it allows me to easily target so many different ages, levels, and skills. I can set and remotely monitor student's progress. Students are keen to use technology and therefore get more practice in!

Hearbuilder for Deaf Children
by Jenny B,  Cairns, Australia
I have been using Hearbuilder with some of the mainstream Deaf children that I teach as a motivational tool to practise listening and auditory memory skills. All of the students ranging in age from 5- 12 are very motivated by the app and enthusiastically engage with the material.

all things known
by Jess I,  Ohio
This is a great hands on product. It has everything needed to provide the activity that centers around the child memory needs, A must for SLP with students with AP disorders.

Online Subscription
by Winnie G,  Sydney
Fantastic value for a series of great products!

Excellent program
by Gayle K,  Santa Monica, California
This program is designed to improve auditory memory skills. The clinician can set the level best for the child, and the listening activities are fun. We are a clinic of 8 speech pathologists, and this program is used frequently to help improve auditory memory and attention. It also keeps records for each of the patients, so you can see progress. Each of the listening activities targets a different element of memory. Expensive, but worth it. We just bought a second one, because it is so popular in our sessions.

Great Product
by Yael S,  New York, NY
My students love this interactive CD. It's perfect for differentiating instruction, as I have the ability to customize each program based on the needs of my students. This product is very easy to use. Thank you Super Duper!

Hearbuilder On-Line
by Kathy W.,  Covington, TN
The Hearbuilder On-Line program is great! It gives me the flexibility I need to target on a variety of language skills. This is my second year to use the program and my students are continuing to make good gains.

by Carmen H,  Eagle Point, Oregon
I have been using the Hearbuilder program for almost a year now and have found all the components very effective for my students to learn sequencing, basic concepts, phonological processing and auditory memory skills. My students enjoy their five minute activities and look forward to these as their own rewards. I have seen great progress when used consistently and the data collection is easy and accurate to pin point areas of weakness.

Hearbuilder Online
by Loretta M,  Union, KY
This is a great application program (app)that addresses four areas of auditory processing including: following directions, phonological awareness, auditory memory, and sequencing. The program graphics are clear, colorful and animated. There are many opportunities to practice the goals, which discreetly increase in difficulty. Each goal is introduced, and visually sequenced, so the child knows how many responses are left to complete. Verbal and tangible reinforcements encourage kids at each level, and provide feedback regarding performance. Strategies for success are provided such as visual cues for sentence segmenting and strategies for auditory memory. Loading client information and obtaining written reports are easily accomplished. Customer support for this product is excellent. It is an excellent auditory processing app, that children love to interact with.

by Mandy G,  JHB
Thank you for helping my daughter She is doing so much better. Over more time she will really excel. Us as parents also enjoy doing it with her at time to time, to see if she is on the right track. It is also very user friendly and a MUST to have if you have kids.

Great subscription package.
by Krystal L.,  Plant City, FL
I ordered this subscription on the advice of my son's SLP. It has helped him with his sequencing skills and listening skills. It has also let me see what he needs to work on.

by Betty F,  Modesto, CA
Using this along with a ND program. Daughter enjoys it and doesn't complain about using it unlike other things. She finds herself trying to keep beating her previous bout.

Easy to use
by Sarah P,  Chicago, IL
I purchased this subscription for use in private language therapy. It's easy to use and really helps to narrow down areas of weakness and the exact level a student is working at. Colorful with nice sound effects and short games for students to take a break. Very motivating. Would love to see this product in Spanish as well for my bilingual students.

motivating and educational
by Susan B.,  Minnetonka, MN
I love the HearBuilders programs and this one is no exception! The activities are fun and at the end of each activity the program offers teaching suggestions for auditory memory.

Hear Builder
by Christine P,  Massapeua NY
This at home program was recommended by the audiologist. My son has has central auditory processing disorder. He has deficits in decoding of words and memory recall. We use this program daily, It is engaging and fun and my son is so proud of himself when he advances to the next level. There are different levels in various categories and you can trac k your child's progress. Definetly recommend this.

Best Software
by Stefanie K.,  Encino, CA
This is hands down the best software for helping kids with auditory memory and processing disorders. I love that they can access it and I can check in on them. It allows more in session time to be focused on the children and gives good practice for them at home.

Great Product!
by Kellie R.,  Little Rock, AR
I love this product! It is beneficial that the program will not allow the children to move forward until they have mastered the previous skill. It builds on previous skills and gives them short breaks along the way that keep the student interested and entertained!

Hear Builder
by Linda G,  Carmel, CA
I like the four different areas that Hear Builder addresses. I especially like the on-line version of this product; that it keeps track of each student's progress. That is so helpful when it is time to give an IEP update. Each of the four areas is colorful and engaging and helps to keep the student's attention.

Hear Builder Collection
by Irma C,  Humble, TX
I purchased the Hear Builder Collection CD primarily for the following directions CD and I am impressed with the practical aspects of the product. My son has accessed the other programs, but they seem to be above his comprehension level. My 4-yr old son is entertained by the product and I feel that the benefits of the product are worth the cost.

Absolutely fantastic!
by Deana,  WA state
I have rarely purchased a product that had such a wide range of uses, AND would allow all of the data tracking I need for writing IEP's. This is a fantastic value for the money. I didn't expect to get ALL of the Hearbuilder programs in the $99 subscription. And when I had a little bit of difficulty signing in, the tech. support (Nate) was fabulous. Great communication and support until we got it to work. THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT!

by Denise H.,  North Carolina
Easy to use. Many activities to target many goals. My students enjoy it

by Thomas,  Oak Park, CA
My son loves this product!

HearBuilder online
by JodyH.,  Curryville, MO
I absolutely love HearBuilder Online. This program is very user friendly. In the past I have used the CD versions, and liked them also. However, my students are so EXCITED to be using the online version. They beg me every session to get on and play and what they don't realize is that they are improving their auditory processing skills in the process! Thank you so much for improving products such as HearBuilder

Starting Out Great!
by Lori F,  Homer, AK
I am itinerate going between 5 school sites. This answered my need with kids at different schools both needing the same programs and to use as an intervention tools to help kids learn to focus on what they are hearing.

Functional fantastic product
by Shae,  Arizona
My K-6 language impaired students are loving heabuilder. They stay easily engaged for 10-30 minutes. I love the variety of concepts the directions cover and the # of levels. Very versatile and useful in the school setting. Also allows me to work one-on-one as i alternate kids on the Hearbuilder.... If you have a large case load and struggle with larger groups, then this product maximizes your therapy time! Because it is research based, I'm extra happy.

Very Comprehensive
by Tiffany E.,  Pennsylvania
I received this for free to review on my blog. However, all statements are 100% my own. I LOVE that this program doesn’t have to live on your computer. It plays off Adobe Flash. I also appreciate that it isn’t something that your kids can sit and do in a few hours~ it is set up to be a process, with each step reinforcing what was just learned. One of my 10 year olds is severely dyslexic and struggles to read but she was able to set this up on her own. She put her name in and picked her first activity and went right to work on it. I also like that the game unlocks new activities as your child progresses. There are so many different activities within the 4 different programs that I can't even begin to talk about all of them but if your child needs help in any of these areas, I believe that this program can help.

Hearbuilder Online
by Louise Mc,  Dublin, Ireland
Great product. My son really focuses on instructions and follows them through. His focus has definitely improved as has his attention to the instruction issued.

Awesome Collection - Great Learning Tool
by Miranda W,  MN
The HearBuilder Home Edition is a great program that can be used for up to 4 kids. Each child is able to select their name at the beginning to resume the level they are currently on. Our 6 and 8 year old have been working on their skills with HearBuilder daily. This great program is also a favorite of our 3 year old but I do have to assist him with some of the bonus games. I started all our kids at Beginners so they could scale through and advance as they practiced skills. Of course, the older two were able to scale more quickly as they worked through the beginner stages. I love that the complete collection contains the option for the kids to switch between learning/working on various skills for: Auditory Memory, Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, and Sequencing. The HearBuilder program does a great job of keeping the kids engaged and interested by changing between practicing skills and playing bonus games and completing missions. Plus, the kids earn awards we are easily able to print out for their hard work too. The Sequencing Program is the favorite of our older two children while our 3 year old prefers to work on the Auditory Memory program. I love the fact that I am able to help our children build on over 40 basic concepts while also building listening skills. I also love that Super Duper Publications included an easy way for me to print progress reports on each child's work. This is a top notch program that our family can't rave about enough. *I received a sample in exchange for an honest blog review.

Great tool for home!
by Larra H.,  Lumberton, Tx
We were introduced to Super Duper products at my son's speech therapist's office. Between her office and school, we are excited to bring the same product for learning at home. I love watching him progress at his own pace in the comforts of home. Happy to now have access to all Hearbuilder instead of separate cds.

Worth every penny!
by Jonette D.,  Colorado Springs, CO
My students loved the HearBuilder Following Directions CD, but it was frustrating that the data was only saved on the computer that it was used. It is great to have the ability for students to access the program from their classroom or home. I have seen a vast improvement in their motivation! I would love to see a section added that teaches auditory discrimination of sounds as this is a common area of concern at the early elementary level.

SDL HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Pro Online Edition
by Lisa SR. M.Ed. CCC-SLP,  Powhatan, VA
Extremely pleased with each phonological awareness module offered in this program. My patients are more receptive to completing phonemic awareness activities when presented in such an engaging and entertaining format! I had been using a similar software package but was looking for a fresh, updated program. Hear Builder's Phonological Awareness exceeded my expectations and I appreciate the ability to monitor all of my patients' progress!

Exceptional Program
by Maureen R.,  Orlando, FL
My eight year old son reports that he “loves” to play this game and doesn’t even consider it to be a learning assignment. He likes that it has multi-level assignments in a mission format that is especially appealing to my adventure –loving son. He really likes the engaging characters and the interactive plot line as he moves through each level while improving his memory and concentration skills. One of the areas that we have focused on in particular for Adam is that he normally needs to have complete silence when completing a school assignment. This can be a challenge with two younger siblings and especially in the real world. I love that the HearBuilder program allows me to add background noise at the expert level so he can practice playing even in distracting situations.

improves focus, listening skills and memory
by Sarah S,  Palm Springs, CA
My 6 year old is not great with listening and HearBuilder forces her to focus (something else she has issue with) and listen. Great for building memory and awesome for homeschool!

Great for beginning readers and number recognition!
by Elizabeth,  Miami FL
My daughter is really excited about using the computer lately, so I thought this would be the perfect thing to motivate her. She loved the games and activities. The first night she used it, she was crying when I told her it was time to go to bed because she wanted to “keep playing the game.” The CD includes activities that reinforce listening skills, such as a game where they display pictures of three items. The child hears an auditory list of the three items and then has to remember the order and click on them in the correct order. Then the game moves on to a more difficult task where there are six objects displayed but only three are used. This game would be perfect for a therapist to use with a small group of children. Another activity my daughter really liked was one where it shows a picture of several children and the directions would ask you to click on the child wearing glasses, or click on the boy wearing long pants, etc. The CD is very helpful to my daughter since she is developing number and letter / word recognition. When she is looking at the pictures of different objects, they are always labeled with a word underneath so she can become familiar with the spellings of the words. She really liked one of the numbers games, where secret agents have a mission to type in the secret code. The game plays an auditory message with a secret of numbers. Your child has to listen and remember the order of the three numbers and then type in the code on a number panel which resembles a calculator. These activities are particularly helpful to my daughter right now since she is just learning how to read. She can even play with a friend if she has a friend over. And the best part is she just feels like she’s playing a game, not doing something educational. I would recommend this CD to any teachers or parents looking to focus on listening skills and vocabulary or to build memory and work on word recognition.

Engaging Fun While Learning
by Miranda W.,  MN
This game is the best computer program we've come across. It still continues to be engaging after weekly playing. I love that it builds on necessary skills that will help the child succeed in school, work, and life.

learning to listen
by Cindi R.,  Oak Harbor, WA
This award winning educational game was played by my 8 year old Grand Daughter. She was determined to beat it and sat for over an hour playing all the different top secret missions. This game focuses on remembering what you hear. It works with numbers, words and phrases. I don't know about your children, but the children that I have worked with over the years can all use a little bit of practice in listening skills. She liked the fact that it pasted the time in a fun way, and I liked the fact that I knew she was learning to listen and remember, even though she just thought it was fun. This is a great tool for helping our children expand their memory abilities. This would make a great holiday gift idea and would fit nicely in a stocking.

Really Helped with Memory Skills!
by Andrea Y.,  SK, Canada
This software program was an instant hit with our children. Our two oldest ages 5 and 7 have benefited the most. I love how they slowly build up with remembering specific things first for a few seconds, then they progress to remembering it for 10 seconds, etc. It's a fun, easy and exciting way to help build your child's memory skills!

by patty B,  mass
My son loved it!

Hear building
by Sandra L.,  New York City
This program is designed to capture a child's interest while addressing the child's focus, sustained attention, and memory. One child calls this his "focus game" and loves it.

auditory memory
by Tina G.,  Ohio
I have 3 children, one with autism spectrum disorder and expressive/receptive aphasia. I first trialed it with my son with ASD and HE LOVED IT. I've noticed a substantial improvement in his memory as well as some improvement in comprehension. The price is very reasonable. My daughters use it as well and love the cartoon games as they, too, are advancing in their abilities.

Great product
by Alyssa S,  Los Angeles, CA
My son has CPAD. This program seems to be helping.

Excellent Software
by S.S.,  California
Despite having APD, my daughter reads very well, that is, after she has memorized the words as a 'picture' rather than phonological components. This software is definitely helping. Purchased this along with Auditory Memory & Following Directions. My daughter finds it challenging and fun.

Excellent Software
by Shyon.S,  California
After one hour trying the program via the free trial myself, I was convinced it would help my daughter with her auditory memory. She has APD and she was immediately engaged when she tried it. There are hardly an words on the screen, forcing her to listen to the instructions and questions in the games. Program allows repetitions for missed words. Great product. Purchased this together with the Phonological Awareness S/W. Within days I ordered the Following Directions Program also. Will also purchase the 4th in the series Sequencing also very soon. Definitely affordable compared to other products in the market for improving auditory memory for children.

HearBuilder Auditory Memory
by Heather H.,  Edgerton, KS
This product is really great. It is the only one I have found that we can do at home that really captures my sons interest. It has great graphics and he likes the mini games. He is learning some great techniques to help him build up his short term memory.

by Priya S., Ontario, C
My daughter an 10-year-old 4th grader. Due to the fact that she had difficulty recognizing words on a page, she was falling behind in her classwork. Homework was a daily struggle too. I had her start playing HearBuilder Sequencing and Auditory Memory about 20 minutes a day to see if these programs could help her. She especially enjoyed the Context Clues in Stories, Reading for Details in Stories, and Story Prediction games. After a few short weeks, she was reading at a mid-5th grade level. I am extremely happy with HearBuilder. It has helped my daughter improve her reading, remember what she read, and understand stories in a way she never has before.

by Priya S., Ontario, C
I am a parent with a daughter, age 11, in 5th Grade. She was having a lot of trouble sounding out words, and as a result was reading well below her grade level. She began using HearBuilder Phonological Awareness 10-20 minutes a day. After several weeks, I received a call from her teacher, who told me that she had made tremendous progress and was now reading on a mid-6th grade level. I recommend HearBuilder 100% to help your child improve her reading skills.

by GwenR.
I use Hearbuilders frequently in my therapy sessions and enjoy them.

by Machelle A.
I love the Hearbuilder programs. Please make them into apps. I have an ipad and would love to use apps with kids instead of carrying my laptop. Jumbo book are articulation is my favorite item. I have been a speech therapist for 25 years. I have owned about 3 of those books.

by Carla
I really enjoy the Hear Builders and would like to see more developed. I Love the HearBuilders software. It is easy to use and I like that the scoring can be printed out.

by Sylvia W
I really enjoy the HearBuilder software. It mixes learning with entertainment. A win-win for me and my students.

HearBuilder Phonological Awarenss
by Julie B.,  Somerset KY
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. For the last several years I used another (similar) program, but this program far supersedes that program and my expectations. Plus it was cheaper!! Very well worth the money!!

Love HearBuilder!!
by Liane E.,  San Antonio, Texas
I absolutely love my hearbuilder software! Can't wait to get the rest of them! I'm so glad there is the new online version to make it more portable!

Easily matches IEP goals
by Val J,  Clarksville, TN
This program builds the skills students need to be successful in their general education classroom. It can also be used as a center for students who need extra support in class.

by Lynn G.
YES!!!! I am still using it with my students and they are showing steady progress. I love the fact that it keeps track of the students’ performance. I have also recommended it to some of my fellow speech therapists.

Fantastic Program!
by Nicolle R.,  Isanti, MN
I am a homeschooling mom and use HearBuilder with my 8 and 11 year old children, both of whom have autism. They both love listening to the clues and getting to the next level. A great way to improve auditory and memory skills.

by Kathryn C., Charlotte, NC
I used it extensively in the spring of 2011. It really helped the students who were using it! I am planning to use it this year, but have not started yet. I have a couple of candidates that I think it will be useful for. I really enjoyed working with it in the spring of 2011, and I am sure I will enjoy it this year as well.

by Jennifer B.,  Travelers Rest, SC
It was very easy to use and my kids really enjoyed the programs. Thank you for letting Tigerville participate in the program.

by Tina G.,  Travelers Rest, SC
It was a great experience for my students. All my students wanted to go onto Super Duper during the day. Thanks for helping us this school year.

following directions, hear builder
by sudha,  England
This is just excellent. My son enjoys the challenge, he plays the games and is really obsessed with it, he doesnt want to go to bed. I love it too.

Nice Program
by Rachel M,  Odenton, MD
I like how this can target specific memory skills for each student.

Love it!!!!
by Rachel M.,  Odenton, MD
I love this program. What is especially helpful is that you can set the parameters for each student so they are working on exactly what their IEP goals/objectives states and nothing that is over or under thier abilities.

by Diana M.,  Chicago, IL
My son loves Playing this. I like that it gets progressively more difficult so its easy to tell when he's getting frustrated and repeat a level if necessary. My son loves the games and those are a great motivator to keep going. I wish there were more of them for him though.

Great Reward
by Annmarie R.,  Warner Robins, GA
My students like this "game" so much they earn it as a reinforcer for doing other class work. I love that even when they think they are just playing a game they are still working on important skills. Way to make learning so much fun!

amazing product
by Jenny G.,  Fresno, CA
This is a must have product for any child that needs help with reading comprehension! I have told my son's school to purchase this program as well. Every student can benefit from the program. It has so many different features that customize for each child's level. Best money spent!!

Hearbuilder Phonological Awareness Home Edition
by Cat L.,  Salt Spring Island. British Columbia
Wow, I love this product! It's easy to navigate, teaches the important preliminary reading skills in a fun, kid friendly way and the children I have tried it with so far just love it! Thanks:)

Great product!
by Sherry M.,  New York, New York
This has really helped my son develop his listening skills. He also really enjoys the activities and challenges.

great product
by XY parent,  Pittsburgh, PA
I believe this is the best product that super duper has on their list. Kids like it and it really increases their attention. However you should not let them play with it all the time. Just limit it for certain amount and you may need to guide them first. When they start to not doing well.. that means the are exhausted and need some refreshing. Excellent product!

working memory
by Rene V.,  Illinois
I purchased this for my son that has poor working memory on the advice of his audiologist. I have been very pleased with the overall product. I would just like to have the ability to adjust the levels so on items with greater issues he could be on lower levels and items that he is more comfortable with raise the level. This would help with frustration/bordem.

Great Product!
by Janice W.,  Illinois
I have the professional ed. of this product, and I could not be happier with this purchase. My students love that they can play a "game" on the computer, and I love that they are making great progress toward their auditory comprehension goals.

good product
by Patricia G,  Florida
My son likes it. He loves to play detective. I like the fact that I can track his progress.

HearBuilder Professional Edition
by Kandy I,  Yakima
We are currently using the HearBuilder series in a computer lab setting to provide services to a variety of speech and language delayed clients. it provides us with the ability to serve several children at one time. The clients are able to log themselves in and begin to work at their designated levels very quickly. Love the data!

Absolutely Excellent
by Deana B,  Rural Washington state
This program has in-depth and thorough detail memory strategies. I've already seen changes in the way my students approach listening and remembering, and I've only used it for a few weeks! Bravo again, HearBuilder!

great memory program
by Melissa B.,  Madison, OH
The HearBuilder series is awesome! I have all of the professional editions. It has really helped kids with auditory memory weakness :)

HB Auditory Memory
by Jennifer,  Miami, Fl
Amazing Product that you can customize according to a student's developmental level. Keeps scores as well so you can make adjustments to the settings if needed.

So far so good
by Wila,  Columbia, MD
I bought this for my daughter who just started playing the game. We finish two levels each day. She doesn't like the pounding background music when choosing the Robot parts. The idea of being a spy does not attract her that much. However, the concept and practice of brain exercises in memory, paying attention to details are very good. Will trying to finish the game.

Well Done
by maria,  Maryland
I love the program and so do my clients.

Good for pure phonological kids
by Gemma,  NY
The hear builder is fun, good for the kids with phonological awareness difficulties. It would not work so well with some of the spectrum kids that the earobics works with as it has a lot of social language concepts that it uses as reinforcement.

Great program!
by Joan H.,  Wisconsin
We are very excited with this program. The students enjoy the activities and are willing to work hard.

HearBuilders Auditory Memory
by Lisa D.,  Staten Island, NY
I purchased the HearBuilders after taking the CEU course you offered. I love the CEU course and was very interested in the software. WOW WOW WOW...all my students love the program. On the way to speech class, they ask if they can see Dr. Forgetsit!! I love the strategies that use from the software. I explain this to all the students. They said, " I need this help!" I informed my administration about all the HearBuilders and they are thinking about purchasing ALL the software. We have so many students that can benefit from this software. Sincerely, Lisa Dickstein MS CCC SLP

HearBuilder Auditory Memory Software program Professional Edition
by D. R,  Fayetteville, GA
What a wonderful way to increase auditory memory. I use it a lot with my ADD/ADHD students to help them focus on important details. This "game" helps them practice visual imaging which is a great way to build auditory memory.

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Professional Edition
by D. R,  Fayetteville, GA
This has been a wonderful tool to use with my slow readers to help teach them phonological awareness. They love "playing" and I can see their skills increase with each session.

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness
by Camille M.,  Knoxville, TN
I like this program very much. It works on the much needed areas of phonological awareness. I wish it would have required the children to work through the first three areas before they can move on to other areas.

great buy!
by Janelle S,  IL
I bought this with my own personal money to use with 3rd-5th graders and it has worked out quite nicely! Its great that you can set the level for them to work at.

HearBuilder Auditory Memory Software program Professional Edition
by D. R,  Fayetteville, GA
I tried this software at the ASHA conference in San Diego and just love it! Thanks for making learning so much fun for the students. I can't wait to get it and get started.

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Professional Edition
by D. R,  Fayetteville, GA
I have tried the sample disc and was impressed! Can't wait to get my copy and get started with the entire program. The kids will love it!

One of my favorite tools
by Noelle,  Austin, TX
This is by far one of my favorite therapy tools for following directions and understanding concepts. It is very motivating for kids and they all love it.

You will love it!
by Krista L.,  Fort Collins, CO.
I absolutely love the professional version of the Hear Builder Following Directions. The option to put in background noise once I know they understand the concepts is a great way to simulate a real classroom setting. It also allows my to let one child independently work on a skill making the group a bit smaller and more individualized so there is less down time. I can then just rotate the kids through so they all get more direct therapy time with myself. All therapist should have this program! Completely worth the extra money for the professional version!

Great Product
by Tiffany M.,  Michigan
My students enjoy working on the computer with this program. It is a great way for them to practice and improve their phonological awareness skills. I am very satisfied with the built in tracking system and the progress reports that can be printed off for each student. The only thing I would change is some of the visuals they use during the game and how the screen is set up. Some students found a couple of the games confusing because of the visual set-up. Overall, a great buy!

My daughter loves it!
by Deanna G,  Portland, OR
I am a homeschool mom of a special needs Kindergartener. She loves hearbuilder and asks to play it. I love that it teaches her to listen to the whole question and that it works in stages to teach her to follow directions.

by Sue A,  Peoria, IL
When I used the product demo for HearBuilder Auditory Memory with my students last year, I was amazed at how much they enjoyed learning and improving their memories! I knew that I would have to purchase it for the current school year! So far, they are having a great time and they are utilizing memory strategies (often without being reminded!). I love the convenience, the systematic approach, the recordkeeping component, and the reinforcment activities that are included! Once again, a quality, research-based product from SuperDuper that makes me say "Wow!"!

Hear Builder
by Alyssa M.,  Newberg, OR
Great PA building activities for wide age range.

Love it
by Amy,  Illinois
I love all of the HearBuilder computer software. The activities hold the students interest, give good data for teachers, and are a nice tool to have for RTI.

great program
by Amal,  Little Rock, AR
I love this program. I've mostly used the "wh" questions for my group of 3-5 graders. It really helps them work as a team and shows how important it is to listen to details.

Great product
by Sandra B.,  Pflugerville, Texas
I purchased HearBuilder Sequencing to help my 11-year-old twin daughters who struggle with autism. They are several years behind in their ability to communicate,and are currently in speech therapy. This product is especially appealing to my girls because ot it computer based and it progresses at their own speed. They have literally spent several hours at a time practicing these sequencing cards, as advancing to the next level is a great motivating reinforcer. The arcade games that they could spend their earned tokens on were a lot of fun for them, especially the frog jump. The only improvement I would suggest would be to allow the settings to be changed after a child starts the program. It would also be great if the Home Edition also had the feature that allowed the pictures to be turned off, which is currently only available with the Professional package. My girls are both visual learners, and frequently depend too much on visual clues from the pictures to get the right answer, rather that paying attention to the spoken words to find the answer, as their ability to "visualize" what is being spoken to them is very weak due to their autism. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and I plan to purchase similar products in the future.

Following Directions Professional Edition
by Beth B.,  New Canaan, CT
I only purchased this software this summer and began using it the last 6 days during the start of the fall 2011-2012 academic school year with my elementary SL/I students, but... I love it! I have unlimited student usage and programing capabilities and it the software maintains all of my data for sharing at PST's, PPT's or parent conferences. But more importantly, the program is extremely user friendly for my students regardless of their reading level and/or ability level because of it's hierarchial presentation and imbedded scaffoliding so that if a student begins to struggle at one level or with a skill the program backs up and provides additional practice, positive modeling, and drill to help the student move forward.

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness
by Heidi C.,  Richmond, VA
The variety of activities keep my kids engaged while challenging them.

Individual or Class
by Megan W,  Chillicothe, IL
I have used this in both one-on-one sessions and with a class of 10 on a Smart Board. It works well both ways. The first level (Toy Room) was harder to keep attention of a group, but as soon as we made it on to the second level (Toy Machine), all the kids were so excited to see what toy came out of the machine! The class now tells me they "love to follow directions!"

Awesome product
by Michelle,  St Paul, MN
My daughter loves it! It was recommended to us by her speech "teacher", so we got it and it's great!!

Auditory Accolade!
by Claudia A.,  Richmond, VA
Wonderful product! My son loves to be a "Secret Agent" and earn secret agent badges for his work! It was really helpful to be able to "try out" the product before purchasing--it helped us to choose the best auditory product for his needs.

Hearbuilder Following Directions Home Edition
by Claudine B.,  Perrysburg, Ohio
I really like this software for my 7 year old son with ASD. He loves computer games, so it is very motivating to do. He needs help following multistep instructions so this is perfect for him to use.

Hearbuilder Auditory Memory Software Program Home Edition
by Sonia H,  White Rock, BC
As a parent of a child who has a lot of difficulty I am always trying to find ways to keep my son ammused and focused in the learning task at hand but needless to say it has been frustrating to create material that I think will work for my son and disappointing when teh results are so very slow. Then this program was recommended to us through his school and I could hardly contain my excitement. First my son will stay on the computer working for hours when I could barely keep him focused for 5 minutes and the speed in which he is learning the material is astonishing to me. The areas that he was told he is weak in are exactly what the program focuses on and keeps him interested with the the additional games and visual stimulation. I would recommend this for any child not just those needing help, I am no longer scared that my child will not keep up but am excited and relieved that my son may actually understand concepts and function normally in a grade one setting. The focus is so well rounded that every aspect is covered and I have now gone ahead and ordered the other editions and can hardly wait to see the results. There is such a big difference in my sons ability to learn and this is largely in part to this program being able to stimulate him in ways that I was not able to.

Only used once
by Julie G.,  Marlborough, MA
Although my son has only used it once he loved it. It was challenging but fun, which made him want to pay attention to it. Great software!

by Leslie W.
I really like the program because there are so many different levels. It keeps my son interested. I like the Memory for WH activity. Hope there will be more programs like this one.

Hear Builder auditory memory
by Eva,  Sydney Australia
Hi, Love the product and my ASD son happily does the words, closure and details. It appears that the numbers have become a bit hard a bit too quickly but that is an area of his problems. The real problem is in the WH questions - they are too hard right away. I would have thought that the first couple of levels would have had a lot less instruction and a lot less answer options to choose from. Having got to level 20 so far in words, he still can't get off level 1 in WH. Just a thought otherwise a brilliant program.

excellent product
by Ben A.,  Chicago, IL
I ordered this DVD for my 6 year old son who has auditory processing disorder, and he took to it right away. He is very visual and liked the animations very much. At first we sat him down in front of the computer to do the exercises, but within a short time, he was opening the program and doing the drills on his own. He's learning and doesn't realize it, because he's having so much fun. I'm sure there's a parental bias on my part, but since he started using this program, I feel that he has had a significant improvement in his listening skills in general, and a huge improvement specifically in his ability to follow directions. I plan on getting the other 3 DVDs in the series.

Auditory Memory Software
by Tonya S.,  Mountain View, CA
This is the 3rd product in the series that I have purchased. Seems to be good practice for my kids and a good product.

Looks Great
by Stephanie W.,  Atlanta, GA
We're using this at home. My son has only used it a few times, but I really think it has great potential. We'll be trying to fit in 10-15 minutes per day throughout the summer.

Easily adapts to small group instruction
by Amy H.,  San Diego, CA
Excellent product! I was concerned how this would work because I'm a school-based SLP with only one computer & I have a group of 3 students working on following directions. This software is designed for 1 player at a time & adjusts its level of difficulty based on the student's responses - so in a school setting, that would mean either having 3 students alternate turns on one level (which is what I have to do for time sake) - or - allowing each student to complete independent levels in their own "seat" (i.e., there are 10 directives per level - so with one computer, that would be a long wait time for 2 other students!). So here's how I've adapted it to my setting: During a typical session addressing following temporal directions, I will use real manipulatives & verbally say the directions using the same format as the software (i.e., Put ____ in the box, before you put ____ in the box.; Before you put ____ in the box, put ____ in the box.), etc. The software makes my lesson planning a breeze b/c I just practice the same type of directives that are reinforced by the software. My students are motivated to work with me because they want to "play the game" on the computer - which is developing the same skill & they want to "win" that game & are seeing how the skills I'm teaching apply directly to their "world" (i.e., games), so they're motivated to learn during direct instruction. I also provide visual cues by writing directives on the board & having the group work to figure out which directive is first & which is second. I'm hoping to phase out my direct instruction over time & to adapt my directions so that they resemble directives they'd hear in the classroom (i.e., "Before you get out your books and open them to page 20, turn in your assignment on my desk.") This product is excellent!

by Rachelle J,  Blackie, AB
This is a great software game to help kids hear the sounds in words. Both my kids 4 and 7 love it.

Kids love it
by Bonnie P,  Mentor, OH
I've used this now for the past 2 weeks with a few of my students and they just love it. They really enjoy the games. When a student is doing poorly, it teaches them strategies they can use to help them with recall.

HearBuilder Auditory Memory
by Bonnie L.,  W. Windsor, NJ
The HearBuilder Auditory Memory program is an exceptionally appealing program to my students. The thought of being a secret agent is enticing and students don't realize that they are working hard to perform the auditory memory skills required to advance from step to step. I like the feature of being able to select the levels at which my students will begin. I also appreciate the skill levels included: recalling numbers, words, details, auditory closure, and responding to wh questions about short conversational segments. The graphics are also appealing to students. Another feature that is great to have for students with auditory processing difficulties is the ability to add background noise to any of the tasks. Students can perform an activity without and then with background noise which simulates the classroom. Overall, the program is a fabulous addition to the tools I use with my students. Its a program that I know classroom teachers will also like to use with their students since auditory memory is such an important skills.

Measurable results!
by Ashley R,  TX
This has been a hit with my students in K-2nd grade. Immediate feedback, great graphics, quick games. Great way to change up a therapy session. Printable progress reports are wonderful for documentation.

HearBuilder Auditory Memory
by Donna G.,  Flushing, NY
The memory is divided well in categories. I loved the Closure activities -since we as clinicians can not possibly recreate those stimuli which you have done so well on the CD.The preferences with the noise backgtround are fabulous. I can now train my clients on figure-ground listening skills as well as on memory. This CD is chock full of activities and levels. What a great tool for auditory training.

HearBuilder Auditory Memory Professional
by Amy C.,  Wimberley, TX
I started using HB Auditory Memory with my students today, and it was a hit! I have been using all of the HB programs this year and have been impressed. The programs allow me to rotate students on the computer with one-to-one or small group times and make seeing large groups more manageable. I like the individualization available on the games and that there is enough of the “reward games” built into the system to motivate the students but the majority of their time is spent on the targeted skills. They love them and beg to “play.” It looks like Auditory Memory is another winner -- my first-grade boys gave the spy theme two-thumbs up!

Useful tool
by MMR,  York, PA
The HearBuilder Sequencing Software is the first of software series that I have purchased. I like the range of goals that it offers. Earning points towards the arcade games seems to motivate.

Hearbuilder: Auditory Memory
by Alicia B.,  Stillwater, OK
I am obsessed with the Hearbuilder series! If my school/I could afford it I'd have all available versions! I have used the Following Directions CD the whole year, and have seen A LOT of improvement in my students regarding their listening skills. With what little time I have owned the Auditory Memory CD, I have so far concluded that I love this one also! Many of my students exhibit memory difficulties which impact their education directly, because how can they learn without being able to store information. I love love love these programs and would like to see new versions and try out all the ones I do not currently own.

Phonological Awareness Hear Builder
by Cindy D.,  Kemptville, ON
This is a very interactive program that allows for an immediate reward when the child is successful. Kids love it! It is very user friendly for the clinician as well. Skill levels can be set for individual children and their names/scores are saved on the harddrive.

by Jacki N,  Darien, IL
The kids are loving this program and are requesting to go on it weekly! The data tracking feature cannot be beat and I especially like the background noise feature.

Excellent and Fun Program!
by L.S.,  Dallas, TX
This program is wonderful for kids who have goals of following all kinds of 1-3 step directions!

Great therapy material!
by Hillary R.,  Indianapolis, IN
As a school-based SLP, a majority of my caseload is working on following directions - especially those that include multiple steps, sequences, & conditions. Upon purchasing this product, I was able to get a SMART board and projector in my room and my 3rd & 4th grade students absolutely love the program & technology upgrade! They all enjoyed choosing different rooms and especially loved the extra motivating games. This program is very simple to use and I easily changed back and forth between students. It has been a great addition to my material collection!

What did I do without this?
by Cara C.,  New Jersey
I am a speech therapist and a parent of a child with auditory and language processing difficulty. Hearbuilder keeps him motivated! He asks to play the games that make his brain stronger every day!

by Liz C.,  Hammond, IN
As an SLP in the schools, I find myself wanting to find ways to take advantage of the technology that is at our fingers. This program is a great way to do that! My students who use the program have fun, and can't wait to do it again!

by Jennifer G.,  La Mirada, CA
The HearBuilder Following Directions Home Edition is excellent! It is challenging for my daughter and she is learning and having fun. Your child will completely love this game!

Excellent Motivator!
by Ashley B.,  Cabot, AR
My students love this game! The graphics are wonderful and they love to compete to earn the most tokens for the arcade. I love the settings the professional edition offers. They allow me to customize the same game so that it addresses exactly the level I need with all my K-4 students.

Hear Builder Sequencing
by Nancy B,  Denver, Colorado
I have the first 2 Hear Builder CD's and all my children in speech therapy love them so much that I had to try the new sequencing one. It is just as good!! I use it as a motivator for working hard during sessions and then letting the child "play" on the computer by really doing more work when they think it is just a fun new game. All ages of children seem to like the formate. We can also discuss other langue forms that need practice while doing these sequenceing activities. This also work well with my DHH population as an added listening task.

Hear, Hear!
by MaryAnn B.,  Phoenix, AZ
I recently purchased the Hear Builder Following Directions Software Program after completing the CEU through SuperDuper regarding the programs's research and results. I have used this program with preschool, Kindergarten and first grade students with severe hearing loss. These children wear bilateral hearing aids or have cochlear implants. They were all so enthusiastic to participate in the listening games, and even ask for more when they are done. The graphics and sound clarity are excellent. I find the manual, goal pages, and record keeping component to be very helpful. Thanks for a great product!

Good Rewards
by Marla,  Cumming, GA
Kids are motivated by the Arcade rewards.

Great Product!
by Karen Fulton,  Sugar Land, TX
I love this program! Each game focuses on a different type of directive in a fun and stimulating manner. Directions can be repeated as many times as needed and there is no time limit to complete the task. The price is very affordable and my students love it!

Kids Love This!
by Nicole,  Idaho
I work with 25 preschool students and they all LOVE this program...that's why I gave it four stars; however there is one glitch. I am disappointed that you can only retain four students records. I have to delete multiple records daily so more than 4 kids can play. Unfortunately, when I delete a record not only do I loose the students progress, but next time that student plays they have to start over. I have only had this interactive CD for a few weeks, so perhaps there is a way to change the setup to add more students??? Other than that, the program is bright and colorful and provides reinforcing visuals.

A fun way to learn
by Kirsten W,  Sydney, Australia
The kids that I have used this with absolutely love it! It's a good way to give children a break from structured work, while still supporting the goals that we are working on.

by Cara W.,  Jacksonville, FL
My students are excited to make toys on the computer. They like it better than the worksheets that I used to use. I like the goals and objectives I can print. I also like that I can print out reports to take to parent/teacher or IEP meetings.

Fun and Easy to Use!
by Leslie B.,  Marietta, GA
I have used this so far on clients aged 4 to 11, and they enjoy it very much! I love the rewarding games in between levels and the record of progress. The only complaint I have is that some of the voicing is a little too slow, which is great for some kids, but actual speakers would give directions a little quicker. However, I am very happy with my purchase!

Hear Builder Following Directions
by Melanie L.,  Bowling Green, KY
I love this software! I have used it often in the therapy room and bought another copy this year to share with primary teachers! They use it on a rotating basis in centers with children (not even on my caseload) who have difficulty following directions. It's fun and motivational for them!

HearBuilder Following Directions
by Diane O.,  Pickerington. OH
Finally, I have found an activity for following directions that kids love. The visual and auditory feedback given supports students' success, and many have BEGGED to continue to the next level. I appreciate the data provided for each student and research behind the product. Thanks!

Super Duperly Happy
by Vicki,  West Palm Beach, FL
My students are enjoying this product. I have K through Gr. 4 using it right now. It is giving me excellent data for the RtI process.

Great Program
by Julia C,  BC Canada
This program was suggested by a SLP to help my child with auditory processing. I like how it can be manipulated to suit the childs needs at different stages, and multiple children. Great program!

Sequencing software
by Alison H.,  Lanceston Tasmania
The children enjoy the program and the challenges. It assists sequencin and narrative and is quite versatile.

Engaging and Effective
by Susan M,  Bell, FL
I love this product - and better still, my seven-year-old daughter with Asperger's Syndrome does too! Not only do the graphics exceed other similar products for children on the market, but the activities are far more engaging than comparable programs. As an added bonus, kids get to "play games" (like driving a truck to the Toy Store) between exercises, which holds their interest. AND those "games" change - such as having the child avoid cars on the journey to the store, the next time she avoids hitting animals on the road, the subsequent game has the child driving at night. All fun changes and something that keeps my daughter wanting to "play" more. Likewise, the changing scenarios for exercise, growing increasingly more difficult, adds to my daughter's ability to focus in listening intently while developing her ability for recall. It forces her to think hard and practice saying what she's heard - improving auditory processing skills while having real fun. I loved this product so much I bought other Hear Builder programs to help my daughter learn additional needed skills. Thanks, Super Duper! You truly live up to your name! (My daughter's speech therapist thinks so too!!)

by Rachelle,  AB, Canada
This "game" is great. The kids love playing it. They love that they are making toys. And I love the easy to complex directions. It is great for their listening skills.

HearBuilder Sequencing
by Kathleen E. D.,  Medina, Ohio
I am very happy with the HearBuilder Sequencing software program. I have found so many uses for it not only with young children but also older ones. Sequencing is one aspect of the program, but I also have the children retell stories, answer questions, and if they get the sequence wrong, I have them talk through and look at the pictures to figure out why the pictures are in the wrong order. I also like the sequences that deal with everyday activities that they may do in their home, school or community.

Hear Builder Following Directions
by Laura M.,  Orange, CA
The kids that come to our TECH Center absolutely LOVE this software. It works on so many levels and with so many types of children. Our kids with Autism have been especially successful with this software. Thanks so much!!!

Hear Builder Sequencing
by Shauna,  Winnipeg, MB
As usual I wish there were more stories and options, but overall it is a great program and my clients love it. I like the feature of omitting the written words to use for auditory memory, story re-telling, etc.

by Lauren,  Florida
Kids LOVE it. I use it as a reward at the end of each session. Kids don't even realize they are working!

Excellent Program!
by Alyse,  Long Island, NY
This new sequencing software offers something for everybody! It allows the professional to choose between the sequencing of stories or directions, adjust level, add varying levels of background noise and much more! The built in reinforcer is great! Super to use with a Smart Board or Mimio with a group or with an individual student instructionally or to gather data.

Great Software!
by Lisa K.,  Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.
The software is easy to use. I love how engaging it is for the students. They ask to play the games all the time. The data collection is the best feature!

Fun Learning
by Gabriel K.,  Oakland, CA
The software is easy to use and even the youngest of children can be instructed on what they need to do. The difficulty can be easily adapted and background noise may be added. Children will learn spatial concepts, basic concepts, temporal concepts, etc. They look forward to learning through this program.

by Kathy B.,  Fairfield, CT
Useful software program - students in K, 1, 2 enjoy the activities. I like the opportunity to personalize levels as well as including background noise.

HearBuilder Review
by Suzy,  Miami, FL
I recently bought this for my 4 year old son at the recommendation of his speech therapist. He has spent a few hours on it so far and finds it a little boring; he'll work on the program if I really encourage him but he isn't really excited about it.

by Linda W.,  Sarasota, FL
I purchased this DVD for my grandson who is 7 years and has autism. He LOVES it. He asks for it daily and gets so excited to complete each level.

Good for many levels
by Amber E.,  IL
I use this with PreK to Junior High. It says ages 4-9 but my Jr. High students with language processing disorders enjoy it and it is appropriate for their level. I just with the basic directions didn't start out with colors, because a lot of my PreK kids really struggle with colors. It would be better if it started out with big/small. Even with that, it's still a good therapy tool.

Hearbuilder - Following Directions
by Jeanette L,  Florence, SC
I have used Hearbuilder this year for students with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. The students are currently enrolled in Homeschool sixth grade. The tasks begin on an elementary level, but with these students, it has been a wonderful brain-trainer. The option to have directions repeated is a must-have for the CAPD student. There are five strands of following directions with a print out that pinpoints trouble areas. Even though the students I work with are older than the recommended 4-9 age group, they enjoy the graphics and tasks, as well as the bonus games that are offered upon completion of a level. Levels from beginner to advanced can be set for the individual students. I would recommend this CD for children of any age who struggle with language.

Excellent Product
by Jennifer J,  Augusta, GA
I LOVE the HearBuilder Phonological Awareness program. It is an excellent step in listening skills for my clients. I have used the Earobics product for many years and am excited to have this new resource.

Engaging for students!
by Natalie,  Florida
So far, this program has been a hit with my students. They love the band theme! And because of my high caseload at school, I love the ability to use it with unlimited number of students.

Very easy to order
by Karen H.,  Bloomingdale,NJ
The web site was very easy to manuver. The product was sent very fast and my son so far likes playing with the product. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Motivating for child unless stuck on a level for a long time
by Kynda P.,  Fairfield, IL
Overall, all of my clients enjoy the program. It is easy to track the progress and return to where they finished during their last session. The only thing that I have found is that if a child is stuck in a particular "toy room" (ie. Basic Directions) for a long time, they tend to become bored with it since the same pictures, sizes and colors are used throughout all levels within that room. Overall, however, I am very pleased with the purchase and find that writing my progress reports based upon their performance is easy.

As an SLP in a diverse prIvate practice, have been using HearBuilder FOllowing Directions - Pro Edition for the past 2-3 weeks. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!! it is multi-leveled and progresses well, according to the client's level of success. The theme of a Toy Factory is very motivating to children of all ages, and the speech quality is 95% excellent. The pacing is a little slow for some people, but it gives an appropriate amount of "recovery time" betwen items overall. I have a severely aphasic adult client and am adapting it for his use, too. I find that some younger children can benefit if they point to the items on the screen when they are too young to manipulate the mouse. The record-keeping is great, too, although I would like the option to highlight and select only the results I want for printing, rather than the whole progress list for each client. But this is a minor concern relative to the "big picture" of this excellent resource!

Hearbuilder Following Directions
by Denise P.,  Morgan Hill, CA
I have used the program with students from 4 to 21 years of age with a variety of language learning and social disabilities. The students like the vieo/audio components, as well as the intermittant games. I have found the program to be fatiguing for students at the higher levels. The program is a great way to teach listening strategies such as subvocalization and visualization once students are familiar with these concepts. The program has real life applications both at school and at home when teachers and parents are cued in to using key words. I am very happy with the product and would gladly recommend it to other professionals both in the schools. I also use it in my private practice to provide measurable results.

by Lauren,  Escambia
This software is eye catching and up to date and motivates students to want to use it.

Smartboard Fun
by Angela C.,  Saint Charles, MO
My kindergartners and 1st graders love this software especially when we use it with our new Smartboard! It is extremely motivating for them and keeps their attention longer than any paper based activity I have used.

by Matthew M.,  Oakland, CA
I teach a special day classroom for third through fifth graders with autism. This is a great game that focuses on emerging reading skills. We play the game together as a class on a SmartBoard, but I also use it one-on-one with students on a PC.

Wonerful Product
by Diana W.,  Wylie,TX
My 5 year old son Christopher, has sensory processing issues that have affected the area of communication. His speech therapist recommended to get this program. This program has helped him immensely! He understands more and uses what he learns appropriately. I am so glad that we decided to order this wonderful program!

by Leslie W.,  Chesapeake, VA
My son loves working the program and I love all the levels. I feel it has been worth the money.

My grandaughter loves her new game!
by Andie C.,  Richmond, VA
I ordered HearBuilder Following Directions for my grandaughter who was recently diagnosed with APD. She is a relatively bright child who reads very well, but was having difficulty in school (especially with listening, following directions and testing). Hearbuilder was one of the things recommended for her. She has been using it for two weeks now (15 minutes per day) and, surprisingly, enjoys it very much. Although we see some progress, it's too early to tell just how helpful this will be for her. The game, as she calls it, seems to have really captured her interest. We feel that there will be some improvement in the previously mentioned areas of deficiency in the near future.

Awesome product
by Susan B,  Pinellas Park, FL
Just purchased your HearBuilder Home edition for following directions to use with my son who has autism. He loves it! I love the way it levels up to have backround noise which is one of my sons biggest problems. The only thing I would change is make it so the child can't leave the program on their own. Thanks for making such a great product!

Worth the Money
by Karen M.,  Houston, TX
This program is very good for building early reading skills. My son really enjoys the music the rock band plays throughout the program. My only complaint is that some of the levels have a break between each level and some do not. I wish that there was a game or a musical break between each level.

Overall satisfied
by Jennifer,  South Texas
I like that this product it can be tailored for specific criteria (i.e. temporal directions, attributes, etc). Unfortunately, one client I have doesn't quite yet understand that getting the incorrect answer is not a good thing - in the Toy Factory, when he gets the wrong answer, a multi-colored horse is spit out. This for him is a reward. Also, the instructions/intros are a bit long for my kids. Overall, though, I like this product's concept.

by Katie D.,  Houma, LA
I love this computer software. It is easy for the kids to use and they love playing the games. They score sheets are great data to use for progress monitoring.

by Regina,  Kentucky
My son enjoys this so much. He has autism and has difficulty with auditory processing, it is hard to know what he really needs help with due to his language delays. Hearbuilder makes it so easy with all the activities in order from easy to most difficult. It grows with your child as they get better at it, it moves on to the next skill level.

We Are The Phonemics!
by Laura L.,  Dublin, Ohio
This has been a lot of fun AND learning for both my 7 year old and me. A lot of programs seemed to be for a pre-school age group, but Hearbuilder was mature enough for my son to appreciate it. My only complaint pertains to unlocking certain levels. I understand that going through all levels is part of the lesson. But, he caught on fast, which means he also got bored fast, which led to frustration and dread for a program that I knew he already really liked. He didn't want to repeat and repeat--he wanted to move on, but we couldn't because they were locked. Regardless, we all took turns in our family getting through the levels so that the more difficult ones could be unlocked, and my son could complete them. It was nice when he returned to laughing and saying "We are the phonemics!" again everyday.

Great new program!
by Marci G.,  San Diego, CA
This software is highly motivating for kids. It keeps track of student progress and allows the SLP to print out data collected for individuals. The program can be moved from computer to computer, making it easy to help a wide variety of children in the school setting. It has been helpful in working with children with processing challenges in a motivating and fun way.

Wonderful product!!
by Julie K.,  Westminster, MD
I just purchased HearBuilding Following Directions. I love how the levels can be changed for each student. I also love the built in accuracy measures. My students are engaged with the toy factory theme and are motivated when they respond correctly. I have used the product with less-abled students with a Touch Screen instead of a mouse. I like how the matrix size changes in the Basic Directions from 5 to 3 after repeated errors. However, I wish there was an option to start with a smaller matrix size initially.

Multi-purpose Software
by Lisa G.,  Tampa, FL
This software is so versatile. I have been able to use it with my Intellectual Disabilities children in a group with a touch screen as well as with my auditory processing disorder students. This program gives you objectives to target on IEPs plus the ability to print out data. I just love my HearBuilder Following Directions Software!

HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness
by Connie T.,  Spartanburg, SC
HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Software Program is excellent! The range and progression of phonemic awareness skills is thorough. Two tremendous features are the unlimited number of students that can be entered and software that plays from the disc so it travels easily from school to school. My students work independently and persistently at their skills so that it is almost like having an assistant working with me. Without time limits, the children really work for accuracy. When they grasped that the only way to get to the stage and direct the performance was to master a skill, they began to advise each other to listen and think. They begged to come back before school and over recess. The vocabulary is sophisticated and challenging and causes eye-rolling at my therapy table but doesn’t at the computer. The record keeping and printable goals are very useful. This is the most useful material I’ve bought from you.

This is brillaint
by Leanne B,  Sydney, Australia
This program is amazing. I can let my son play the computer but all the while I can hear the work he is doing on hearbuilder. Better still, I can hear how he is doing and guide him if needed. He even asks to play it!! Well done

I love it!!!!
by Leanne B,  Sydney, Australia
This is a brilliant program!! I can listen while my son works away on the program. He is really engaged in the program and asks to play "toy factory". Well done Hearbuilder!!!!!!

HearBuilder rocks!
by Diane B.,  Lincoln University, PA
This is a great tool for students of all skill levels/grade levels. I love the fact that I can set each student's level of difficulty, and it keeps track of their progress. Best purchase!

Great Product
by Shannon,  Columbus, OH
I use this with the kindergarten classes at my school and have the students work on their skills independently. The students who know their phonological skills get through the tasks really quickly, but for those that struggle, it has benefited their skills in the classroom.

Overall a good product
by Shannon,  Columbus, OH
The HearBuilder Following Directions program is great as a supplement with therapy. The student can do the work independently while the SLP has another group of kids. I like to teach the child the strategies track data and then let them work independently. The only bad thing about this program is it doesn't always give the child enough choices and then they do not have to actually listen to the directions, but use an educated guess to get it correct.

Hear following directions evaluation
by Denise C.,  Richland, WA
I have several clients using the Hear-following directions cd. Both kids and parents are liking the program so far. Kids say they like it because it is fun. As a clinician, I like it because it provides lots of adjectives, multiple step directions, and rewards for clients. I am looking forward to seeing how the program is sequenced. In addition, it is challenging enough for clients that attention to task and motivation have, thus far, maintained.

Webber's HearBuilder
by Tasha C.,  Baltimore, MD
I recently purchased Webber's HearBuilder Home Edition Phonological Awareness Interactive CD-Rom. My children love it! They asked to do it everyday. They're visual learners and the program is great for children who learn visually. It's a great way to help children who may struggle with syllables and rhyming. Being a busy home school mom this is an excellent resource. I hope there will be more HearBuilder products in the works.

Educational and Fun Game
by Sheryl L.,  Baltimore, MD
This computer game has been very successfully used, repeately, with my students with Autism (ages 9-11). This program is exteremely engaging due to the graphics, bright colors and adorable characters. My students, who learn best visually are not only engaged but are learning sequencing, following directions and higher level concepts such as conditional statements. The program keeps track of their scores so progress is clearly demonstrated and progress they are making! I especially like that the program provides many opporutnities for practice and does not let them progress until they reach 80% accuracy. I would purchase similar programs if available.

Hear Builder Following Directions
by Patty T.,  Logan, UT
I have really enjoyed using this program. I love that I can choose a level that is appropriate to the student and the variety of direction types that are available to practice. It makes planning and keeping data much easier and the students enjoy doing it.

by Kelly B.,  Slidell, LA
Hearbuilder has been such an asset to my therapy sessions this school year. My students are really engaged in the activities. They can't wait to see who has become the latest "Master Toy Maker." I post their certificates on the wall over my computer so everyone can see them. It's very motivating when they are playing the activities!

by Joanne T,  Mn
It is a wonderful product. You can tell a lot of planning went in to producing this product. It seems be very hierarchical in it's lessons planning. The speed and voice used on the product is very clear. My student 's are choosing this as a reward for hard work which tells me the software is very engaging. The database provide some nice documentation to show the students, parents and teachers the student's progress. Thank you for this product!!

Webber HearBuilder Following Directions
by Brenda,  Montreal, QC
I LOVE this software. My 6-yr-old has Autism & has trouble paying attention & processing details. This program grabs her attention & progresses at her level. She is so proud when she answers correctly, she just wants to keep going. It has even captured the attention of my 4-yr-old who now has her own account & is moving at her own pace. I find they are both more attentive when listening to anything & are able to follow more complex directions. I recommend this highly for children with receptive disorders or even neurotypical kids eager to learn!

Hearbuilder following directions
by Christine T.,  Clayton, NJ
Prior to using your Hearbuilder Software my 4-year-old son was struggling with following directions. My son is a very visual learner. Combining visual and auditory senses was a win-win for Corey. He loves to answer the questions and win tickles from mommy! Thank You so very much Christine Thomas Veteran, Mother & Advocate

A must product!
by Sheera L.,  Massachusetts
This product is a must. The students are engaged from the moment the computer is turned on. The tasks mirror the concepts and listening demands that are essential for classroom success.

Good product- very entertaining and engaging
by Henrietta S,  Oldsmar Fl
This program is very engaging for my patients. They particularly like the break activities at the end of the inspection, packing, and shipping levels. As a clinician I have a few areas of dissatisfaction. Having to close out and restart when I want to go to another door or level, and how the difficulty level increases so quickly. For normal children without speech/language deficits it is okay but for the children I work with it would be better if the task did not increase so quickly in difficulty.

Let's Hear It For Hear Builder
by Sheila K.,  Prescott, AZ
We have been very pleased. The program is engaging for students and I like the fact that it is auditory....other similar programs give auditory cues but then gives picture/visual choices. I like knowing that they are really listening and getting it. I also like that I can use it as a reward at the end of an interactive session....because the kids will work for the privilege!

Webber Hear Builder, "Following Directions" software
by Vicki P.,  Cape Coral, Florida