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HearBuilder® Collection CD-ROM

Home Edition

Grades PreK and Up

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Hear Builder Collection
by Irma C,  Humble, TX
#HBHC234 – HearBuilder Collection Home Edition - CD-ROM
I purchased the Hear Builder Collection CD primarily for the following directions CD and I am impressed with the practical aspects of the product. My son has accessed the other programs, but they seem to be above his comprehension level. My 4-yr old son is entertained by the product and I feel that the benefits of the product are worth the cost.

Very Comprehensive
by Tiffany E.,  Pennsylvania
#HBHC234 – HearBuilder Collection Home Edition - CD-ROM
I received this for free to review on my blog. However, all statements are 100% my own. I LOVE that this program doesn’t have to live on your computer. It plays off Adobe Flash. I also appreciate that it isn’t something that your kids can sit and do in a few hours~ it is set up to be a process, with each step reinforcing what was just learned. One of my 10 year olds is severely dyslexic and struggles to read but she was able to set this up on her own. She put her name in and picked her first activity and went right to work on it. I also like that the game unlocks new activities as your child progresses. There are so many different activities within the 4 different programs that I can't even begin to talk about all of them but if your child needs help in any of these areas, I believe that this program can help.

Awesome Collection - Great Learning Tool
by Miranda W,  MN
#HBHC234 – HearBuilder Collection Home Edition - CD-ROM
The HearBuilder Home Edition is a great program that can be used for up to 4 kids. Each child is able to select their name at the beginning to resume the level they are currently on. Our 6 and 8 year old have been working on their skills with HearBuilder daily. This great program is also a favorite of our 3 year old but I do have to assist him with some of the bonus games. I started all our kids at Beginners so they could scale through and advance as they practiced skills. Of course, the older two were able to scale more quickly as they worked through the beginner stages. I love that the complete collection contains the option for the kids to switch between learning/working on various skills for: Auditory Memory, Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, and Sequencing. The HearBuilder program does a great job of keeping the kids engaged and interested by changing between practicing skills and playing bonus games and completing missions. Plus, the kids earn awards we are easily able to print out for their hard work too. The Sequencing Program is the favorite of our older two children while our 3 year old prefers to work on the Auditory Memory program. I love the fact that I am able to help our children build on over 40 basic concepts while also building listening skills. I also love that Super Duper Publications included an easy way for me to print progress reports on each child's work. This is a top notch program that our family can't rave about enough. *I received a sample in exchange for an honest blog review.

HBHC234 -  HearBuilder Collection Home Edition - CD-ROM 1 Computer/Tracks 1-4 Students $199.00 
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