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HearBuilder Sequencing Software CD-ROM

2-6 Step Sequences
Home and Professional CDs

by Christopher Jones, Clint Johnson, Susie Loraine, and Mark Strait - Grades K–6

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by Monica M.
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
We LOVE HearBuilder and can't believe we've not used it before. It has been an absolute godsend with having students distance learning. We plan on continuing our subscription even once we return to in-person learning in the fall. Thank you all so much!

by Priya S., Ontario, C
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
My daughter an 10-year-old 4th grader. Due to the fact that she had difficulty recognizing words on a page, she was falling behind in her classwork. Homework was a daily struggle too. I had her start playing HearBuilder Sequencing and Auditory Memory about 20 minutes a day to see if these programs could help her. She especially enjoyed the Context Clues in Stories, Reading for Details in Stories, and Story Prediction games. After a few short weeks, she was reading at a mid-5th grade level. I am extremely happy with HearBuilder. It has helped my daughter improve her reading, remember what she read, and understand stories in a way she never has before.

by Machelle Aultman
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
I love the Hearbuilder programs. Please make them into apps. I have an ipad and would love to use apps with kids instead of carrying my laptop. Jumbo book are articulation is my favorite item. I have been a speech therapist for 25 years. I have owned about 3 of those books.

by Carla
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
I really enjoy the Hear Builders and would like to see more developed. I Love the HearBuilders software. It is easy to use and I like that the scoring can be printed out.

Great Reward
by Annmarie R.,  Warner Robins, GA
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
My students like this "game" so much they earn it as a reinforcer for doing other class work. I love that even when they think they are just playing a game they are still working on important skills. Way to make learning so much fun!

amazing product
by Jenny G.,  Fresno, CA
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
This is a must have product for any child that needs help with reading comprehension! I have told my son's school to purchase this program as well. Every student can benefit from the program. It has so many different features that customize for each child's level. Best money spent!!

Great product
by Sandra B.,  Pflugerville, Texas
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
I purchased HearBuilder Sequencing to help my 11-year-old twin daughters who struggle with autism. They are several years behind in their ability to communicate,and are currently in speech therapy. This product is especially appealing to my girls because ot it computer based and it progresses at their own speed. They have literally spent several hours at a time practicing these sequencing cards, as advancing to the next level is a great motivating reinforcer. The arcade games that they could spend their earned tokens on were a lot of fun for them, especially the frog jump. The only improvement I would suggest would be to allow the settings to be changed after a child starts the program. It would also be great if the Home Edition also had the feature that allowed the pictures to be turned off, which is currently only available with the Professional package. My girls are both visual learners, and frequently depend too much on visual clues from the pictures to get the right answer, rather that paying attention to the spoken words to find the answer, as their ability to "visualize" what is being spoken to them is very weak due to their autism. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and I plan to purchase similar products in the future.

Useful tool
by MMR,  York, PA
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
The HearBuilder Sequencing Software is the first of software series that I have purchased. I like the range of goals that it offers. Earning points towards the arcade games seems to motivate.

Excellent Motivator!
by Ashley B.,  Cabot, AR
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
My students love this game! The graphics are wonderful and they love to compete to earn the most tokens for the arcade. I love the settings the professional edition offers. They allow me to customize the same game so that it addresses exactly the level I need with all my K-4 students.

Hear Builder Sequencing
by Nancy B,  Denver, Colorado
#HBHE488 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Program Home Edition
I have the first 2 Hear Builder CD's and all my children in speech therapy love them so much that I had to try the new sequencing one. It is just as good!! I use it as a motivator for working hard during sessions and then letting the child "play" on the computer by really doing more work when they think it is just a fun new game. All ages of children seem to like the formate. We can also discuss other langue forms that need practice while doing these sequenceing activities. This also work well with my DHH population as an added listening task.

Good Rewards
by Marla,  Cumming, GA
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
Kids are motivated by the Arcade rewards.

Great Program
by Julia C,  BC Canada
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
This program was suggested by a SLP to help my child with auditory processing. I like how it can be manipulated to suit the childs needs at different stages, and multiple children. Great program!

Sequencing software
by Alison Henty,  Lanceston Tasmania
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
The children enjoy the program and the challenges. It assists sequencin and narrative and is quite versatile.

HearBuilder Sequencing
by Kathleen E. Derga,  Medina, Ohio
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
I am very happy with the HearBuilder Sequencing software program. I have found so many uses for it not only with young children but also older ones. Sequencing is one aspect of the program, but I also have the children retell stories, answer questions, and if they get the sequence wrong, I have them talk through and look at the pictures to figure out why the pictures are in the wrong order. I also like the sequences that deal with everyday activities that they may do in their home, school or community.

Hear Builder Sequencing
by Shauna,  Winnipeg, MB
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
As usual I wish there were more stories and options, but overall it is a great program and my clients love it. I like the feature of omitting the written words to use for auditory memory, story re-telling, etc.

Excellent Program!
by Alyse,  Long Island, NY
#HBPE499 – HearBuilder® Sequencing Software Pro CD
This new sequencing software offers something for everybody! It allows the professional to choose between the sequencing of stories or directions, adjust level, add varying levels of background noise and much more! The built in reinforcer is great! Super to use with a Smart Board or Mimio with a group or with an individual student instructionally or to gather data.

HBHE488 -  HearBuilder Sequencing Software Program HOME CD $69.95 
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HBPE499 -  HearBuilder Sequencing Software Program PRO CD $99.95 
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