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Honeybee Tree

A Game of Skill and Action

Grades PreK and Up

Main Instructions PDF Related Handy Handouts
Challenge your dexterity and fine motor skills by carefully removing the leaves around the honey pot without waking the bees! Bee careful! If you pull out the wrong leaf, or your hands start to shake, oops!!! Out pops a bee or maybe three! When all of the bees have left the honey pot, the player with the fewest bees in his or her flower tray wins! 2-4 players.
Honeybee Tree Game
  • 1 honey pot (6¼ '' x 7'' x 10'')
  • 1 old oak tree (5'' x 3'')
  • 1 flower tray base (6½'' diameter)
  • 32 leaves on stems (6½'')
  • 30 little honey bees (1" x ¾'')
  • Game rules
IP8070 -  Honeybee Tree $21.95 
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