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Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set

The “Ask and Answer®” Question Game

by Sharon G. Webber - Grades K and Up

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Love This Game!
by Katie G.,  NJ
#JP10 - Jeepers Peepers® Party Pack
I love Jeepers Peepers. This item is great for increasing vocabulary and working on describing.

by Michaela T.,  Wilmington, NC
#JP600 - Extra Glasses (6 Pairs)
These are just as sturdy as the originals in the game! Well made.

by Michaela T,  Wilmington, NC
#JP125 - Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set
Jeepers Peepers is a frequent "go-to" game in my bag of tricks and my students and I love the new set of cards, as we have been through MANY in the set that came with the game.

Jeepers Peepers Glasses
by Linda B.,  Loveland, CO
#JP600 - Extra Glasses (6 Pairs)
My students had played the Jeepers Peepers game to develop categorization, description and definition skills. I ordered additional glasses, and now they play a modified version of the game with their peers in the general academic setting using academic content (e.g. story characters, landforms, etc.). It's great when other students want to use the tools my speech-language students are using.

Love this game!
by Kristina K,  Clinton, NJ
#JP10 - Jeepers Peepers® Party Pack
This game is great for students of all ages. I use it to elicit "Wh" questions as well as describing skills for my students. Can be modified to use with students of different ages and various learning levels. Students love to wear the glasses also!

Jeepers Peepers
by Judy,  NJ
#JP125 - Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set
I am disappointed with this product. The pictures provided are difficulty for student to describe to one another in a barrier task.

Jeepers Peepers
by Kathleen C Vogt,  Virginia Beach, VA
#JP125 - Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set
My kids love this game. But there is also so much more you can do with the cards with relation to feature, function and class.

Great age appropriate product
by Meagan P,  New York, ny
#JP10 - Jeepers Peepers® Party Pack
I love the item! It's great to work with young and older students. The real pictures make it age appropriate.

Perfect All On
by Karen R.,  Princeton, KY
#JP125 - Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set
My kids love the Jeepers Preepers game and the add on cards make the game extra useful. Thanks for great products.

Jeepers Peepers Add-on Cards
by Karen S,  Long Island, NY
#JP125 - Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set
Pictures are realistic photographs; very good size for students to see. Pictures are simple yet exact, with no distracting backgrounds.

by Lauren C.,  Louisville, KY
#JP125 - Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set
wonderful add-on to a game kids love!

JP125 -  Jeepers Peepers™ Add-On Set $19.95 
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JP10 -  Jeepers Peepers® Party Pack $71.85 
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JP600 -  Extra Glasses (6 Pairs) $11.95 
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