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Sentence Buildings Game

A Parts of Speech Activity Set

Grades 1 and Up

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Clear out a place because literacy is moving in! Help students build a strong language base by constructing a neighborhood of knowledge!
Students easily sharpen their sentence-building skills with this set of color-coded speech buildings and matching word cards. Students select cards from the speech buildings (Noun Tower, Pronoun Place, etc.). and build a complete sentence. By adding words from other buildings, students see how the sentences change. By connecting the buildings together, he or she builds an entire city of knowledge. Have students read their sentences aloud after building them to help them understand and learn proper placement of prepositions, nouns, verbs and other sentence parts. Sentence Buildings helps illustrate the basics of grammar, writing, and sentence structure.
Sentence Buildings
  • 9 Sturdy plastic Sentence Buildings (2½" x 3" to 2½" x 5¾ ")
  • Parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, conjunctions, articles, prepositions, and adverbs
  • 300 Double-sided word cards, including 15 blanks (¾" x ½" to ½" x 1")
  • 2-4 players
LER0812 -  Sentence Buildings Game $34.95 
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