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Lids 'n Lizards®

by Kathren Epps and Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-5

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by Andrea D
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I love all of the super duper products that I have purchased over the years. My students really enjoy Pirate talk and Lids & Lizards. For Pirate talk, I use this game/activity for both my artic and language kiddos. It is a fun activity and practical for my students who are working on carrying over their corrected speech sounds into structured/written sentences. My younger students enjoy lids & lizards. We work on using longer utterances, using grammatically correct sentences/questions, identifying objects and sorting/classifying. Thank you

Amazing game!
by Svetlana R,  Alberta, Canada
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My son with Autism loves that lid’s and magnets, he create his own games with that game. He is not only sorting the magnets by categories. But he hides magnetic letters under the lids and after that creates words, or hide the marbles and then counting them. Amazing game, especially for my son!

by Ali R,  Gahanna, PH
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
This product is incredible! It is used with all of my students ages pre-k to 5th on my caseload, no matter what their goals look like! Also a great tool to make mixed groups fun and easy on the SLP!

Lids 'n Lizards
by Ellen,  Indiana
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
This is a great game that the children really enjoy! Great for articulation and language therapy!

My Students are Flipping Their Lids!
by Shenee S.,  Los Angeles, CA
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I recently received this game in the mail after purchasing it based on a colleague's recommendation. It has become an instant favorite among my students. They are flipping their lids for this game! They are very motivated by all parts of this game, including the lids, magnets, and, OF COURSE, the lizards. I have used the lizards as surprises under the lids as well as tokens for correctly matching two items from the same category and stating the category in a sentence. I would definitely recommend this game to colleagues.

Great Game
by WhitneyG,  Los Angeles
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I used this with my preschool group and they were so excited to find the lizards. It was great for articulation!! I wanted to move on to another activity but the kids wanted to keep playing.

The BEST game!
by Michaela T,  Wilmington, NC
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
This one is a must in the arsenal. You can do ANYTHING with this game! The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!

Amazing Product
by Rhea C.,  Saskatoon, SK
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My favourite part about this game is its use of real life images to categorize rather than cartoon drawings. This game is so versatile, I can target a lot of different goals.

A therapy go to
by Rebecca,  Crystal Lake, IL
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
The kids love this game! I can use it in so many different ways. My only suggestion is that they make articulation, phonology, and/or motor planning target magnets.

Great product!!!
by s,  plantation, fl
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Perfect for young kids!!

great quality and motivating game
by yaara,  israel
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
The lids and lizards game is a great idea for how to practice semantics in a fun way! Students love winning the lizards and can keep playing the game for a loooong long time! Too bad though there are only 5 categories and only 10 words for each one.

very useful game
by yaara,  israel
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
It can be used for different tasks. The kids love it! It motivates them to cooperate in tasks :)

Students love lids!
by C. Y.,  CA
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My students love flipping the lids over to see what is under it even without the lizards. The magnet pictures are limited, but you can use magnetic pictures from other toys or make your own.

by Jeanette G,  McKinney, Texas
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
This game is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. I can use it for both articulation and language students. The students seem to really enjoy the game as well.

Great for Vocabulary Building
by Anna C.,  Greenville, SC
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I was very impressed with this game! I like that you can target so many different skills (vocabulary, categories, wh questions,etc) with one game. There is a wide variety of pictured items and my students loved trying to find the lizards!

Love the Lizards!
by DeAnn S.,  Newcastle, OK
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Great activity! Good variety of vocabulary to categorize and describe. The lizards are motivating to the students. Looking forward to finding other ways to use the lids too. Hope SD makes extension sets of magnets/vocabulary (maybe targeting articulation) for the game in the future!

Fun & Useful
by Nicole,  Saskatchewan
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Kids love it; very motivating for early elementary. Great for describing, vocab development, and even as a general game if you pair it with artic practice.

Amazing! Kids Love it!
by Maritza M Ramrirez,  Surprise, Az
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
This is a great game! My students love looking for the lizards. They become very competitive while using their language and naming pictures, describing, and categorizing! Wish there were more magnets for the game.

SO simple and SO effective!
by Alison K.,  Frankfort, IL
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I absolutely love this game for working with a variety of students. The premise is simple yet captivating for a huge range of ages and levels of functioning. Great for identifying, labeling and describing basic vocabulary, but the game premise and materials can also be adapted for articulation, fluency, grammar and more.

by Laura F.,  Queens, NY
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Very versatile! Great tool to have in your therapy room! Best of all, my students love finding and collecting the lizards!

Lids.n Lizards
by Terri D.,  WI
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I like the game and the kids really enjoy the activity. However, there aren't enough magnet pictures and I find that I'm limited in the number of times I'm able to use the game with my groups of students.

Fun for kids!
by Melissa H.,  Montgomery county, pa
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I work with preschool children and they love finding the hidden lizards! I use the pictures for describing, categorizing, forming sentences, responding to wh questions, and articulating speech sounds.

It's okay
by Amy,  North Carolina
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I like the idea of this game. I just wish it came with more targets. Perhaps an expansion pack is in order?

Just ok
by Roseanne,  Philadelphia, PA
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My students love this game and request it. They love finding the hidden lizards. But the stilumi is so limited. I would love to see an expansion pack for this game.

Lids 'n Lizards
by Nicole,  Utah
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Great fun game to practice and learn vocabulary and classifying. Love the real life pictures! My students really like finding the lizards as well. Makes it extra fun! I really like that it comes with a variety of activities to play. Great product!

Great Versitile Game
by Nancy P.,  Glendale, AZ
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
We started with just naming the items under the lids and then named and categorized them. We played this game over and over. My son even wanted me to hide so he could hide where the lizards were. In addition to all the great vocabulary learning we would count the lizards collected at the end to add in a little math skills. I really like all the possibilities of this game. The game comes with a great selection of magnets and more can be added. For younger ages you could make your own magnets with letters to teach letters and letter sounds, numbers, or shapes. For children with speech delays you could place items that begin with the sounds they are working on. This game is great for home, school, and speech therapy.

Fun & learning in one
by Jerinda K.,  Southwest Missouri
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My 6 year old has quickly decided this is one of his favorite games. He loves setting up and playing it and he especially loves winning. It teaches sorting, categorizing, and builds memory skills too. Plus it's very sturdy which is always a plus for parents. I received a copy of this as a review but all opinions expressed are my own.

LOADS of Fun!
by Andrea Y.,  SK, Canada
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Our kids LOVED this game. The lizards were a hit for sure. I played it with them a few times - and then they proceeded to continue playing it themselves off and on for the rest of the day. We love that there are several different variations of the game to play as well.

by Sarah L,  Ohio
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
You can do so much with this game and you can get it to work with so many different ages from pre-k right up to grade school. My children love collecting up the lizards and I love watching them have fun with learning!

Great Product
by Jessica,  Atlanta, GA
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I was very surprised at the versatility of this product. I initially purchased it for some of my younger students, but I decided to try it with some of my older students (working on syntax and describing) and they loved it as well! This is one of my top favorite purchases of the year.

Lids 'n Lizards
by Rachel,  New Jersey
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I haven't really used the product yet, but the materials look really fun and exciting. I think my students will enjoy it. I like the idea that the lids are versatile with other magnets.

Fun Therapy Tool
by LED,  Monrovia, CA
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My students really enjoy this game. The turns are fast, and the vocabulary words/pictures are useful. I also loved that the game is ready to use right out of the box!

by H K,  MD
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Seems very versatile. Though I haven't used it yet. Can't wait to start the new school year with it!

Use them often!
by Christine D,  Easthampton, MA
#LNL10 - Extra Lids (20)
I use the lids with the magnets from "Webber Basic Concepts Magnets" Level 1 and 2, as well as with the magnets from "Webber Magnetic Match-Up" kits. I use a horseshoe magnet or a fishing pole magnet. Kids are very motivated by these lids!!

love it!
by christine c.,  roseville, ca
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My preschool students LOVE this game & request it all the time! We put the magnets on the top & they answer questions, searching for lizards. They love every variation. Fantastic!

Great Game
by Sabrina,  Mountain View
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
This game is great. I have used it for vocabulary and articulation. I usually spice things up a bit by telling the students if they are the first to find a specific colored lizard they get to pick out the next game, sit in my chair etc. Easy to use and set up.

Great for all ages!
by Caitlin,  MA
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I recently purchased Lids 'n Lizards and my students love it! It can be used for so many Speech and Language targets! I've used it for vocabulary, syntax, articulation, and pragamatics. The picture magnets are great but the lids can be used with any magnet or small object. The lizards add the element of surprise and make it exciting for everyone! Originally I thought I'd only use it for my young kids, but with a little creativity, even upper elementary kids have enjoyed playing. Overall a very versatile and usable activity!

Love it!
by Alexis T.,  Byron, IL
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I love this game! It can be used to reach so many goals. I've even adapted and added to it by making additional magnets that focus on my students' articulation errors. All my students keep asking when we are going to play this game again.

Lids 'n Lizards
by Janet A,  Olathe, KS
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I love the hands on of this game. I also love the multiple ways you can use it. I am able to use it with beginners & intermediate ELL students.

Lids and Lizards-Great Fun!
by Angela B.,  Lancaster, Pa.
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
These brightly colored lids and clear colorful magnetic pictures help make therapy fun for my students. They really love the different game ideas and love finding the hidden lizards! I also use the lids with magnetic pictures from other activities such as Magnatalk Fronting Frogs, Stopping Starfish and Cluster Reduction Clowns to change up therapy for remediation of phonological processes. This one is definitely a hit!

Lids 'n Lizards
by Stacey Windholz,  Bel Aire, KS
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I just purchased Lids 'n Lizards and absolutely love it! The kids have had so much fun lifting the lids looking for their category magnets and colorful lizards. They are totally engaged and leave their speech session wanting more. Thank you Super Duper for another great product!

Lids 'n Lizards
by Mimi R.,  Bay St. Louis, MS
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
Even the girls love Lids 'n Lizards! Afterall, there are some very pretty lizards!! I use the magnets containing their speech sounds for additional production opportunities.

by Mary Beth Langan
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
My son used to be obsessed with your Webber Photo Cards. We have nearly all of them. They're our favorite flashcards. We also love your magnet sets.

by Amita Koul
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by Amy Triggs
#LNL423 - Lids 'n Lizards® Game
I love the fun, coulourful games that make therapy more enjoyable for the students and myself!

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