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Autism & PDD™ Adolescent Social Skills Lessons Managing Behavior

Book or Book on CD-ROM

by Pam Britton Reese and Nina C. Challenner - Grades: 7-Adult

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The 40 ready-to-use, one-page lessons in Autism & PDD Adolescent Social Skills Lessons – Managing Behavior help students understand and express feelings and deal with aggression and other social problems. Customize the lessons by adding student-specific information, editing the text, and using photographs in place of generic pictures in the book.
Managing Behavior has instructional and behavioral lessons that help teach adolescents what they need to do or say in social situations that can be overwhelming (e.g., Feeling Angry). Use the instructional lessons as part of a social skills curriculum with small groups. Use the behavioral lessons with individuals to target specific social problems (e.g., Running Away). Choose the order in which to present the lessons, and then document the Record of Progress and Tracking Forms.
Managing Behavior Topics
  • Feelings—Feeling Disappointed, Feeling Upset, and more
  • Special Problems—Making Others Repeat, Throwing Food, Hands in Pants, Making Noises, and more
  • Aggression—Pinching, Choking, Biting Self, Pulling Hair, and more
Managing Behavior Features
  • Anger Choice Sheet
  • Picture Index
  • Behavior Tracking Form
  • Behavior Analysis Form
  • Progress Record Form
  • Tracking Forms for Lessons
  • Lessons with suggestions and examples
  • 63 pages, 8½" x 11"
Autism & PDD Adolescent Social Skills Lessons - Managing Behavior book is also available as part of a 5-Book Set or 5-Book Set on CD-ROM.
LS1500 -  Autism & PDD Adolescent Social Skills 5-Book Set $144.95 
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