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Autism & PDD™ Things I Can Say and Do Feelings & Actions

Book or Book on CD-ROM

by Michele Zucker Saunders - Grades: K-Adult

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Teach appropriate, functional communication and behaviors for the feelings students experience using the visual prompts and organizers in Feelings & Actions. The exercises and activities along with the prompts and organizers help students understand functional terminology, learn to initiate conversation during emotional experiences, make appropriate choices when participating in everyday activities, and build friendships and social networks.
Feelings & Actions has 21 "Say" communication webs, 21 "Do" activity webs, and corresponding blank webs for customization. Webs display a central concept with either conversation starters or activities. The "Say" communication webs provide students with actual sentences to say in a variety of functional contexts. The "Do" activity webs highlight a variety of actions using the same contexts. Use the webs to target a variety of goals including:
  • Sentence formation
  • Turn taking and conversational skills
  • Vocabulary development
  • Social skills
  • Grammar development
Feelings & Actions includes straightforward topics such as When I'm Mad, When I'm Tired, When I Get to School, On My Birthday, and more.
Feelings & Actions Features:
  • Forms to gather information for web personalization
  • Family letter
  • Progress chart
  • 93 pages, 8 ½" x 11"
Autism & PDD Things I Can Say and Do - Feelings & Actions book is also available as part of a 5-Book Set or 5-Book Set on CD-ROM.
LS1542 -  Autism & PDD Things I Can Say and Do 6-Book Set $166.95 
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LSCD2542 -  Autism & PDD Things I Can Say and Do 6-Book Set on CD-ROM $166.99 
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