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HELP® for Auditory Processing

Book or Book on CD-ROM

by By Andrea M. Lazzari and Patricia M. Peters - Grades 1 and Up

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HELP for Auditory Processing presents hundreds of stimulus items arranged by discrete skill and level of difficulty. The stimulus items require active thinking as well as processing. Present tasks to students orally or have them complete the tasks as a worksheet. The tasks will help students learn to effectively interpret auditory information and improve their skills for language and learning.
HELP for Auditory Processing
  • Has 190 pages (8 ½" x 11"). of goal-driven activities, including IEP goals and answer keys
  • Presents high quality, timeless content
  • Appeals to a broad age-range
  • Increases gradually in complexity within and between activities
  • Applies to a wide range of developmental and acquired disorders
Eight sections include:
  • Word Classes Recognize and relate items by word class; identify word classes; build word associations; understand word classes for problem solving
  • Directions Identify important information in directions, information missing from directions, and the number of steps in directions; paraphrase directions; follow conditional directions
  • Details Identify specific information in directions; explain absurdities; correct factual errors; identify opposites, synonyms, pronoun referents, and details in statements
  • Information Determine information needed and sources of information; judge the quality of information; use information to make inferences and decisions; identify relevant information
  • Questions Answer questions about objects, word classes, and activities; choose appropriate questions; use questions to gather information
  • Sequencing Put information in order; sequence by physical features and historical events, identify steps in common events, sequence life events; understand sequences in paragraphs
  • Stories Identify characters, places, and times in stories; choose story titles; paraphrase stories; infer from stories; ask questions after listening to stories
  • Sounds in Words Recognize and identify initial, medial, and final sounds in words; identify like sounds and hard and soft sounds
100%® Language Intermediate is also available for purchase on a printable CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM is not an interactive program.
LS1608 -  HELP® for Auditory Processing Book Only $51.95 
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