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No-Glamour® Following Directions


by Lynn K Flahive and Janet R. Lanza - Grades K-3 / Ages 5-9

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Help students with communication difficulties improve their listening skills, follow directions during test taking, and comprehend basic concepts in the classroom with No-Glamour Following Directions.
Developed by speech-language pathologists with input from classroom teachers, No-Glamour Following Directions features 304 pages (8½" x 11") of interesting, straightforward activities and materials students need to help them master their target skills.
No-Glamour Following Directions includes:
  • Pretests/posttests for each set of directions
  • Learning activities with specific directions
  • Practice activities
  • Review activities
Eight units in the book include instruction and activities targeting:
  • Basic Directions— draw X on, draw a line next to, and draw a circle around, ...
  • Position/Location Directions—including on/off, top/bottom, and left/right, ...
  • Size/Duration Directions—including big/little and long/short, ...
  • Associations—shape, object, size, and action-object matching
  • Sequencing Directions—including before/after, first/last, ...
  • Negation Directions— not the same and does not belong
  • Test-taking Directions—underline, fill in the bubble, and fill in the blank
  • One-step and Multi-step Classroom Directions—“Sit in a circle.” “Get your backpack and stand in line.”
LS1652 -  No-Glamour® Following Directions Book Only $51.95 
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