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No-Glamour® Language Middle School


by Catherine E. Keeney - Grades 5-9 / Ages 11-15

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No-Glamour Language Middle School uses curricular content and middle-school lesson formats to help students transfer language learning to the classroom and meet testing requirements. These language lessons teach students to associate and apply information to a variety of contexts and respond to academic/testing questions accurately. Students learn 1,555 words from the social studies, science, language arts, math, geography, political science, and history curricula. This book includes age-appropriate articulation lessons for r, s, z, l, and th sounds using a language approach. 228 pages (8½" x 11") plus an answer key.
No-Glamour Language Middle School targets eight essential language skills:
  • Vocabulary – using context to determine meaning, testing words, curricular vocabulary, and more
  • Comprehension – identifying flag words, identifying and understanding sequence words, identifying passive voice sentences, and more
  • Expression – asking questions, relating events, using complete sentences, and giving directions
  • Grammar & Syntax – irregular plural nouns, past tense verbs, and comparatives; subject and verb agreement; whose vs. who's; and more
  • Multiple Meanings – words, phrases, and sentences
  • Figurative Language – identifying, explaining, associating, and using figurative language
  • Reasoning – comparing and contrasting, analogies, general vs. specific terms, inferencing, and more
  • Language Skills & Articulation – synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, and parts of speech
LS1659 -  No-Glamour® Language Middle School Book Only $51.95 
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