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No-Glamour® Vowels


by Denise Parks, Tera LaBrosciano, and Kristen Kolde - Grades: PreK-7

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No Glammour Vowels
by Loretta M,  Kentucky
#LS1672 – No-Glamour Vowels
Book Only
This book is a wonderful resource. What attracted me to it initially was its vowel production screener. Pictures are presented, and the child is asked to imitate vowel sounds in contexts of increasing length and complexity. At the end, a percentage correct can be calculated to give baseline information. When I received the book, there were activity ideas presented for each of the vowels. This provides a quick way to plan additional experiences for the child to hear and produce target vowel sounds. Very specific general information (i.e. most common spellings, age of mastery, etc.)is also included. Word lists, organized by syllable shape and pictures that elicit targets in context of increasing levels of difficulty, make this a very worthwhile purchase and resource.

LS1672 -  No-Glamour Vowels Book Only $51.95 
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