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Preschool Social Language Therapy™

by Tina K. Veale - Grades: Toddler-K

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Help your preschool child develop age-appropriate social language skills. This systematic program of goal-directed activities teaches children to establish friendships, interpret nonverbal messages, and have successful interpersonal interactions.
Preschool Social Language Therapy has functional, goal-directed activities for 10 key areas of social language development.
  • Social Referencing – eye referencing and joint attention
  • Reciprocity – turn-taking in play and in communication
  • Responding – following directions, reciprocating greetings, answering questions, and responding to comments
  • Initiation – gaining attention of the listener, reciprocating greetings, answering questions, and responding to comments
  • Topicalization – topic maintenance, initiating a topic, and shifting topics
  • Communicative Functions/Speech Acts – protesting, requesting, answering and asking questions, and making statements/comments
  • Nonverbal Signaling – eye, voice, body, and space messages
  • Cohesion – presupposition, eliminating redundancy, and communicative reference
  • Comprehension Monitoring and Conversational Repair – inaccuracies in discourse, communication breakdowns, and conversational repair
  • Discourse Modalities – descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and humorous discourse
Preschool Social Language Therapy
  • 174 pages, 8 ½" x 11"
  • Hierarchy of instructional objectives with corresponding activities
  • Detailed explanations of the skills
  • Hallmarks and red flags in social language development
  • List of prerequisite skills
  • Teaching and troubleshooting tips
LS1673 -  Preschool Social Language Therapy $49.95 
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