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Autism & PDD Photo Cards™

WH Questions

Grades: PreK-6 / Ages 4-12

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Teach early question asking and answering skills with 240, full-color photo cards. The uncluttered backgrounds in these photos will help children comprehend, respond to, and learn to ask eight forms of questions. Children will also begin generating simple to complex sentences using pronouns while increasing their vocabulary comprehension.
These large, uncluttered photo cards are adaptable to a wide audience and depict familiar situations in everyday life. The arrangement of questions on the back of the photo cards present a hierarchy of difficulty.
Autism & PDD Photo Cards WH Questions includes 30 photo cards for each question form.
  • Who—Who takes care of the sick girl?
  • What Have—What does she have?
  • What Doing—What are they doing?
  • What Have + What doing—What does he have? What is he doing?
  • Where—Where is the dog?
  • When—When does she use an umbrella?
  • Why—Why is the girl sad?
  • How—How will he get to school?
Autism & PDD Photo Cards WH Questions
  • 240 Double-sided, full-color photo/stimuli cards (5" X 7")
  • Instruction cards (5" x 7")
  • Boxed
LS5002 -  Autism & PDD Photo Cards WH Questions $104.95 
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