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Autism & PDD Photo Cards™

Asking Questions

by Jennifer Benoliel - Grades PreK-6 / Ages: 3-11

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Imagine your students asking socially appropriate questions! This photo set has 240 large, uncluttered photos with a cuing hierarchy of language prompts on the back and many opportunities for repetition to help make it happen! The photo card scenes isolate social situations and highlight the targeted question forms for instruction. The design of each photo elicits a genuine question, but the answer to the desired question isn't evident in the photo itself.
Each card includes one or two statements that describe the photo, and an embedded cue guides the child's initiation of the question.
Andrew hurt his knee.
You want to know how he hurt it.
A three-level cuing hierarchy on the back of each card helps you phrase the stimulus to get the desired response. In the example below, the desired response is "Andrew, how did you hurt your knee?"
Level 1: Ask Andrew a "how" question.
Level 2: Ask Andrew a "how did" question.
Level 3: Ask Andrew a "how did' question to find out how he hurt his knee.
Through these language prompts, children will learn how to generate questions using names and pronouns, making the verbal exchange more like everyday life. The arrangement of question-asking skills on the back of the photo cards follows the developmental order :
  • What—Ella, what is in your backpack?
  • Where—Aya, where is your mommy?
  • Who—Ahmed, who are you calling?
  • Can/Will—Jackson, will you eat your salad?
  • Do/Does/Did—Sarah, does your elbow hurt?
  • Is/Are—Andrew, are you cold?
  • Whose—Liam, whose birthday is it?
  • Which One—Nate, which book will you read?
  • Why—Karen, why are you covering your ears?
  • How—Rachel, how do you make the cake?
  • When—Callie, when will Nate get a turn?
Each question-form includes generalization activities. Designed for children on the autism spectrum, these photo cards also work well for children with other language disorders and for English Language Learners.
Autism & PDD Photo Cards Asking Questions
  • 240 double-sided, full-color photo/stimuli cards (5" x 7")
  • Instruction cards (5" x 7")
  • Boxed
LS5027 -  Autism & PDD Photo Cards Asking Questions $104.95 
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